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About Reliance Home Finance Home Loan

A subsidiary of Reliance Capital Ltd, Reliance Home Finance Limited (RHFL) is a housing finance company (HFC) registered with National Housing Bank. With its robust network of more than 100 branches, the company has served the needs of more than 41,000 clients. In addition to providing Home Loans to individuals, RHFL extends loan against property, construction financingand property valuation services. They offer customised loans to real estate developers to construct residential apartments. Their innovative Digital Lending Platform caters to the young generation who have a penchant for technology and value time over anything else. The company eyes affordable housing segment particularly.

Reliance Home Finance Home Loan
Interest rate 9.75%
Loan tenure 20 Years
Loan turnaround period 8 - 15 days
Loan to value (LTV) Get loan up to 80% of project cost
Who can apply? Self-employed professionals
Salaried individuals
Indian residents
Co-applicants Up to 4 applicants are allowed as co-applicants
Lowest EMI  949 Per Lakh

Why Reliance Housing Finance Home Loan?

Reliance Home Finance offers Home Loans online with a hassle-free documentation procedure. One of the highlights of Reliance Capital Home Loan is that you can apply and get the sanction online within 48 hours of applying for the loan. Reliance Home Finance has a set of strong underwriting rules to access your true creditworthiness thereby ensuring that the customers get what they richly deserve. Tailor-made housing loan solutions are the hallmark of RHFLHome Loan.

Features and Benefits of Reliance Home Loan

If you are looking for efficient processing and quick approvals, RHFL is the right option. The benefits and features of RHFL Home Loan are as follows.

  • RHFL offers customised Home Loan solutions.
  • Provision of applying online and online loan account management

  • Home Loan sanction under 48 hours of application
  • The eligibility is higher for an un-identified property in comparison to their competition

  • Attractive rates of interest.
  • 1000+ approved projects
  • Doorstep services
  • Catering to all segments of society, RHFL also promotes PMAY for low income group customers.

  • You can conveniently avail longer tenure up to 30 years and reduce your equated monthly instalments (EMIs) payments.

  • Reliance Capital provides Home Loans to people without income proof under their 'No Income Proof'

  • Balance Transfer Facility is also available.

  • You can also avail provisional loan sanction letter before selecting the property.

  • Besides expect simplified documentation procedures, doorstep customer service and swift loan processing.

Reliance Home Finance Interest Rates

Reliance Home Finance offers floating rate of interest linked to the Reliance Prime Lending Rate (PLR). The rate of interest also depends on the product or sub product variant.

As on 21st August 2018, the Reliance Capital Home Finance PLR is 18.40%.

The floating rate of interest for salaried persons is in the range 9.75% to 14%. However, the rate of interest for self-employed individuals is between 9.75% and 14%.

Types of Reliance Home Loan

Reliance Home Finance offers various kinds of housing loan offers to salaried and self-employed individuals depending on their eligibility and needs.

Affordable Home Loans - For Construction and Purchase of Property

  • Applicants can avail Home Loans from RHFL for construction or purchase of a new

  • Both salaried employees and self-employed individuals are eligible to apply for this Home Loan product.
  • The maximum loan amount for construction or purchase of house is 28 Lakhs.

Home Loan - Balance Transfer

  • This loan can be availed if you wish to transfer your existing Home Loan to RHFL for reduced interest rate and better services.

  • You can get a maximum of 28 Lakhs as a loan amount under RHFL Home Loan Balance transfer facility.

Reliance Housing Finance PMAY Subsidy (PradhanMantriAwasYojana) ?

  • Reliance Capital is one of the nominated financial institutions to provide Home Loans to eligible borrowers under the PMAY scheme.
  • They have presence in almost all the major cities and towns in India.
  • They follow the Government guidelines as far as determining the eligibility for this Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme.
  • The maximum subsidy available in PMAY is 2.67 Lakhs.

Reliance Home Finance Home Loan Eligibility

  • Both salaried and self-employed individuals are eligible to apply for Reliance capital Home Loan.

