GST on Houses under Construction Slashed to 5% from 12%; Affordable Housing to attract 1%

Bringing a big cheer to the housing sector and particularly to the home buyers, the Goods and Services Tax Council has decided to slash the tax rates on under-construction housing properties to 5 percent f... Read More
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How far Personal Loan, Home Loan EMIs Will Come Down after Rate Cut by RBI?

Following the repo rate cut by the Reserve bank of India in its bi-monthly Monetary Policy held on February 7, the banks are likely to reduce interest rates for retails loans such as Home Loans and Car Loa... Read More
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Claiming Tax Benefits on Your Home Loan is Easy Now

One of the biggest advantages of applying for a Home Loan is the possibility of claiming great rebate s on income tax. The EMI that is paid towards the loan is considered a sizeable investment that is elig... Read More
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Loan Against Property: 5 Important Rules To Follow

For those looking out for immediate financial assistance involving a large amount of money, the best option is to apply for a Loan Against Property. These loans are easily processed as the property is cons... Read More
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How to Manage My Multiple Personal Loan Accounts Efficiently?

A Personal Loan is usually taken from a financial institution by an individual for his or her personal needs like buying a car, house, travel, or anything which pertains to the personal needs of an individ... Read More
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7 Best Credit Cards in India for Online Shopping – 2019

A Credit Card applied solely for shopping helps to fetch some great offers and benefits while spending online as well as at offline stores. It is indeed vital to choose the right Credit Card, or else you m... Read More
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5 Top Banks That Offer Personal Loan to Pensioners

Personal Loans are essentially given to meet multiple financial requirements. No collateral security is insisted for Personal Loans, i.e., they are basically unsecured loans. Besides, no margin is stipulat... Read More
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12 Factors Banks Consider before Approving Home Loan in India

Home is where your heart is. Home is where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends. A home is built of love and dreams. As they say, "home is not a place; it's a feeling." Everyone drea... Read More
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Can a Contract-Based Working Individual Get a Home Loan in India?

Every individual dream of owning a house where they live peacefully with their family; however, to realise that dream you need an affordable Home Loan and a stable source of income. While getting a Home lo... Read More
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Lesser Known Reasons that Hurt Credit Score

If you have ever taken a loan, or are on the lookout for the one right now, you must have come to hear that your Credit Score is one of the primary factors that determine the approval of your loan applicat... Read More
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