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DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator

Once you decide to purchase a new house or build one, the next thing that you need to do is to search for the suitable Home Loan available with low interest rate and affordable equated monthly instalments (EMIs). You need to compute the total amount that you will take as a loan and the amount you are comfortable to pay as monthly EMI. These two aspects will decide the total financial planning that you need to do in the near future. This is the time when you start planning to manage your cash flows in a better way before applying for any loan. One of the vital aspects that you need to keep in mind while applying for a housing loan is the EMI and the rate of interest that you need to bear.

EMI is an integral part of your Home Loan. It is very important that you know about your EMI details well beforehand so that you can plan and manage your expenses accordingly.

The DHFL Home Loan EMI calculator is available online which will help you to calculate the Home Loan EMI accurately within a few seconds. When it comes to investing in a new home and then availing a Home Loan and repaying the same through EMIs, you will need to know how much you can invest per month. Hence, the DHFL Home Loan calculator is used as it provides an estimate for the monthly installments and also gives the details of the break-up of the housing loan along with the repayment schedule. Further, once the housing loan is availed then the DHFL representatives will assist you with all the procedural information and make sure that the customers get an affordable Home Loan at the reduced interest rate. 

Calculating the EMI using DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator is so easy and hassle-free. With this online tool, you just need to visit the official website of DHFL, go to Home Loan EMI Calculator, enter your name and fill in all the loan related details like loan amount you are looking for, the tenure of the loan planned, and the rate of interest. The DHFL Home Loan EMI calculator will calculate the details and display it on the screen in no time. The DHFL Home Loan EMI calculator also gives you an option to modify different parameters and check the EMIs so that you can choose the best combination that is suitable for your requirements. Hence, make use of the housing loan calculator and get the best Home Loan for you without facing any financial crunch.

DHFL Home Loan EMI

  • The DHFL offers housing loans with repayment tenure of up to 30 years along with the monthly EMI as low as 859 per lakh in order to make it more convenient to meet your requirements. The lowest rate of interest that offered by DHFL on housing loan is 9.75%.
  • The housing loan EMI is a fixed amount that is to be paid by you to the DHFL on a monthly basis against the Home Loan that is availed. This amount will be due every month on a fixed day of the month until your Home Loan is completely paid back.

DHFL Home Loan EMI at Different Tenures

EMIs for Different Home Loan Amounts and Tenures @9.75% Interest Rate

Loan Amount


15 years

20 years

30 years

25 Lakhs




50 Lakhs




75 Lakhs




1 Crore




  • The above table gives all the details of the various home amounts that are taken at a very low interest rate, the EMI also differs on the basis of the tenure at 15, 20 and 30 years. The EMI is more when you take a Home Loan for a shorter period of 15 years and it is less when the loan tenure is high say 30 years.
  • The EMI includes both the payment of interest and the principal amount repayment. Even though the EMI amount will remain stable, the interest repayment and the principal amount repayment will vary with each EMI. With every EMI paid, the proportion of the principal repayment in EMI keeps increasing and the interest component keeps reducing.

DHFL EMI for Loan Amount of 1 Lakh at 9.75% Interest Rate for Different Tenures

  5 years 10 years 15 years 30 years

EMI when loan amount is 1 Lakh @9.75% interest rate





Total amount payable to DHFL (principal + interest)





Interest payable over the loan tenure





The table above depicts the details of the tenure and the EMI of your Home Loan. The longer your Home Loan tenure, the lower is the EMI that you need to pay on the Home Loan availed. However, the total interest outgo is higher in a longer period Home Loan.

For example, in case you take 1 Lakh Home Loan for a duration of 30 years then you tend to pay the lowest EMI which is 859 and the interest that you would be paying would be 2,09,296 on a Home Loan of 1 Lakh.

Unlikely, in case you take a Home Loan of 1 Lakh from DHFL at the lowest loan interest rate that is offered for a duration of 15 years, then you pay a higher housing loan EMI at 1,059 per month and the interest paid is only 90,685 which is lower than half of the amount that is paid for a tenure of 30 years Home Loan. Hence, it is always better that you choose the loan on the basis of the Home Loan tenure to control your interest expenses.

DHFL Home Loan Details

The Purpose of the Home Loan: The main reason to avail a DHFL Home Loan is to buy, construct, repair or renovate, or modify your current house or even purchase a plot to construct your home.

The Key Features

  • This housing loan is available for the salaried employees, self-employed individuals professionals, and business owners.
  • The security for the Home Loan is the property itself which you are planning to purchase or renovate or construct.
  • The lowest EMI per one lakh is of 859
  • There are special discounts and offers for women borrowers
  • The age limit for availing the DHFL Home Loan is 21 years to 65 years (70 years for self-employed).
  • The repayment period of the housing loan is up to 30 years
  • The Home Loan rate of interest starts at 9.75%
  • The Home Loan to property value ratio should be 75% to 90%

Processing Fees: The processing fees vary between 2,500 and to 20,000

Special Schemes and Offers: DHFL provides its customers with special Home Loans which are customised as per the requirements of the borrowers on the basis of interest rates. There is special scheme for women borrowers.