  • The applicant should be minimum 21-year old when applying for the loan

  • Non-individuals can also join as co-applicants.
  • You should have a steady source of income to avail the loan.
  • RHFL has a unique product, "No Income Proof" where they cater to the Home Loan needs of the informal sector. If you do not have any proof of income, RHFL determines your Home Loan eligibility on the basis of cash accruals in your bank account.

  • Use the eligibility calculator at MyMoneyMantra or the official RHFL website to determine your Home Loan eligibility.

Home Loan Eligibility Factors

Your Home Loan eligibility depends on various factors.

  • Income and repaying capacity - The Fixed Obligations to Income Ratio (FOIR) plays a significant role in determining your eligibility.

  • Your age - Reliance Capital does not extend Home Loans beyond your retirement age. Hence, you can get a shorter tenure if you apply for a Home Loan late in your life.

  • The value of the property - The standard margin is 75% of the value of the property.

How to enhance your Home Loan eligibility

  • Closing some of your existing loans and reduce your FOIR.

  • Applying for a Home Loan early in your career so that you get the benefit of extended repayment tenure.

  • Bringing in an eligible co-applicant having a good
  • Furnish details of your other sources of income.

Documents Required for Reliance Home Loan

KYC Documents - Same for salaried and self-employed individuals

Identity Proof - Any of the following

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter's ID Card
  • Government issued identity card having applicant's photograph

Address Proof - Any of the following

  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter's ID Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Latest Utility Bills
  • Receipt of property tax
  • Latest statement of account with a Bank or Post Office

  • Letter of accommodation or Leave & Licence agreement issued by Government to its employees

Signature Proof - Any one of the following

  • Driving Licence
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Banker's Verification
  • Registered Sale Deed
  • Employee Identity Card issued by Government

Financial Documents for Salaried Individuals

  • 3 Months' salary slip or salary certificate
  • Statement of salary account for last 6 months.
  • IT Returns and Form 16 for the previous 2 years
  • Appointment letter in case you are in the job for less than 1 year

Financial Documents for Self-Employed

  • Partnership Deed for partnership firms
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Articles of Association (AOA)for companies

  • Copy of IT Return along with Computation of Income, Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet certified by CA for the latest 2 years

  • Statement of bank accounts of business for the last 6 months

  • Address proof of office
  • Tax Audit Report of partnership firm or company
  • Latest Share Holding Pattern Attested by CS/CAfor companies
  • Sales Tax/ VAT Returns
  • List of directors of the company attested by CA/CS
  • For working capital limits and term loans - Sanction letter from existing banker

  • Copy of Professional Degree Certificate for self-employed professionals like doctors, advocates, CAs, and so on

Other general documents (if available) for easy processing of housing loan

  • Track record of last 1 year's repayment for all existing loans

  • NOC for loans closed within the last twelve months
  • Bank details for all current obligations appearing in CIBIL Reports but not in the bank statements

  • Application form signed by the applicant
  • Cheque for the processing fees

Other Products and Services by RHFL

Loan Against Property

  • RHFL offers Loan against Property for your personal purposes such as medical expenses, marriage, educational expenses, repairs and renovation, and so on.

  • Minimum loan amount is 5 Lakhs and maximum quantum is 5 Crores.
  • You can avail loan against residential, commercial, industrial property and land.

BT+ Top Up

  • You can transfer your existing LAP to Reliance Capital Balance Transfer Loan.

  • You can avail Top Up facility subject to satisfaction of LTV ratio requirements.

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)

  • LRD is an excellent source to generate funds from owned assets.

  • You can use the amount for further investments, business expansionsor as an alternative to working capital loans.

  • It is a mortgage loan in return of your future rent receivables.
  • Reliance Capital offers LRD loans for 5 lakh to 5 crore.
  • The loan is available against both residential as well as commercial property.

Banking Surrogate

  • This product gets you a mortgage loan based on your banking transactions.

Existing Customer Top Up

  • Existing Home Loan customers with RHFL can avail top-up facility on their Home Loans.

Land LAP

  • This mortgage loan product is available against residential and commercial land.

  • The eligibility criteria remain the same.


  • This product is a unique offering where you get the sanction of the LAP within a day.

