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SBI Loan Against Property: 10 Things to Know

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Know This Before You Apply for Loan Against Property with Bad CIBIL Score

Loans Against Property (LAP) are secured loans where you pledge your residential or commercial property as collateral. This means that banks have the margins to offer good interest rates and longer loan du...Read More

Dos & Don’ts of Mortgaging Property without a Proof of Income

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7 Reasons Why Loan Against Property Applications Get Rejected

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Need 5-10 Lakh or More? Why Loan Against Property is a Better Choice?

Loan Against Property is a secured loan wherein the borrower pledges their currently owned residential or commercial property for a sum of money at a fixed or floating rate of interest. The amount drawn is...Read More

Loan Against Property Vs. Gold Loan: What’s Better for Urgent Needs?

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Tips to Help You Avail Lowest LAP Rate in 2020

Getting a Secured Loan against your property is a very good choice when you need a large amount of money in a very short span of time. As we are preparing to come out of the COVID-19 induced lockdown....Read More