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Today there is a high emphasis on a cashless economy with many of us are turning towards Credit Cards! And why not? After all, these cards enable us make purchases on the go, offer us with a short-term credit so that we don’t have to wait for payday. What’s more? These cards offer some exciting rewards.

In case you have been planning to Apply for a Credit Card, one card provider you could consider Citibank, an industry leader.

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card

The Citibank Credit Card is primarily designed to meet the needs of frequent flyers. It helps avid travellers earn miles on their spending. Cardholders can later redeem their miles while booking flights and paying for hotels. Some of the salient features of this card include –

  • A reward of 10 miles for every 100 spent on airline transactions.
  • The opportunity to redeem earned miles across 100+ airlines.
  • Facility to transfer the miles to any of the partner hotels or airlines.
  • A reward of 10,000 Miles on the first spend of 1,000 (within the first two months of issuance).
  • A bonus of 3,000 Miles on the renewal of the card.
  • Complimentary access to airport lounges across India, complete with refreshments and other facilities.

The Citi PremierMiles Credit Card entails an annual fee of 3,000 and needs renewal after every 12 months. The card, however, is offered for free to Citi Gold clients, while City Priority clients get a waiver on the fee for the first year.

The spending on the card is liable to a variable interest rate, within the range of 37.20-42.00% per annum.

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Citi Rewards Credit Card

Spending more with the aim of earning better rewards is a thing of the past. The Citi Rewards Credit Card allows the holder to acquire and redeem rewards with astounding ease, on travelling and purchase of premium merchandise amongst other alternatives. Some of the most attractive features of this card include –

  • The opportunity to earn 10 Reward Points for every investment of 125 from apparel and department stores.
  • The chance to win 1 Reward Point for every 125 spent on all other purchases
  • The facility to redeem the Reward Points instantly at partner brands.
  • A reward of 2,500 points on Card activation

As is the case with the previous card, even the Rewards Credit Card entails an annual fee of 1,000. This fee is usually waived if the holder uses the card to make purchases worth 30,000 or more in the given year.

The interest rate charged on overdue bills for the card is usually 39% per annum, although it may vary depending on the payback and utilisation history.

Citi Prestige Credit Card

As the name suggests, this card caters to those who love to live a high life and the exclusive perks that it offers stand as a testimony to this fact. Some of these incentives are –

  • A bonus of 10,000 air miles, for every year of the membership
  • Vouchers worth 10,000 from Taj Group or ITC Hotels, for every year of the association One night of complimentary stay at select premium properties across the world (on a minimum booking of 4 nights)
  • Unlimited complimentary access Priority PassTM lounge, to be used at over 800 airports across the globe

While this card is complimentary for Citigold Private Clients, other customers can obtain this lifestyle-oriented card for an annual membership fee of 20,000.

Citi Cash Back Credit Cards

This card is designed to help the holder earn cash back on prominent bills. Not only does it help the customer enjoy some fantastic savings, but also offers cash rebates and other benefits. Some of the most eminent features of this card include –

  • Tap-and-pay at merchant terminals, without entering the PIN (for bills of up to 2,000)
  • 5% cash back on movie ticket purchases
  • 5% cash back on all your telephone bill payments
  • Get 5% cash back on utility bill payments (on the use of Citibank Online Bill Pay)

This card is available at a membership fee of 500, and enjoys a validity of 12 months. The holder is required to pay the same amount for the renewal of the card.

The spending on the card is liable to a variable interest rate, within the range of 37.20% and 42.00% per annum. However, this may vary depending on the various aspects such as credit limit utilisation and repayment patterns amongst others.

Apart from the cards mentioned above, Citibank also offers two cards pertaining fuel expenses namely, Indianoil Citi® Platinum Credit Card and Indianoil Citi® Titanium Credit Card. As the name suggests, the card provides some exciting deals on purchase of fuel from Indian Oil Pumps across the nation!

These Citibank Credit Cards are available at a minimal annual fee of 1,000. This fee is waived by the provider if the cardholder spends 30,000 or more in a given year. 

We hope that you now have a comprehensive idea pertaining the various cards availed by Citibank, their features, the fee that they entail as well as the interest rates charged on them. This information will help you choose the ideal card for you and your family.

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