Vintage Plus

  • Vintage PlusLoans do not require any additional paperwork.
  • Reliance Capital tracks your old records and helps you expedite the process with minimal paperwork.

CIBIL Score for Reliance Home Finance

All financial institutions check the credit report of the applicants to understand their credit history. RHFL does the same. Lenders can learn many things about the applicant's credit behaviour when they study the credit report. Therefore, your credit score plays a significant role in the approval of your Home Loans. Reliance Capital accepts 650 as a decent score in CIBIL. Therefore, if you have a score above 650, the chances of getting a Home Loan from Reliance capital are bright.

Reliance Home Loan Co-applicant

  1. Spouse: The most preferable co-applicant is the spouse. If the spouse is an earning member, it enhances your eligibility.

  2. Co-owners: Co-owners of the property automatically become co-applicants irrespective of whether they have income or not.

  3. Parents - Son: Housing Finance Companies accept this combination as co-applicants. However, one should be aware of the age restrictions at the time of applying for the Home Loan. If it is an ancestral property, you have to furnish the NOC from the other legal heirs.

  4. Parents - Daughter:  If one of the co-applicant is a married daughter, she can be an eligible co-applicant only if she is a co-owner of the property. Unmarried daughters can be co-applicants, but banks and HFCs are not much keen to accept unmarried daughters as co-applicants as there can be legal complications at a later date.

  5. Siblings: Male siblings can be co-applicants provided both of them reside in the same house.

  6. Unrelated persons - It is possible in the case of finance to non-individuals.

Why Apply for RHFL Home Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

Home Loan service providers like MyMoneyMantra make it easy for people desirous of applying for Home Loans to compare different loan products and make an informed decision. Applying for a Home Loan at our website has its benefits. The most significant advantage of seeking our guidance is that these services are available to people free of cost.

  • You have the facility of comparing a range of Home Loan products on a single webpage.

  • We help you determine your eligibility based on your KYC and income documents.

  • Our EMI Calculator helps you to determine the EMI for your Reliance Capital Home Loan.

  • Check out your CIBIL Score in advance as you get the benefit of a lower interest rate if you have an excellent CIBIL score.

How to Apply for RHFL Home Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

We make it easy for prospective Home Loan borrowers to apply for RHFL Home Loan.

Visit our official site and proceed to the Home Loan section. Specify your gender and the city where you currently reside. The purpose of the loan is essential as there are various products available for different purposes. Select the city where you propose to acquire the property.

Provide details about the approximate value of the property as the LTV ratio is an important constituent of your eligibility. We will require some personal details such as your name, email address, and phone number to assist you with the compilation of the loan documents.

We assure to maintain absolute secrecy of your private details. As part of our Due Diligence process, we send you a confirmatory 'One Time Password' (OTP). Enter the OTP at the requisite place and gain access to the Home Loan product of your choice.

You can now choose the loan provider as Reliance Capital Home Loans.

We assist you with the compilation of your KYC documents and the loan application procedure. This service is available free of cost. You can determine your eligibility and prospective EMI before submitting the loan application.

Reliance Home Finance Limited has a marketing team to collect and verify your documents. They will contact you to obtain first-hand information about your identity, residence, employment/occupation, income, loan requirements, and so on.

The verification of the property documents is an important part of Home Loan appraisal. Reliance Home Finance has advocates on its panel to investigate and certify the genuineness of the title deeds. Similarly, they have engineers to complete the evaluation of the property.

On completion of the verification process, Reliance Home Finance would proceed with the appraisal aspect. Obtaining your CIBIL report is necessary to determine your creditworthiness. On approval of the Home Loan, you get an offer letter containing the terms of the sanction. Go through it thoroughly before acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions.

The execution of the Home Loan documents is essential before the disbursement. Reliance Home Finance officials will visit your residence to execute the loan documents. The disbursement of the loan is as per the terms of the sanction. Finally, you have to deposit the original title deeds of the property and create the equitable mortgage in their favour.

How to Calculate Reliance Capital Home Loan EMI?

MyMoneyMantra EMI Calculator helps you determine your prospective loan EMI for free of cost. The tool is handy and helps you plan your Home Loan application process better. To use the calculator, enter following information:.

