Is it Possible to Claim Both HRA and Home Loan Tax Benefits?

The tax laws may prove to be a little confusing, if you are willing to claim both - House Rent Allowance (HRA) as well as Home Loan Tax Benefits. To help you get a clear understanding of the dual tax claim... Read More
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All You Need to Know about Getting a Business Loan in Delhi

In the present day scenario, a large number of fresh Graduates in the Capital and for that matter, in each of the metro city are skipping the 9 to 5 job, in a bid to achieve something more significant, bot... Read More
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SBI Links Home Loans to Repo Rate; Slashes Interest Rate on CC/OD

Come July, and you will get access to one-of-its-kind Home Loan product that is linked to repo rate in India. The latest home financing product is introduced by none other than the country's largest public... Read More
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8 Benefits of Credit Cards that Make Them a Must Have in Your Wallet

Credit Cards have now become a must-have in our lives today. It is one of the most acceptable forms of plastic money and empowers you to buy things you require in a jiffy! ... Read More
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Home Loan EMIs to Get Cheaper as RBI Further Cuts Repo Rate; Fee on NEFT-RTGS Transfers Also Waived off

Bringing on further cheer to Home Loan and Car Loan borrowers, the Reserve Bank of India has reduced 25-basis point cut in the repo rate, which is a third cut in the row. ... Read More
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How Personal Loan Can Improve Your Credit Score?

If you are reading this article, may be your Credit Score is lower than you would like it to be, and you are looking for an efficient way to boost it up. ... Read More
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MCLR vs. Base Rate: Difference Between MCLR and Base Rate

It was back in July 2010, the Reserve Bank of India introduced the base rate system. This system was announced to make sure that there was a minimum lending interest rate threshold for commercial banksas w... Read More
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How to Get Your Personal Loan Approved Instantly?

In the present day world of digitisation, it doesn't come as a surprise that applying for a Personal Loan, and getting approved for the same, has become FAST in the true sense of the word. ... Read More
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Step by Step Process to Open Saving Account Online in Different Banks

Savings Bank Account is every individual's banking necessity in today's times. It is a means for ensuring the safety of one's savings and minimisation of cash transactions. ... Read More
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Axis Bank Lifetime Free Credit Card

A lifetime free card is a Credit Card that can be held for a lifetime without an obligation to pay Annual Charges. You need not pay any fees or charge for holding the card. You will pay only for the purcha... Read More
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