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Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator Details

Calculating your Home Loan EMI has never been as easy before. The simple tool requires the borrower to enter as few details as possible. The customer has to submit the following information to get the right Home Loan EMI:

  • The Home Loan amount (minimum of 2.10 Lakhs and a maximum of 10 Crores)
  • The rate of interest per annum
  • The number of monthly instalments

The EMI Calculator displays the EMI within no time. Apart from the EMI, you get a complete repayment schedule, also known as the amortisation chart. This schedule shows the breakup of interest and instalment spread over the full tenure of the Home Loan. This feature of providing the amortisation chart separates it from other Home Loan EMI Calculators available on the internet.

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Citibank Home Loan EMI Concept

EMI is a favoured repayment mode all over the world. It is beneficial to both the borrower as well as the lender. The bank benefits because it recovers the entire interest portion for the month. Besides, there is a gradual repayment of the principal component. The borrower benefits because it suits their budget. Secondly, the EMI determines their liability towards the loan repayment. Knowing the EMI in advance helps borrowers to plan their budgets accordingly.

The Home Loan EMI is a constant figure for a specific loan amount, rate of interest (ROI), and loan tenure. EMI comprises of two variable constituents, the interest repayment and principal repayment components. Both of these variable components depend on each other. In the initial stages of the repayment of the Home Loan, the interest component is high. Therefore, the balance available from the EMI amount after deducting the interest goes towards repayment of the principal loan. As you keep paying the EMIs on time, the interest component reduces gradually, thereby increasing the principal repayment. It evens out over the entire loan tenure.

The Home Loan EMI concept has its limitations:

  • The EMI amount is fixed for a specific combination that involves the loan amount, ROI, and tenure. A variation in any of these three components changes the EMI accordingly.
  • The figures are indicative that can help the borrower plan their budget
  • The EMI Calculator calculates the EMI with the following assumptions:
    • The ROI does not change over the tenure of the loan
    • There is no variation in the loan tenure or amount at any time
    • The borrower repays the EMI on time every month. Default or delay in the repayment schedule can affect the EMI amount.

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Citibank Home Loan Rate of Interest

Citibank uses the 3M-Treasury Bills rate declared by FBIL as the reference rate for determining the Home Loan interest rate. The reference rate currently applicable is 5.30%. Citibank housing loan interest rates are in the range of TBLR-3M + 3.05% to TBLR-3M + 3.90%. In absolute terms, the effective ROI as on date is 6.50%.

Thus the Citibank Home Loan EMI would be in the following range:

Rate of interest = 6.50%
Loan Amount/Tenure5 years10 years15 years20 years
10 LakhsRs. 19,566Rs. 11,355Rs. 8,711Rs. 7,456
25 LakhsRs. 48,915Rs. 28,387Rs. 21,778Rs. 18,639
50 LakhsRs. 97,831Rs. 56,774Rs. 43,555Rs. 37,279

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Benefits of Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator

  • Key in a few figures and get your EMI within no time
  • Knowing your EMI in advance helps in planning your expenses for the future
  • You understand your affordability, whereby you can take steps to improve your Home Loan eligibility.
  • The amortisation chart can help you decipher your EMI and understand the interest amount payable for the full loan tenure.

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Factors affecting Citibank Home Loan EMI

ROI fluctuations

Citibank uses the 3M-T-bill rate as the reference rate for calculating the Home Loan EMI. The T-bill rate is a fluctuating market rate that changes almost daily. Citibank adopts the T-bill rate as on the 12th of every month for reference. Any change in the 3M-T-bill rate affects the Home Loan interest rate. An upward swing in the rates can take the Home Loans up, thereby increasing the EMI. The vice versa is true, as well.

Delayed payments

The Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator estimates the EMI by assuming that the borrower will repay the EMI diligently. Any delay in the EMI can push up the interest component of the EMI. Therefore, the principal repayment portion will decrease, which, in turn, will affect the interest for the subsequent month. This effect carries on for the entire tenure of the Citibank Home Loan. Besides, Citibank charges penal interest on defaults and delayed instalments. The borrower should reimburse the interest immediately along with the repayment of the delayed payment. If he/she does not do so, the interest portion can spiral upwards, necessitating a change in the EMI.

Moratorium period

Loans sanctioned for construction purposes come with a moratorium period that could extend up to 18 months. Usually, Citibank insists on the payment of the pre-EMI interest debited to the account. Under exceptional circumstances, the bank can capitalise such interest and add it to the principal loan amount. The Home Loan EMI will thus change because of a modification in the loan amount.