  • Loan amount
  • Rate of interest
  • Loan tenure

As you submit the details, you would get the amortisation schedule with annual breakups.

Reliance Capital Home Loan - Processing Fees and Other Charges

Description of Charge Amount

Processing Fee

Up to 2% (*non-refundable fees of 3,500 for loans up to 35 Lakhs; and 4,500 for loansabove 35 Lakhs)

Documentation Fees

Flat 2,500 for loans up to 35 lakhs and 5,000 for loans above 35 Lakhs.

Stamping/Franking Fees for Loan

As per State Stamp Act


500 for each property offered as security

Change in Property/Asset/Collateral

0.5% of the outstanding principal amount

Dishonour of cheques/ECS

750 per occasion

Overdue Interest

3% per month on the unpaid amount

Loan Cancellation

10,000 plus applicable interest amount from the disbursement date to the date of cancellation


Prepayment Charges - Includes part and full prepayment charges

  • When customer opts for fixed rate of interest OR non-individual borrowers

  1. Loan against Property - 4% of the Principal Outstanding amount
  2. Home Loans
  • Between 6 months to one year from disbursement - 5% of the Principal outstanding

  • Between one year to two tears from disbursement - 3% of the Principal outstanding

  • After two years from disbursement - 2% of the Principal outstanding

RHFL Home Loans have a lock-in period of two quarters from the date of disbursement wherein you cannot make any pre-payment. However, you can still make prepayment during

suchperiod under extreme circumstances. You have to pay the interest for the broken period and the pre-payment charges detailed above.

  • In case you opt for floatinginterest rate, there are no pre-payment or foreclosure charges for individual borrowers.

  • When the customer opts for a fixed-cum-floating rate of interest, the following rules shall apply.

1. For individual borrowers:

  • During fixed rate period - Same as above
  • During Floating rate period - NIL

2. For non-individual borrowers,

  • As specified above irrespective of whether you opt for floating or fixed rate of interest

Other charges

Description of Charge Amount

 Charge for EMI Cycle change

500 + interest for the broken lock-in period

 Switch Fee/charges for reducing interest rate

Up to 2% of Outstanding principal amount

Interest Certificate Charges/Bank A/c statement charges

Free once a year;

500 thereafter

 Charges for Copies of Documents

1,000 per LAN Retrieval for any document;

2,500 per LAN complete file

 Issuing NOC or No Dues Certificate

Initial instance - NIL

In case of duplicate certificate - 500

 Prepayment/Foreclosure Statement Charges

500 for every such request

 Account Swap or Repayment Mode Swap

500 per such instance

 Conversion Charges (Fixed to Floating and Floating to Fixed)

0.5% of the Outstanding principal amount

 Security Post-Dated Cheques Retrieval Charges

500 for period up to 60 days from the date of Pre-Closure/Swap

 Part Disbursement Charges

1,000 for every request

 Commitment /Loan Downsizing Charges

2% of amount not disbursed

 Pay Order or disbursement cheque re-issuance

1,000 per request

 Providing List of the documents

1,000 for every such request

 Original Property Document handling and retrieval charges

1,500 for every instance of retrieval

 Legal/Collection or Repossession and Incidental Charges

As per actuals

Cash Handling Charges (Maximum permissible cash receipts is 2 Lakhs

1% of cash receiptsfor above than 50,000


RHFL Home Loan - Customer Care

  • Have a query on your existing loan? Contact 1800 300 90909 or 022-39671600 between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm from Monday to Saturday (2nd and 3rd Saturdays off)
  • SMS "HOME" to 561616. You will get a call back on your mobile.
  • Email -
  • Reliance Home Finance Limited

6th Floor, South Wing

Off Western Express Highway

Santacruz East, Mumbai - 400055

Reliance Housing Home Loan Latest News

PayUTies up with Reliance Money to Extend Personal Loans Through Citrus App

Making swift headway to retail digital lending, Reliance Money, which is a part of Reliance Capital has tied-up with PayU India to offer instant app-based personal loans under the name LazyPay to customers seeking credit through the Citrus app. The tie up would enable non banking finance company Reliance Money to offer loans in the range of 100 to 1 Lakh for tenure between 15 days and 24 months according to credit worthiness of the individual.

