Stop! Read This Before Signing Up as a Home Loan Guarantor

You might encounter a relative, a friend or a business partner who may ask you to sign as a guarantor for his/ her home loan. And, being a close acquaintance, you might agree to do the same without even re... Read More
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Is Your Business Prepared for Upcoming Festive Demand?

If you are a retailer who owns a small to mid-sized retail shop in India, you would know how important it is to keep up with the soaring demand of customers during a festive season.... Read More
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Is RBI Likely to Announce a Rate Cut on Wednesday?

The RBI’s (Reserve Bank of India) 6.25% policy rate is currently at the same level as it was when India’s inflation rate was seven times higher than today’s rate.... Read More
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Home Loans are More Accessible Than You Thought!

Owning a home of their own is the dream of all. A home is not just a piece of land to accommodate yourself and your family, but also seems to be an asset that can be used in bigger cash crunch situations. ... Read More
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Now Fempreneurs Can Avail Business Loans Without Co-Applicant

For women who are seeking business loans to expand their business in India, there is a ray of hope now - they can apply for business financing without any co-applicant. ... Read More
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Changing Trend of Personal Loans in India

The stellar growth of the Indian economy in last three decades has manifested itself in evolution and development of its various segments - including the business and personal finance sector.... Read More
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Personal Loan for Employees of Non-Categorized Companies

There is hope for those customers looking for personal loans but could not avail them so far because they have been working with companies which are not listed by the banks, otherwise known as Non-listed o... Read More
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Implications of the Aadhaar-PAN Link

As per a Supreme Court judgement passed on 9th June 2017, anyone who holds an Aadhaar card has to link it to his/her PAN and mention the same in the tax returns.... Read More
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Did You Receive Your Form 16?

If you have not yet received your Form 16 or salary certificate from your employer, it’s the time to worry! 15th June i.e., today is the last date to avail of your Form 16 for the assessment year 2017-18... Read More
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Pre-GST Clearance Sale

E-commerce websites and retail stores have announced huge discounts on electronics, home appliances, clothes and a lot more post the implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) with effect from July 1, 20... Read More
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