Fuel Credit Card in India

Apart from groceries, the Indian family spends the highest amount of money every month on fuel. Practically every house in India has a two-wheeler. Many people have cars, as well, standing in their porch. Hence, a family spends a substantial amount on fuel expenses. With India moving towards a cashless economy, people use Credit Cards for refuelling their vehicles. The regular Credit Cards are excellent when it comes to other retail purchases, as it enables you to earn rewards points. As far as fuel is concerned, it is better to go for specific Credit Cards that offer discounts and cashback on fuel. The fuel Credit Cards should be the ideal choice.

Fuel Credit Card in India - Variety of options

Considering the Indian family's expenses on fuel, many fuel companies like HPCL and Indian Oil collaborate with the top banks in the country to offer fuel Credit Cards. These Credit Cards are different from the regular Credit Cards, as they provide special concessions for refuelling at their respective fuel stations. Apart from delivering cashback and rewards points, these cards offer a waiver of fuel surcharge, as well. Besides, these cards can be used for your regular retail purchases, whereby you continue to earn reward points (RP).

Fuel Credit Card - Features and Benefits

  • Rewards points for spending on fuel across all fuelling stations in India
  • Cashback offers by way of statement credit
  • Redeem rewards to get cash credit on your statement, thereby serving as a cashback offer
  • Get exemptions on fuel surcharge
  • Facility to earn more reward points on weekends
  • Earn turbo points that translate into free fuel at the time of redemption
  • Incentives in the form of an annual renewal fee waiver on spending milestone amounts
  • Upgrading the Credit Card for availing better benefits is also available on some fuel Credit Cards
  • Earn rewards points on your regular expenses, as well
  • Affordable joining and annual renewal fees
  • Variety of options available

Fuel Credit Card - Points to Look for

  • Availability at all fuel stations: Check out whether you can avail the benefits of the fuel Credit Card at all fuelling stations.
  • Fuel surcharge exemption: Some fuel Credit Cards offer complete waiver of fuel surcharge, whereas some of them offer 1% exemption.
  • Ease of redemption: The ideal fuel Credit Card is one that allows you to redeem rewards points for free fuel.
  • Annual and renewal fees: Credit Cards that target specific purposes/categories are comparatively expensive to the regular Credit Cards. However, these cards provide benefits like waiver of renewal fees on spending a particular sum of money on the Credit Card annually.

Fuel Credit Cards - The Best on Offer

BPCL SBI Credit Card

  • Activation bonus reward of 2,000 bonus points worth 500
  • 13X Reward points on purchasing fuel at BPCL petrol pumps
  • Value of rewards: 3.25% plus 1% fuel surcharge waiver on every transaction up to 4,000 (maximum surcharge waiver is 100 per statement cycle).
  • Additional 0.75% value back as per Government of India mandate
  • 5X Reward Points for every 100 you spend at department stores, groceries, movie tickets, dining, and paying utility bills.
  • 1 RP for every 100 spent on non-fuel purposes other than those mentioned above
  • Joining fee: 499 with a welcome gift worth 500 (Activation Bonus)
  • Renewal fee: 499 per year
  • Add-on cards available
  • Other features like Balance Transfer on EMI, Flexipay, and Easy Money

ICICI Bank HPCL Credit Card

ICICI Bank HPCL - Coral American Express Credit Card

ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa/MasterCard Credit Cards

ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Platinum Credit Card

  • 6 payback points on every 100 expended on fuel at HPCL
  • Redeem 2,000 payback points for fuel worth 500
  • 2.5% cashback and 0% surcharge on fuel purchased at HPCL outlets
  • 100 discount on up to 2 movie tickets booked at BookMyShow
  • Annual and renewal fee: 199 (reversed if annual spending is 50,000 or more)
  • Other American Express Card benefits available
  • 2 payback points for every 100 spent on purchasing fuel at HPCL petrol pumps
  • Redeem 2,000 payback points for fuel costing 500
  • 2.5% cashback and 1% rebate on fuel surcharge on fuel purchased at HPCL
  • 100 discount on 2 movie tickets booked through BookMyShow
  • Annual and renewal fee: 199 (Reversed if you spend 50,000 or more in a year)
  • Other Visa/MasterCard benefits available
  • Up to 100 cashback @ 2.5% on fuel purchases at HPCL petrol pumps
  • 1% surcharge rebate on fuel purchases up to 4,000 at HPCL petrol outlets
  • 2 payback points on 100 spent on retail purchases other than fuel
  • Annual fee and renewal fee: 199 (reversed if annual spending is 50,000 or more)

