4 Personal Loans Types for Salaried Professionals

Everyone enjoys the luxuries of life. In fact, many work hard to provide their loved ones with the comforts and amenities of modern life. ... Read More
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Understanding the Concept of an LTV

When you apply for a Loan Against Property(LAP) or a Home Loan, you frequently come across the term 'Loan to Value ratio' (LTV ratio). What do you understand by LTV? ... Read More
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Second Consecutive Repo Rate Hike by RBI

As expected by the market, RBI's (Reserve Bank of India) monetary policy committee increased the repo-rate by 25 basis points on Wednesday, 1 August 2018... Read More
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What Should be My Credit Score to Get a Home Loan?

If you are also looking to buy your own home, then you must understand that with the ever-increasing cost of residential real estate across the entire country.... Read More
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Your Age and Income Flow Can Determine Your Home Loan Eligibility

In earlier days when the prices of properties were much more affordable, people were able to acquire multiple properties during their working life.... Read More
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5 Ways your Employer Rating Impacts Your Personal Loan Eligibility

Personal Loans are one of the easiest loans to get. All you need is a decent income from a regular source and an excellent credit rating. ... Read More
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6 Factors That Affect Your Credit Score Points

Your income and repaying capacity are vital factors, but the single most crucial factor that determines whether you get the loan or not is your credit score. ... Read More
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Paid Your Home Loan Completely? Here’s What to Do Next

Availing a Home Loan to buy your dream home is a satisfying experience. Repaying the loan in its entirety is an exhilarating experience. ... Read More
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EMI Calculation Process Explained!

So, you applied for a Home Loan to purchase your own house. You have received the sanction letter of your Home Loan for Rs. 30 Lakhs. ... Read More
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When and How to Plan for Your First Ever Home?

With the growing employment opportunities in India in the recent years, a large number of young professionals have managed to grab attractive positions at some of the biggest corporations. ... Read More
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