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Life Insurance

India is the second most populated country in the world yet only 20% of the entire insurable population is covered. Most people are yet to understand the importance of Life Insurance.

What is a Life Insurance Policy?

Life Insurance policy is a contract that promises payment of Sum Assured (SA) to the beneficiary/nominee of the Life Insured (LI) on his/ her demise or other mishappenings covered in the contract.

In case of sudden demise of the LI, the amount received as SA can help the family meet their financial needs like daily living expenses, medical expenses, school fees of your children and so forth.



Life Insurance helps in eliminating risk and provides a timely aid to the family of the LI person in the unfortunate event of his/ her death. If the LI is the sole breadwinner in the family, Life Insurance is utmost necessary. Life Insurance is an effective solution to take care of financial issues caused by untimely death, leaving your dependent family to look out for themselves.

Life Insurance is not an option but a necessity, and everybody truly needs it.

Why Do You Need a Life Insurance Policy?

  • To cover education expenses of your children. By buying a life insurance plan, you can afford a quality education for them even if you are not there.
  • A Life Insurance policy can provide a replacement for your income in case of your sudden demise so that your dependents can bear expenses without facing problems.
  • To pay off your debts like mortgage loan, personal loan, and so forth, so that they don't have to sell off their house or other valuable assets.
  • To buy shares of a business partner. If you have insurance on your partner's life and due to any reason, he/ she dies, you can pay his/ her share of obligations with the insurance money without selling the company.
  • To pay funeral and burial expenses incurred at the time of the LI's demise.

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