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15 Home Loan Hidden Charges You Must Ask Your Bank

Are you planning to purchase your dream home? Then you may be interested in taking a Home Loan. Housing finance is readily available at competitive rates. A Home Loan is available not only for the purchase...Read More

Process to Refinance Your Home Loan from One Bank to Another

Home Loans are probably one of the most demanding loans for a person. It lasts for a long time and certainly does take a lot of effort to pay back successfully. While the interest rates for Home Loans are ...Read More

7 Reasons Why a Home Loan Protection Plan is Not a Good Decision

A Home Loan is a long term financial commitment, which requires you to pay anywhere between 120 to 360 EMIs, each of which may cost up to 40% of your monthly earnings. Of course, if something were to happe...Read More

Commercial Property Loan in India – A Complete Guide

When it comes to taking a loan for the purchase of property, most people are aware of the availability of the best home loans in India for residential property. However, not many know about commercial prop...Read More

Tax Saving Options for Salaried Individuals

Income Tax is essentially a tax levied by the government on individuals as well as businesses residing within its jurisdiction. The tax is levied to generate revenues, which are then directed towards the s...Read More

Incredible Facts about CERSAI You Probably Didn’t Know

A Home Loan is a much desired financial aid for a prospective buyer of a residential property, especially since the price of real estate often ranges from a few lakhs to a few crore rupees. Typically banks...Read More

Under Construction House: How to Claim a Tax Deduction on Home Loan Interest Payments?

Right from offering financial ease to buy a housing property, to the rise in social status, to the Home Loan Tax Benefit, there are a lot of benefits of acquiring a Home Loan. ...Read More

How to Save Money for Buying a House in India?

A residential property purchase can be easily classified as one of the big-ticket purchases, especially considering the mounting prices of real estate across the nation. Of course, there are numerous Housi...Read More

Handy Guide for Home Buyers on Down Payment

As a young millennial, one of the most important financial goals on your mind could be purchasing a home you can call your own. ...Read More

Pros and Cons of a Home Loan Top Up

Home Loans are long term commitments, generally spanning for a period of 10 to 20 years. While it may take more than a decade to pay entirely for your residential purchase, home related expenses are not li...Read More

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