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About Fullerton India Personal Loan

Whether you are looking for a loan for a luxurious vacation, a wedding, your child's education or any other personal expense, Personal Loans by Fullerton India provide you with an easy and quick financial solution.

Today, it is one of the most well-established organizations across the financial landscape of India. Specializing in Personal Loans, home improvement loans, SME and working capital loans and several other options for salaried and self-employed individuals, you can be assured of great financial solutions and repayment options with Fullerton India.

Fullerton India Personal Loan Interest Rate - Apr 2021

Interest rate


Loan tenure

5 Years

Loan turn around period

1-7 Days

Processing Charges

Upto 6%  of loan sanctioned + Taxes

Who can apply?

Self-employed professionals

Salaried individuals

Indian residents

Dishonour Charges

750 per instance

Lowest EMI

2,224  Per Lakh

Why Choose Fullerton India Personal Loans?

Fullerton India works towards providing financial inclusion with a strong market in both rural and urban areas of India. Their mission is to provide innovative solutions with high ethical standards to make seeking financial assistance simpler. Some of the key benefits of applying for a Personal Loan with Fullerton India are as follows:

  • They are a responsible financial service partner with pan India presence and a workforce of 10,000 employees.

  • Fullerton India focuses on innovative solutions to provide finance for both salaried and self-employed individuals.

  • All solutions provided are customised to suit the requirement and the repayment abilities of the customer.

  • You can be assured of the highest ethical standards with all loan applications.

  • Risk and reward are balanced with sustainable and long-term shareholder value.

Features and Benefits of Fullerton India Personal Loans

Fullerton India provides easy loan options for any personal use. These loans come with several important features and benefits such as:

  • You can get affordable Personal Loans for vehicle purchase, higher education, weddings, debt repayment or even luxurious travel.

  • You can get up to 20 Lakhs as loan amount.

  • The documentation process is simple and hassle-free.

  • Get simple repayment tenure up to 60 months.

  • Loan disbursal is quick.

  • You can apply online for an instant Personal Loan.

  • Existing Fullerton India customers get additional benefits.

Fullerton India Personal Loan Rate of Interest

The Interest Rate for Fullerton India Personal Loans starts from 11.99% per annum. This varies with each product and is decided by the Asset Liability Management Committee at Fullerton India. It is determined by the cost of borrowed funds, refinance avenues, market liquidity, the tenure of customer relationship and other parameters.

Fullerton India Personal Loan Processing Fee and Other Charges

The different charges applicable for Fullerton Indian Personal Loan are as follows:

Processing fee

Up to 6.5% of the loan amount

Charges for delayed payment

As stated under additional interest charges

Cheque/NACH/ECS dishonoured charges


Cheque/cash collection


Swap Charges - to replace post-dated cheques to ECS


Swap Charges - to replace ECS to ECS (per instance)


Charges for loan cancellation (for loans cancelled before first EMI)



Personal Loan Foreclosure Charges Salaried Self Employed

Within 6 months from the date of agreement

Not Allowed

Not Allowed

Within 7 to 17 months from the date of agreement

7 %


Within 18- 23 months from the date of agreement



Within 24-36 months from the date of agreement



Within 36 months from the date of agreement





Foreclosure charges or prepayment penalties are not sanctioned to any term loans sanctioned to individual borrowers on floating rate terms.

Types of Personal Loans Offered by Fullerton India

Fullerton India provides you with a bouquet of different products to choose from when it comes to Personal Loans. It depends on the purpose of loan application largely, categorising the Personal Loans as follows:

Personal Loan for Women

  • This loan is specifically initiated to empower women applicants.

  • You can check your loan eligibility online, fill the form and upload necessary documents to get an instant online approval.

  • This loan requires no collateral.

  • Money is disbursed in 72 hours after approval.

  • Get online access to payment schedule interest certificates and more.

  • Women applicants get preferential rates of interest.

Personal Loan for Elite

  • Personal Loan is available to individuals earning a minimum of 75,000 per month, categorised as "Elite".

  • Minimum loan amount is 8 Lakhs.

  • Maximum Loan amount is 20 Lakhs.

  • You can get online approval after eligibility check, form and document upload.

  • Doorstep services available for documentation as well.

  • Money is disbursed within 72 hours of approval.

Personal Loan for Wedding

  • You can avail loans venue, catering, designer wedding attire, photography, videography and any other services required to make a wedding grand.

  • Get instant online approval for your loan.

  • Maximum loan amount available is 25 Lakhs.

