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Are Multiple Saving Accounts Recommended? How Many Should I Have?

Savings Accounts are one of the most important medium for day to day financial management. Most people in India now have at least one Savings Account. ...Read More

Best Online Savings Account Choices in 2020

An online Savings Account refers to a bank account which is wholly managed through the Internet, without having to visit the branch for any purpose. It indeed is the need of the busy modern world. ...Read More

Guide to Open Zero Balance Savings Account in 2020

New Year is the time to mark new beginnings. It indeed is the best time to take new resolutions, news targets for better mental, financial and spiritual well-being. Opening a Savings Account is one of the ...Read More

10 Best NRE Savings Accounts for NRIs

Non-Resident External or NRE account is a rupee account opened by NRIs to facilitate the transfer of funds to India. Funds which are generated overseas in any other currency are transferred to India in Rup...Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why It is Important to Have a Savings Account

Savings form an important part of everyone's life. Whether you are a working individual, a student, a housewife, or a retired person, you must incorporate the habit of savings in your daily routine....Read More

Step by Step Process to Open Saving Account Online in Different Banks

Savings Bank Account is every individual's banking necessity in today's times. It is a means for ensuring the safety of one's savings and minimisation of cash transactions. ...Read More

7 Differences between Savings and Current Account

When you visit a bank to open an account, you get two alternatives - a Savings Account or a Current Account. To pick the option that best serves your needs, you must first be aware of the concepts behind e...Read More

10 Best Savings Account Options for Indian Citizens

Looking forward to opening a Savings Account? If that's the case, you must understand that a credible account needs to ensure a good rate of interest, a fairly affordable minimum balance requirement and ab...Read More

Top Zero Balance Savings Accounts in 2018 for Indian Citizens

Unlike before, savings accounts can now be opened without an initial deposit and customers can maintain a zero balance in their accounts. Here, there is no stipulated minimum balance as customers are at th...Read More

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