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Alternatives to the Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator

The Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator is a handy tool for determining the Home Loan EMI. However, similar EMI Calculators are available on the internet as alternatives. One such tool is the EMI Calculator available at the MyMoneyMantra.com website. This EMI Calculator works on a similar principle. The borrower has to submit the minimum data for calculating the EMI. This calculator does not provide the amortisation chart, but it displays the breakup of the interest and principal repayment over the entire tenure.

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Amortization Table

YearOpening BalanceAmount paid by customer (EMI*12)Interest paid during the yearPrincipal paid during the yearClosing Balance


✅ How is the Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator different from other EMI Calculators?


The Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator displays the amortisation chart for the Home Loan for the entire tenure of the loan. It enables the borrower to understand the breakup of interest and principal amount repayment every month. The borrower also gets an idea about the total interest that they end up paying over the full tenure of the Home Loan.

✅ Can you use the Home Loan EMI Calculator for estimating the EMIs of other loans?


Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator allows the customers to calculate the EMI's of Home Loans with amounts higher than  Rs. 2.10 Lakhs. Thus, the calculator should help calculate EMIs of all loans higher than  Rs. 2.10 Lakhs. If your personal loan is less than this threshold amount, you cannot calculate the EMI using this calculator.

✅ How does Citibank charge interest on your Home Loan?


Citibank is the first commercial bank in India to link its Home Loan interest rates to an independent external benchmark rate. It started following this procedure from January 2018, much before the RBI instructed all banks to do so. Citibank adopts a reference to the Treasury bills rate for three months, as declared by FBIL. The housing loan interest rates are 3.05 to 3.90 points above the 3M-T-bill rate.

✅ How does the fluctuation in the interest rate affect the Citibank Home Loan EMI?


The rate of interest is a crucial component that decides the EMI for the Home Loan. Any change in the 3M-TBill rate brings about a corresponding variation in the Citibank Home Loan interest rate. Thus, it results in a modification of the Citibank Home Loan EMI.

✅ How does Citibank treat the fluctuations in the interest rate?


Ideally, the EMI should change with every variation in the Home Loan interest rate. However, Citibank adopts a different methodology of treating the EMI. It prefers to maintain the EMI as constant while altering the Home Loan tenure. The advantage of doing so is that the borrower does not have to bear the loss immediately. It gets spread over the mandate of the EMI.

✅ How does Citibank treat the EMI in the case of the borrower prepaying a substantial part of the Home Loan?


Usually, the intention behind making a prepayment of the Home Loan is to get rid of the liability as soon as possible. Therefore, borrowers do not seek any change in their EMI schedules. However, some borrowers can request the bank to consider the prepayment and reduce the EMI accordingly by maintaining the tenure of the loan as constant. The bank can agree to such requests on a case-to-case basis.

✅ How will the Home Loan EMI Calculator help you to manage your finances better?


The primary advantage of the Home Loan EMI Calculator is that it enables you to estimate the EMI for your Home Loan. Thus, you become aware of your future liabilities. It can help you to earmark funds for the EMI and use the balance available for other activities. Therefore, you end up managing your finances better.

✅ How can the Home Loan calculator help determine my Home Loan affordability?


Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator helps you to understand your Home Loan EMI. There is no reverse calculation that helps to determine your Home Loan amount. However, you get a fair idea about the Home Loan that you can get depending on your affordability. You have to use the trial and error method to determine your Home Loan affordability. If you have a clear idea about the amount of EMI that you can afford, it becomes easy to decide on your Home Loan amount.

✅ Does the Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator provide reliable results?


Yes, the Citibank Home Loan Calculator works on the tried and tested formula for calculating EMI. This calculation requires the customer to provide details of the loan amount, the ROI, and loan tenure. If you provide accurate information, you get proper results, as well.

✅ What is the formula for calculating the EMI manually and using the MS Excel tables?


The EMI formula is as follows:

Manual calculation:

EMI = [PR(1+R)^N] / [(1+R)^N-1] where P, R, and N stand for the principal loan amount, ROI, and loan tenure, respectively.

MS Excel Calculation:

Use the function PMT(rate,nper,pv) to calculate the EMI Rate, NPER, and PV denote ROI, loan tenure, and principal amount, respectively.