HDFC Bank Bharat Cashback Card

Bharat Cashback Card

Bharat Card

  • 5% cashback on rail reservations, fuel, grocery, and utility payments (maximum cashback 150)
  • 5% cashback for Easy EMI, PayZapp, and SmartBuy transactions
  • Annual Savings up to 3,600
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on minimum purchase 400 (maximum cashback is 250 per statement cycle)
  • Joining fee and renewal is 500 (waiver of next year fee if expenses are equal to 50,000 or more in the year)
  • 5% cashback with a maximum of 150 on train bookings, fuel, grocery, and utility payments
  • Annual savings of up to 3,600
  • 1% fuel surcharge exemption on minimum purchase of fuel for 400
  • Joining and renewal of membership is 500 (waiver if cardholder spends 50,000 or more in the previous year)

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

  • Get 5% cashback on fuel expenses, phone, and utility bills
  • Minimum transaction amount for a rebate on fuel is 750
  • Maximum cashback is 200 per month with a cap of 100 per transaction
  • One RP for every 150 you spend on other retail necessities
  • Annual and renewal fee: 750 (Premium Banking customers get 100% fee waiver)

Citibank Fuel Credit Cards

Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card

Indian Oil Citi Titanium Credit Card

  • Activation benefits worth 250 when booked before 30th September 2019
  • Spend 150 on fuel purchase at Indian Oil outlets to get 4 Turbo Points
  • Spending 150 on grocery and supermarkets earns you 2 Turbo Points
  • Get 1 Turbo point on every 150 on other expenses
  • Redeem Turbo Points for free fuel at Indian Oil outlets (1 Turbo Point = 1 of free fuel)
  • Annual fee: 1,000 (waived if you spend 30,000 or more during the year)
  • Book your card before 30th September 2019 to get activation benefits worth 250
  • Earn Turbo Points on spending 150
    • 4 Turbo Points on fuel purchases at Indian Oil outlets
    • 2 Turbo points on grocery and supermarket purchases
    • 1 Turbo Point on other expenses
  • 1 Turbo point equals 1 free fuel at Indian Oil outlets. Redeem your Turbo Points for free fuel.
  • Annual fee of 1,000 waived if the amount spent on the card exceeds 30,000 annually.

Fuel Credit Card - General Eligibility Norms

The eligibility norms for a fuel Credit Card are the same as that for other Credit Cards. The applicant should have a steady source of income. They should be in the age group of 21 to 65 years.

Fuel Credit Card - Frequently Asked Questions

How are fuel Credit Cards different from the regular Credit Cards?

Fuel Credit Cards are not different in their features and usage patterns. The only difference is that the cardholder gets additional benefits on using these Credit Cards at petrol pumps. These benefits include discounts, cashback, reward points, and fuel surcharge waiver.

Can you redeem these reward points for purchasing fuel?

Yes, some fuel Credit Cards allow the facility to redeem these reward points for free fuel at selected petrol pumps.

How do we get the cashback?

The cashback is in the form of a statement credit. It will reflect in your Credit Card statement.

Is the interest-free period benefit available on fuel Credit Cards?

Yes, all features that are available on a general Credit Card are available on these fuel Credit Cards, as well.

Can I use the fuel Credit Cards to get benefits at all fuel stations?

It is advisable to check out before using the card. At times, the HPCL co-branded Credit Cards do not permit you to receive the benefits at Indian Oil petrol bunks or Reliance petrol pumps. Similar is the case vice-versa.

Is the benefit available on all kinds of fuel like petrol, diesel, and CNG?

Yes, the benefits are available on all types of fuel provided you refuel your vehicle at authorised fuel stations.

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