Reliance Home Finance Eyes 35-40% y-o-y Growth by 2021

Reliance Home Finance (RHF) looks to achieve a constant growth of 35% to 40% in the coming three years and have 200 branches by 2021. RHF ED & CEO RavindraSudhalkar further adds, the company has clocked over 45% growth in the previous FY and looks forward to increase its Assets under management (AUM) to 50,000 Crores by 2021, from the current 16,000 crore.

Reliance ARC Looks to Raise Fresh Funds

The asset reconstruction arm of the Anil Ambani Group, RelianceARC, has planned to raise fresh funds. The company has made renewed bids to buy bad loans from banks, and also raiseup to 75 Crores through the sale of non-convertible debentures to institutional investors as early as next month, CEO RavindraRao said.

Reliance Home Finance to Re-launch Online Platform

Reliance Home Finance is all set re-launch its online platform on May 15. To boost borrower ease to apply loans online, the company plans to introduce "two-click" sanctions for prospective home buyers. RHF ED & CEO Sudhalkar explains 2 clicks as: one for submitting KYC details; and the other for bank statements. This would help quickly process the information and let the prospective borrower know the eligible loan amount sanctioned to him.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a RHFL Home Loan?

There are many ways of applying for RHFL Home Loan

  1. Visit the nearest branch of RHFL.
  2. SMS HOME to 561616
  3. Drop an email at
  4. Call the toll free number at 1800-300-90909
  5. >Apply for the Reliance Capital Home Loan via MyMoneyMantra

When should I apply for a Home Loan?

You can apply for a Home Loan either after finalising your property or even before it. Reliance Home Finance Limited approves your Home Loan based on your credit worthiness and repayment capacity. Using this Pre-approved offer letter, you can bargain for a better price.

What is the maximum tenure of Reliance Capital Home Loans?

RHFL offers Home Loan up to 30 years. However, the term should not extend beyond 65 years of age for a self-employed person or the retirement age of a salaried employee.

How does RHFL calculate the Home Loan interest?

RHFL calculates interest on the monthly reducing balance method.

What is the monthly reducing balance?

An EMI comprises of two components, the interest, and the principal component. Hence, you principal outstanding amount reduces every month as you pay your EMIs on time. It can result in significant savings for the customer.

What are the different stages involved while taking a Home Loan from RHFL?

There are three stages.

  1. Loan Application - Submit your loan application duly filled in all respects along with all necessary documents. MyMoneyMantra will help you in this process.

  2. Loan Appraisal and Approval - RHFL follows a transparent method of loan appraisal based on their loan policy.

  3. Loan Disbursement - Disbursement is as per the terms of sanction. RHFL issues the disbursement cheque directly to the seller or developer. In case of house under construction, RHFL releases the loan amount in tranches depending on the stages of construction.

Is Balance transfer of Home Loan a viable option?

Yes, you save a lot of money when you switch over from a high-interest Home Loan to a low-interest loan. Your EMI amount can decrease thereby making you eligible to get a Top-Up loan from the same institution. There is intense competition in the Home Loan market with the HLBT becoming a common affair.

How does Reliance Home Finance manage to accord sanctions within 48 hours?

Reliance Home Finance has a team of dedicated sales representatives who reach out to every applicant and arrange to collect and complete the documentation in the quickest manner possible. Reliance Capital has 48 branches situated across the country. These sales representatives attend to each case on a personal basis and ensure to take it to the logical conclusion.  

Does Reliance Home Finance implement the PradhanMantri Awaas Yojana?

Yes, Reliance Home Finance is one of the nominated NBFCs that provide loans under the PMAY scheme.

Do you need to obtain Home Loan insurance or any other insurance at Reliance Home Finance?

It is always advisable to have a Home Loan insurance policy. It can save your near and dear ones the liability of having to repay Home Loan in case of an undesirable eventuality. It is also better to have a home insurance policy in place to protect your home from untoward incidents like riots or acts of God like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, landslides, and so on.

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