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Citibank IFSC Code

IFSC is a code created and issued by RBI comprising of 11 unique digits. The code signifies the city code, bank number and branch code. The mechanism was invented to simplify the process of transferring funds between the banks. The IFSC readers read the IFSC and identify the respective bank before initiating the transfer. All the transfers are done with the help of IFSC that reduces the cost, time and efforts of both, banks and customers.

About Citibank

CitiBank initiated its operations in India in 1902 and became a significant foreign investor in the Indian Financial market. In these years CitiBank has played an important role in creating market intermediaries including depositories, credit bureau, clearing and payment institutions. CitiBank is one of the popular banks offering net banking services including funds deposit and transfers. The bank supports popular funds transfer medium such as IMPS, NEFT and RTGS subject to certain limit on the amount. The smooth exchange of funds is initiated by the bank with the help of significant banking technology of IFSC.

Finding Citibank IFSC with mymoneymantra

Mymoneymantra is the biggest loan marketplace in India which is known for its credibility and best customer services. The organization has understood the importance of online funds transfers in customers' life and made a unique platform to find bank wise IFSC easily. One way to search for IFSC is the bank's website, however, the other suitable way is mymoneymantra. The information on IFSC has been segregated as per the city, bank and its branches. The IFSC can be easily checked by entering the bank and city name.