  • Loan repayment tenure ranges from 24 months to 60 months.

Personal Loan for Holiday 

  • Get a Personal Loan to cover travel expenses whether you are travelling alone or in a group.

  • This loan is available to salaried individuals only.

  • Check your eligibility, fill up an online form and upload necessary documents to get instant approval on your loan.

  • Get all information including payment schedule, repayment track and interest certificate online.

  • Get a loan amount up to 25 Lakhs.

  • Loan repayment tenure ranges from 24 months to 60 months.

  • After the loan is approved, money is disbursed in 72 hours.

Personal Loan for Doctors

  • The Personal Loan is available for doctors who are consultants or practicing doctors of government hospitals, private hospitals and clinics.

  • Instant online approval after eligibility check, form completion and documentation.

  • You get full online access to your loan account including repayment schedule, repayment track and interest certificate.

  • After approval, the loan is disbursed within 72 hours.

  • Doctors can avail loans up to 30 Lakhs.

  • Loan repayment tenure is between 24 months and 60 months.

Personal Loan for Home Improvement

  • You can avail loans for bathroom renovations, kitchen upgrades, living room improvement and more.

  • Get instant online approval after checking your eligibility, filling an online form and uploading your documents.

  • After the approval of your loan, the money is disbursed.

  • You can get loan amounts up to 25 Lakhs to cover 90% of your home improvement costs.

  • Loan repayment tenure is up to 15 years.

Personal Loan for Medical Emergencies 

  • Get quick loans for any medical emergency.

  • No collateral required for this loan.

  • To cover the immediate cash requirement, your loan is disbursed within 24 hours of approval.

  • You can get a maximum loan amount of 25 Lakhs.

  • Get complete online access to your loan account including repayment schedule and interest rate certificate.

Fullerton India Personal Loan Eligibility

You must fulfill the following conditions in order to be eligible for a Fullerton India Personal Loan:

  • Applicants should be a minimum of 23 years in order to be eligible for a Personal Loan.

  • Loan is available to both self-employed and salaried individuals.

  • Eligibility is based on the net monthly income of the individual. You can use the Eligibility Calculator on the official website of Fullerton India to check your eligibility during loan application.

Documents Required for Fullerton India Personal Loan

In order to get a Personal Loan with Fullerton India, the following documents are necessary:

  • A duly filled application form and a recent passport-sized photograph.

  • Identity proof (any of the following)

    • Passport Copy
    • Driving License
    • Voter ID Card
    • PAN Card
  • Address Proof (any of the following)
    • Passport Copy
    • Ration Card
    • Rental Agreement
    • Electricity Bill
    • Telephone Bill
    • Bank Statement or Passbook
    • Driving License
  • Age Proof (any of the following)

    • Passport Copy
    • PAN Card
    • Any other certificate obtained from a statutory authority

  • Last 6 months' Bank Statements/ Passbook or Salary Slips of last 3 months

  • Form 16
  • IT Returns for the last 3 years

  • Cheque for processing fee

Other Products Offered by Fullerton India

You can avail several products on Fullerton India depending upon your requirements. Some such products include:

Products Offered by Fullerton India

Consumer Durable Loans

Garima Loan

Growing Enterprise Loan


Home Loan

Loan Against Property (25 Lakhs and above)

Loan against property for doctors

Loan against property for Engineers

Loan against property for Chartered Accountants

Hypothecation loan

Loan Against Property (1.5 to 12 Lakhs)

Two Wheeler Loan

Merchandise Loan

Samriddhi Loan

Solidarity Group Loan


Life Insurance

General Insurance

Group Insurance

Health Insurance

IHO Services

How Does CIBIL Score Affect Fullerton India Personal Loan?

Your credit record plays an important role in your loan eligibility and the rate of interest that you can avail on different products. This can be checked using your CIBIL score which tracks your repayment history and credit history. For Personal Loans a CIBIL Score above 700 is mandatory for most institutions.

How to Calculate EMI on Fullerton India Personal Loan?

MyMoneyMantra provides you end-to-end solutions for your financial requirements. You can also check the exact EMI that you are required to pay on the loan that you opt for. Enter details such as loan amount, interest rate, and tenure on the Online EMI calculator and get your EMI instantly.

Why Apply for Fullerton India Personal Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

MyMoneyMantra provides you with the most hassle-free option to obtain a Personal Loan. With several banks and nonbanking financial companies (NBFCs) in their list, you can compare different products and offers before choosing one that is suitable for you. The advantages of applying for a Fullerton India Personal Loan with MyMoneyMantra are:

  • You can check your loan eligibility instantly

  • You can read the loan policies in detail before applying for any loan.

