e-Home Loan Sanction in 10 minutes by Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

e-Home Loan Sanction in 10 minutes by Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

Applying for a Home Loan can be a tedious task for a first-time applicant. One needs to learn about the documentation and verification process for smooth processing of the application. Amidst COVID Times, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL) has come up with eHome Loan offering for convenience of its prospective customers.

The eHome Loan is a contactless application process for availing a sanction letter within 10 minute digitally. All you have to do is apply online and facilitate mortgage requirements to get this sanction letter.

The digital sanction will act as in-principal approval for loan. The applicant can submit the sanction letter to the branch and the NBFC will begin the underwriting process, followed by verification based on this document.


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Benefits of availing digital sanction letter by Bajaj Housing:

  • Cuts down huge paperwork required for physical sanction of loan.
  • The e-sanction letter has a validity of 6 months and thus the applicant enjoys maximum flexibility to initiate the loan process.
  • The digital sanction quotes proposed loan amount. This is the maximum amount that can be sanctioned, along with interest rate, base rate, nature of rate: fixed or floating, and tenor besides the loan terms and conditions.

How to apply for eHome Loan?

Before Applying for Home Loan, the applicant must read the terms and conditions of the lender as listed on the portal. If the T&Cs are acceptable, follow steps as listed below:

  1. Fill Bajaj Housing Home Loan Application Online and submit.
  2. The lender will then generate the loan offer highlighting amount, rate & tenor eligibility. The e-application enables a loan offer without visiting the branch.
  3. The generation of digital sanction letter will take 10 minutes.
  4. On payment of a nominal fee you can download e-home loan sanction letter. The letter has a validity of 6 months.
  5. For using the lender’s offer, you are required to either visit the branch or connect with BHFL through email or phone number, as mentioned on the sanction letter.

e- Home Loan: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

✅ What is an eHome Loan?

As the name suggests, an e-Home Loan is a home loan applied & sanctioned online for the purchase of a residential property. Existing home loan customers can also apply for e-Home Loan balance transfer from Bajaj Housing Finance Limited. The processing time is shorter as compared to regular Home Loans as approval to sanction letter is created instantly online.

✅ What is Digital Sanction Letter of a Home Loan?

A digital sanction letter is similar to a physical Home Loan sanction letter and has a date of expiry. It is considered as a key document confirming approval and sanction of loan. It also carries all important details regarding the loan.

✅ What is validity of BHFL e Home Loan Digital Sanction letter?

The validity of Home Loan digital sanction letter may range up to 6 months (or 180 days). You can submit it to the lender during the deadline for further processing the loan application.

✅ What documents are required for E-Home Loan?

You will require officially valid documents for KYC i.e. identity and address proof. Business owners would need to submit financial statements for the last 2 years. Documents supporting business vintage for 5 years will also be required. Salaried individuals require salary slips/ Form 16 & bank statement for past 6 months.

✅ What is tenure for E-Home Loan?

Like regular Home Loan, Bajaj E-Home Loan is also offered for a tenor of up to 30 years.

✅ How long after the application will I get a Digital Sanction Letter for Home Loan?

It just takes 10 minutes to issue a digital sanction letter for a Home Loan after the loan application is submitted. Your online loan application will be verified prior issuing the sanction letter. You can download it after paying a nominal fee.

✅ Is there any fees and charges for Home Loan sanction letter?

A nominal charge is levied for letting the customer download the Home Loan digital sanction letter.

✅ Can I get a PMAY subsidy on E-Home Loan?

Yes, all benefits of PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) are applicable to E-Home Loan applicants as well. You can apply on Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana portal to avail the subsidy.

✅ Can I transfer E-Home Loan balance to another lender?

Yes. The e-Home Loan works like a regular mortgage. You can transfer your e-Home Loan to other lender without any hassle. Likewise you can also transfer Home Loan Balance to Bajaj Housing Finance Limited as well.

✅ What are the benefits of e-Home Loan?

E-Home Loan process is faster and hassle free. Unlike a regular Home Loan Application, digital application does not involve paperwork. You can start the process online and connect with lender for further assistance online and also avail of doorstep facility. Besides you get substantial timeline of 6 months to process the loan offer.


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