Bajaj Finserv Moratorium, Shares Easy Guidelines for Deferring EMIs till August 2020

Bajaj Finserv Moratorium, Shares Easy Guidelines for Deferring EMIs till August 2020

Extending Moratorium relief to its customers during COVID 19 outbreak, Bajaj Finserv Limited has also allowed its customers to opt for deferment of instalments for the months of March, April, May, June, July and Aug 2020.

However, Bajaj Finserv offers Moratorium benefit to only customers with a consistent loan repayment track record. To be eligible for the BFL loan moratorium, the customer should not have more than 2 EMIs pending.

In order to opt for Moratorium for June, July and August 2020, click here:

Read BFL’s latest guidelines on Moratorium here: Bajaj Finserv’s Covid Relief Moratorium for June, July & Aug: Check FAQs


EMi Moratorium Calculator COVID 19 Insurance Plans

Any customer who wants to opt for three months Moratorium as per RBI’s guidelines can write to Bajaj Finserv at:

In the mail, make sure you mention the loan account details, Pan Number & reason for opting for Moratorium.

You can also opt for Moratorium by clicking on the link:

The applicable interest on your loan will continue to be charged on the outstanding amount. The accumulated interest amount will be capitalised and added to the outstanding principal. Your EMI amount will not change, and your loan tenure will be extended accordingly. You can access the revised re-payment schedule on the BFL portal or app.

The HFL has also allowed customers to make any advance EMI payment during the Moratorium period.


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Frequently Asked Questions- COVID 19 Moratorium Relief Package

✅ Who is eligible for EMI moratorium from Bajaj Finance?

BFL has announced its Moratorium guidelines in lines with RBI’s suggestion to ease the repayment burden of customers. However, to be eligible for the same:

  • You should have a consistent repayment record.
  • You should not have more than 2 EMIs pending in any of your loan products.

✅ For how many months can I request a moratorium?

As per RBI’s guidelines, a BFL customer can request moratorium for unpaid EMI’s of March, April, May, June, July and August 2020.

✅ My loan is sanctioned after March 1, 2020. Am I eligible for Moratorium?

No. Loans sanctioned or availed after 01 March 2020 are not eligible for EMI moratorium.

✅ What is the process to request for Moratorium?

There are 2 options:

  • Email at:
  • Share your loan account details along with the reason for seeking payment deferment

You can also raise a request for Moratorium here by clicking:

Steps to follow:

  • login and verify your identity.
  • Now hover over the “raise a request” section and choose COVID-19.
  • Select loan details.
  • Agee to terms & conditions and submit the request.

✅ By when can I request for repayment deferment/ moratorium?

The BFL has requested customers to make a request before the EMI SI date. However, in case your instalment is debited, make sure you request a moratorium within 5 days. The refund of such transactions will take 10 days from the date of receiving requests for Moratorium relief.

✅ Will BFL update the status of my request for a moratorium?

Yes, the NBFC will communicate the status and also update all terms & conditions for the moratorium.

✅ Can I get moratorium my multiple loans with Bajaj Finance Ltd?

Yes, on the basis of your past repayment status of EMIs, you can opt for Moratorium on all of your active loans with BFL. Make sure you provide details of all loan accounts numbers along with the consent to pay the applicable interest for the period.

✅ What will be the impact on my loan after the moratorium period?

The tenor of the loan will increase according to the accrued interest for the moratorium period so that your EMI is not changed.

The revised re-payment schedule can be assessed on:

  • Portal-
  • Experia mobile app

✅ Will I be required to set a fresh NACH debit mandate?

If there will be a change in your EMI amount, you may be required to set up fresh NACH debit mandate.

✅ How do I ensure that EMI SI is not presented after I opt for Moratorium?

Subject to your request for a moratorium, the BFL will not present the standing instructions. However, refunds will be processed if any amount is debited despite a moratorium request. You should inform the bank if your amount is debited.

✅ Will bounce charges be levied for insufficient balance in my account?

During the Moratorium period, no EMI bounce charge will be levied.

✅ Will there be any late payment penalty during Moratorium?


✅ Will COVID 19 Moratorium benefit impact my Credit rating?

No, your credit rating will not be hurt due to EMI delays during the moratorium period. However, if there is any delay prior to 01 Mar 2020 or on the loans that are sanction or availed after 01 Mar 2020, the same will be reported to Credit Bureaus.

✅ Can I make some payments during the moratorium period?

Yes, you can make any advance EMI payment, subject to terms of your loan.

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