  • Financial solutions are personalised based on the eligibility and need of the applicant.

  • You can get an instant decision on your Fullerton India Personal Loan application.

  • The documentation process is further simplified to reduce the turnaround time of loans.

  • Doorstep documentation pick-up services available to save your time.  

  • You can be assured of complete privacy of all the information that you provide at the time of loan application.

  • EMI can be calculated using the online EMI calculator to help you plan the loan repayment process and your budget.

How to Apply for Fullerton India Personal Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to apply for a Fullerton India Personal Loan on MyMoneyMantra:

  • Provide necessary details: Log on to MyMoneyMantra.com and enter personal details such as age, the city of residence, loan amount required, employment details, phone number, and email id.

  • Complete online registration: Enter the OTP number provided to your phone number to complete the online registration process.

  • Document Verification: Keep the necessary documents ready for verification and pick-up by our loan representatives.

  • Personal Interview: If necessary, a personal interview will be conducted by officials at Fullerton India.

Once the personal interview is completed, you will get complete assistance from MyMoneyMantra for your loan approval. Following this, the loan is disbursed as per the sanction letter provided to you.


Fullerton India Launches Samriddhi Loan for Women Borrowers

March 8th 2018, Fullerton India Credit Company, a non-banking financial company (NBFC) announced the launch of Samriddhi Loans on the occasion of International Women's Day for a select Solidarity Group of loan borrowers. This personal loan is available to borrowers with a great repayment track record of at least 24 months.

NBFC Fullerton India Enables EMI Payment Through Paytm

June 27th 2018, Fullerton India Credit Company has partnered with Paytm to allow customers to make hassle-free EMI payments through Paytm. This collaboration with Paytm is aimed at improving EMI payments by customers and also allows them to clear any past dues towards their loans.

Need Personal Loan? These Ex-Goldman Sachs Employees Will Have It Credy in No Time

16th March 2018, Credy, a small ticket personal and school fee financing app goes live with a lending partnership with Fullerton India. This app uses technology, structured financing options and data to give customers a seamless option to avail loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Fullerton India Personal Loan be used for?

There are several personal requirements that you can fulfill with the Fullerton India Personal Loan such as travel, weddings, debt repayment, higher education and medical emergencies.

What is the current rate of interest for Fullerton India Personal Loan?

The rate of interest for personal loans start at 11.99% and fluctuate as per the net monthly income, customer tenure and the work experience of the applicant. 

What is the maximum loan amount available with Fullerton India Personal Loans?

You can get up to 20 Lakhs as Personal Loan with Fullerton India. For weddings and emergencies, you can get up to 25 Lakhs. Doctors can avail Personal Loans up to 30 Lakhs with Fullerton India.

How do I check my eligibility for a Fullerton India Personal Loan?

Eligibility for Fullerton India Personal Loans depends upon the income and the working experience of the applicant. You can check your eligibility on the online eligibility checker on the official website of Fullerton India.

What is the late payment penalty for Fullerton India Personal Loans?

The late payment fees depend upon the additional interest charge stated in the loan sanction letter for the period of delay, every month.

Are there any prepayment charges applicable on Fullerton India Personal Loans?

There are no prepayment charges applicable on any Fullerton India Personal Loans provided to individuals.

Is it possible to foreclose a Fullerton India Personal Loan?

Yes, you can foreclose your Fullerton Personal Loan after 6 months of the agreement date. The foreclosure charges depend upon the period that you choose to foreclose your account after the agreement date.

What are the processing fees for Fullerton India Personal Loans?

The processing fee applicable on Fullerton India Personal Loan is up to 6.5% of the loan amount that you have applied for.

Who qualifies for a Fullerton India Elite Personal Loan?

Individuals with a minimum salary of 75,000 per month qualify for Fullerton India Personal Loans. They can avail a minimum loan of 8 Lakhs and a maximum of 20 Lakhs (varies from person to person).

Are there added benefits to existing Fullerton India Customers?

Yes. Customers of Fullerton India get added benefits in terms of the processing time and the interest rates of the personal loans. They are also pre-qualified for top-ups on the Principal Outstanding on loans.

Fullerton India Customer Care

You can get in touch with Fullerton India for any grievances or complaints. You have various options including:



Fullerton India Credit Co Ltd.

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Fullerton India Credit Company

Supreme Business Park, Floors 5 and 6 B Wing, Powai,

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Registered Office

Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd.

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