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About HDFC Limited

HDFC is India's leading Housing Finance Company established in the year 1977. The organization works with an aim of increasing the flow of resources to housing sector by integrating housing sector with financial markets. HDFC Ltd has three overseas offices located in Dubai, London, and Singapore providing Home Loans to NRIs and persons of Indian origin. They have an enhanced distribution network and distribution via HDFC Sales, HDFC Bank, and several channel partners.


About HDFC Limited Home Loan

Purchasing your own home is a celebration that gives you happiness for the lifetime. With HDFC Limited Home Loan you can purchase your own house easily as this housing finance company offers customised Home Loan that best suits your needs.

Features and Benefits of HDFC Ltd Home Loan

  • You can avail a Home Loan to purchase a flat, bungalow, row house from private developers in approved projects and for properties from govt. authorities like DDA, MHADA etc.
  • With HDFC Ltd, get an easy and affordable Home Loan at a low rate of interest.
  • You can customise your repayment options and extend your loan tenor up to 30 years.
  • The NBFC charges minimal amount as processing fee which could go up to 1.25% of loan amount or Rs.3,000 (whichever is higher plus taxes).
  • You can get maximum loan amount up to 90% of property value.
  • You don?t have to pay any processing fee in case you transfer your Home Loan from other banks to HDFC. 

HDFC Ltd. Home Loan amount


 Loan Amount Minimum Amount
Minimum Amount   Rs.20 lacs
Maximum Amount   Rs.100 lacs 




  • Interest Rate 8.35% - 8.40%
  • Loan Amount20L - 100Cr
  • Processing Fee 11500 - 0.50%
  • TenorUpto 30 Years

  • Quick Apply

Types of HDFC Home Loan

Adjustable Rate Home Loan:

Under this, your home loan is linked with RPLR (Retail Prime Lending Rate) and whenever the rate changes, the rate of interest of your loan gets affected depending on the first date of loan disbursement. The rate is revised once in three months, however, the rate may or may not affect your loan EMI. When the interest rate rises, interest component on EMI will increase but the principal component will reduce that shall result in an extension in loan tenor and vice versa in case of a decrease in interest.

TruFixed Home Loan- 2/3 year Fixed Rate Variant:

This type of loan offers you a part fixed rate term and part adjustable rate term. This means you can avail fixed rate on your loan for a minimum term of 2/3 years. After that, your loan will automatically convert into the adjustable rate, adding up to a total term of 20 years.

HDFC Ltd Home Loan for an extension, Balance Transfer, new home, construction etc. :

HDFC Ltd. offers a home loan for several projects such as home extension, Balance Transfer, new home, construction, improvement etc. The eligibility and the required documentation are explained in detail below. 

HDFC Rural Housing Finance:  

Every person has a dream of having his own house. If you are an agriculturist and looking to buy a house in urban areas, you can fulfill your dream with HDFC Ltd Rural Housing Finance. HDFC Ltd. provides a home loan based on the agricultural land you own and the crops you cultivate. In case you are a salaried or self-employed looking to purchase a house in the village then you can avail a home loan from HDFC Ltd. under this scheme.

HDFC Short Term Bridging Home Loan:

HDFC Ltd takes care of your specific needs and accordingly helps you to fulfil your dream of having your own home. In case you have a space to move but you are facing difficulty in selling your existing home, then you can take an interim loan from HDFC Ltd. that will help you solve your problem.

HDFC Star Home Loan:

Another home loan offered by HDFC Ltd is Star Home Loan. You can avail a home loan under this scheme by furnishing your Aadhar Card only. Under this scheme, you can avail a home loan for an amount up to Rs. 15 lacs with maximum tenor up to 2 years. The minimum rate of interest on this home loan under this scheme starts at 13% p.a.

HDFC Ltd Loan Eligibility Criteria

 Eligibility Criteria Salaried Self-employed
 Age 21- 60 years 21-65 years
 Credit Score Minimum 650 or above Minimum 650 or above

HDFC Ltd Home Loan Documentation

Along with the filled application form following documents are required for financial loan applicants and co-applicants:

 Type of document Salaried employeeSelf-employed  
Salary slips/ Income Tax Return
  • salary slip of 3 months or salary certificate
  • Bank statement/ copy of passbook of last 3-6 months
  • Income Tax Returns for last 2 years duly certified by CA
  • Bank statement/ copy of passbook of last 3-6 months
Salary proofs/Business statements   Form 16/ PF statement/appointment letterBalance sheet and P&L statement for last 2 years including schedules and Annexures
Identity proof   Passport/Voter ID/PAN/Driving LicensePassport/ Voter ID/PAN/Driving License
Job/Business stability   TwoTwo
Residential address proof    Registered rent agreement/passport/ utility bill (up to 3 months old)/ leave and licenseRegistered rent agreement/passport/ utility bill (up to 3 months old)/ leave and license
Other documents
  • Employment contract or Appointment letter if job is less than 1 year old
  • Cheque of processing fees in favor of HDFC Ltd
 Cheque of processing fees in favor of HDFC Ltd

Note: It is advisable to self-attest all the required documents.

HDFC Ltd Home Loan repayment options

SURF (Set Up Repayment Facility:

According to this option, you can relate your home loan to the expected growth of your income. This means you can take a higher amount of a home loan and pay your EMIs at a lower rate during initial years. Eventually, the amount of EMI will grow if there is an increase in your income.

FLIP (Flexible Loan Instalments Plan):

This option of repayment is customised according to your paying capacity which is likely to alter during the loan term. Your home loan is structured in such a way that the EMI will be higher in initial years and eventually gradually decreases in proportion to the income.

Tranche Based EMI:

This option is beneficial in case of home loan taken for the purchase of under constructed property. Generally, you are required to service only interest on loan amount drawn until the final disbursement of the loan is made and after that, you can your EMI. But under this scheme, you can immediately start paying your home loan principal amount along with the interest.

Accelerated Repayment Scheme:

This scheme enables you to increase your EMI amount as per the rise in your income which will help you in repaying your loan faster.

Telescopic Repayment Option:

This scheme helps you in getting the maximum tenor for your loan that is 30 years which means enhanced loan eligibility and lower EMIs.


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EMI Calculator

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