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Home Loans for Senior Citizens: Eligibility, Interest Rate, and EMI

Buying your own home is a lifelong dream for everyone, and with easy availability of home loans, this dream can now become a reality. You must have been busy saving the necessary amount to pay towards the ...Read More

Home Loan – SBI vs. ICICI Bank vs. HDFC Bank

Owning a home is one of the primary life goals for every household. However, with rising prices of real estate across India, it is virtually impossible for you to purchase a residential property on the go....Read More

10 Best Banks for Home Loan in India in 2019

Home Loans are generally extended for purposes such as the purchase of houses, construction of residential properties, extensions and renovations thereof. To ease your home buying decision, the 10 best Hom...Read More

Income Tax Documents Required for Home Loans

Owning your dream home is now hassle free and attainable, thanks to easy Housing Finance, commonly known as Home Loans. Nowadays, almost every bank offers you a Home Loan to buy or construct your residenti...Read More

How to Save Income Tax in India?

Every individual above the age of 18, with a steady stream of income, is liable to file Income Tax Return, as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. The tax contribution can range from 5% to 30% of the annual earni...Read More

10 Major Benefits of New RERA Act for Property Buyers

People generally put in their life long savings to build a house. In past the real estate market was dictated by terms and conditions formulated by the builders or promoters. ...Read More

Here’s How SBI’s Move to Link Saving Account and Loan Interest Rates to RBI Repo Rate Will Impact Your EMIs

Recently, SBI announced that it would be linking its savings deposits rates and short-term loans to the external benchmark rate of RBI. For instance, the effective interest on Savings Deposit above Rs 1 la...Read More

Tax Benefits on Home Loans for Joint Owners

You can't only be a co-owner of the property; you are also the co-borrower for the loan. That is: when a property is owned jointly by two or more parties, all co-owners enjoy the tax benefits on loan toget...Read More

Looking for a Review on Bank of Baroda Home Loans? Here is What You Must Know.

A home is a place where our family lives, a place we share our happiness and our sorrows. Owning a home is everyone's dream. However, the purchase of a residential property can be challenging for many. It ...Read More

Your handy guide on GST on Home Loan

Buying a Home is nothing less than a financial milestone in one's life. Of course, in most cases, this feat cannot be achieved without the much-needed financial aid, provided by Home Loans....Read More

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