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NaMo Rolls Out Ayushman Bharat – The Biggest Health Scheme, Amidst the Refusal by Five Non-NDA States to Comply

When the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi rolled out his ambitious health insurance scheme, Ayushman Bharat....Read More

WHO Appreciated NaMo’s Ayushman Bharat Initiative

The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised Ayushman Bharat, the ambitious health insurance plan initiated by the NDA government headed by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi (NaMo). ...Read More

7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ayushman Bharat and Their Answers

AB-NHPM (Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Mission) is one of its kind national insurance schemes initiated by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to ensure that underprivileged poo...Read More

Ayushman Bharat Yojana – A Complete Guide to National Health Insurance Plan

Ayushman Bharat is a pilot insurance scheme under National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM) sponsored by the central government. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech, AB...Read More

10 Tips to Find Affordable Health Insurance

The maxim 'health is wealth' holds ground in a scenario where lifestyle diseases are humdrum and healthcare costs have skyrocketed. You may be insured for health by your employer. But that isn't sufficient...Read More

Is Your Health Insurance about to Expire? Consider These Things before its Renewal

Health is wealth - there is no denial in this saying! However, if the health deteriorates due to any reason, its huge expenses can take a toll on your wealth. Considering the rapidly increasing pollution a...Read More

Are You Sure You’ve Bought the Best Health Insurance Policy?

Health is indeed wealth! However, in today's scenario with skyrocketing healthcare costs, a major health emergency can drain you of your wealth in no time. Advancements in medical science have only led to ...Read More

Are You Sure You’ve Taken The Right Health Insurance Plan for Your Parents?

Seeing you grow up is a joy and blessing your parents have cherished forever. Now it is your turn to reciprocate for their toils by insuring their health. There can be no greater wealth than the health of ...Read More

Key Features and Benefits of Aditya Birla Health Insurance

The greatest wealth is indeed health! In the current scenario, with cost of living going high and healthcare turning expensive, landing up in a hospital may burn a hole in your pocket. ...Read More

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