Tata Capital COVID 19 Moratorium: Steps, Guidelines & FAQs

Tata Capital has extended COVID 19 EMI moratorium to its eligible customers. The option to defer repayments is valid for EMIs falling due between June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, subject to terms and condi... Read More
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Bank of India Credit Card Extended Moratorium on Dues for 3 More Months

Earlier, in its notice dated 04.04.2020, Bank of India under RBI's Covid-19 regulatory package offered a moratorium of 3 months to term loan borrowers and credit card holders from 01.03.2020 to 31.05.2020.... Read More
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HSBC Moratorium for Loans & Credit Card till August ’20

HSBC has announced the continuation of RBI's Moratorium package for retail loans and Credit Cards’ customers up till August 31, 2020.... Read More
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HDFC Further Cuts Retail Lending Rates by 20 bps; Lower EMIs from Today

In a third consecutive rate cut since March 2020, HDFC Bank has cut its retail prime lending rate by 20 basis points with immediate effect. The reduced RPLR will be beneficial for both HDFC retail Home Loa... Read More
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Deutsche Bank Offers 6 Months Moratorium on Term Loans, Overdraft Against Salary & Working Capital Facilities

Deutsche Bank has offered 6 months moratorium period for the payments of Term Loans, Overdraft Against Salary, and Working Capital Facilities.... Read More
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Indian Bank Moratorium Extension by 3 Months for Loan EMIs

Indian Bank, under the RBI COVID–19 Regulatory Package, has offered an extension of moratorium by 3 months, i.e., from 01.06.2020 to 31.08.2020, on payment of EMI/ instalments/ interest on loan accounts ... Read More
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LIC Housing Finance Auto Opts in Moratorium 1 Customers for Phase 2 EMI Relief

Passing on RBI's COVID 19 Moratorium relief to its customers for a total of six months, LIC Housing Finance Limited has extended EMI deferment for payments falling due till August 31, 2020. ... Read More
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Bank of Baroda Extends Moratorium on Term Loans EMIs & Credit Card Dues by 3 Months

After Reserve Bank of India’s recent circular regarding the extension of the moratorium, the Bank of Baroda has decided to extend the moratorium for another 3 months on payments of all instalments fallin... Read More
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Fullerton India Offers Moratorium Till August 2020

Fullerton India has also extended the time line for deferring term loan repayments falling due from June 1 till June 30, 2020 under RBI's COVID-19 relief package. ... Read More
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How to Get Cash during Lockdown without Stepping Out?

Amidst subsequent lockdowns and economic disruptions caused due to COVID 19 pandemic, it is becoming harder than ever to sustain a normal lifestyle for a majority of employed individuals as well as small &... Read More
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