How to Use DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator for DHFL?

The DHFL Home Loan calculator is very simple to use and has a hassle-free procedure.

Follow the below steps for the EMI calculation:

  • Firstly, log on to the MyMoneyMantra's EMI calculator page which is present under the financial tools tab.
  • Then enter all three Home Loan parameters like the principal amount, rate of interest, and the tenure.
  • As soon as you enter the housing loan parameters, you immediately get your monthly payable EMI amount within no time.
  • Further, you can change the loan parameters to try various combinations in order to get the best EMI that is suitable for you.
  • Lastly, in order to complete the EMI calculation you have the option to check your eligibility and get the suitable Home Loan quotes on the basis of your requirements and eligibility and then apply for the Home Loan that you need.

Benefits of Using DHFL Home Loan EMI Calculator

The main advantage of using a DHFL EMI calculator is that the applicants get to know the amount they will need every month to pay the EMI without facing any financial crunch. The various benefits of Home Loan EMI calculator are as below:

  • Saves you from time-consuming and complex calculations

    As discussed earlier, by using the EMI calculator the computation of EMIs has become very easy and free from manual errors. By doing these complex calculations manually we tend to get confused and also make a lot of errors in the final results. Hence using this online EMI calculator will help us to get accurate results within seconds.

  • Accurate calculations and results

    By using the EMI calculator one can compute the monthly EMIs very easily within very less time and accurate results. Calculating the EMI manually is tedious work and one can tend to make mistakes as well because of repetitions. But in the case of EMI calculator the computation of the EMI for the Home Loans is very simple and correct. You can also try various combinations of the loan parameters in order to get the best combination as per your requirements.

  • Free access anytime

    The EMI calculator is an financial online tool which helps you to calculate the EMIs based on the Home Loan parameters. This tool can be assessed anytime and anywhere with internet connection. You can use this tool for n number of times at free of cost. This will help you to make complex calculations within no time.

  • Helps in the financial planning process

    The EMI calculator helps you to calculate the EMIs accurately within seconds and you can also try different combinations of the loan parameters in order to get the best suitable EMI as per your requirements without disturbing the monthly budget. Hence, once you are aware of the EMIs to be paid then this will also help you in financial planning and managing your expenses.

FAQs on DHFL Home Loan

What is the repayment tenure for a DHFL Home Loan?

DHFL offers tenure of up to 30 years for the repayment of Home Loan

What are the types of housing loans which DHFL offers?

The DHFL offers a variety of Home Loans like:

  • New Home Loans: A Home Loan to buy a ready built-up or under construction house or a flat or even a resale property.
  • Home Construction Loans: The Home Loan availed to construct or build your own home
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY): Under PMAY, the Indian Government plans to fulfil the wish of every individual who wants to buy a house in India for the first time by offering a Home Loan interest subsidy.
  • Plot Loans: The Home Loan granted to buy a piece of land in order to build your own house.
  • NRI Home Loans: This loan is offered to NRIs to help them purchase a new house or repair/renovate/expand their existing house in India.
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer: The transfer of a current high-interest rate housing loan to DHFL at a reduced interest rate.
  • Plot & Construction Loans: A Home Loan that is availed to purchase land and also to construct a house on it.
  • Home Extension Loans: The Home Loan availed in order to add an extra space or extend your existing house.
  • House Renovation Loans: This Home Loan is availed to repair or modify or redesign your existing home.

How much time does it take for a DHFL housing loan application to get approved?

It takes around 3 days to 15 days of time for Home Loan application approval by DHFL, which is subject to the submission of accurate documentation.

Will the DHFL Home Loan EMI change in case of prepayment?

  • The DHFL permits prepayment of Home Loan at nil or zero charges in case of floating rate housing loans.
  • In case you make a prepayment of the loan, the remaining balance of the principal amount reduces and you can choose to either keep the EMI same and lower the Home Loan period or reduce the EMI to be paid and keep the Home Loan period the same. Hence this is useful to keep the EMI stable and also reduce the Home Loan tenure as you tend to pay less interest to the DHFL.

Will the DHFL Home Loan EMI remain stable or change in future? What happens in case there is an increase or decrease in the rate of interest?

  • Usually, the DHFL housing loan EMI remains unchanged and constant unless the borrower requests and the same is permitted by DHFL subject to its eligibility conditions.
  • When the floating interest rate on the Home Loan increases, the DHFL will keep the EMI stable but it will increase the period of the loan so that you will pay the same EMI for a longer tenure. Further, in case the rate of interest increase to a limit that the revised Home Loan period is more than the maximum permissible by the DHFL then it increases the amount of EMI.
  • In case of partly disbursed Home Loans that are availed under tranched EMI offer, then the Home Loan EMI will increase with every disbursement.