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About UCO Bank Personal Loan

You can get financial assistance for any short-term expenditure including medical emergencies, travel requirements, clearing any financial liability, weddings and other social obligation under the several schemes available with UCO Bank.

These personal loans are available for both salaried and non-salaried individuals with the necessary income to fulfill the repayment of these loans. These loans require no security and are the easiest option for funding any immediate expenses. UCO Bank is one of the most trusted financial institutions that have sustained their profitability and growth through excellent customer service and application of state of the art technology to make finance simpler.

UCO Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates - June 2021

Interest rate

10.30%  - 10.55%

Loan tenure

5 Years

Loan turn around period

1-7 Days

Processing Charges

up to 1% of loan sanctioned + Taxes

Who can apply?

Self-employed professionals

Salaried individuals

Indian residents

Dishonour Charges

750 per instance

Lowest EMI

2139  Per Lakh

Features and Benefits of UCO Bank Personal Loans

UCO Bank provides a bouquet of loan options to avail funding for personal use. Their personal loans are considered among the best in the industry because:

  • You can get loans for any personal use including weddings and social obligations, debt repayment or even travel expenses.

  • You can avail loans of up to 10 times your current loan amount.

  • Personal loans are available for pensioners as well.

  • The rate of interest for personal loans is competitive and is based on your current financial situation to ensure easy repayment.

  • You can get repayment tenure of up to 60 months.

  • Loans can be availed without furnishing any collateral.

UCO Bank Personal Loan Rate of Interest for all Schemes

The rate of interest offered for different personal loan products vary. They are competitive and allow easy repayment for borrowers. The current rates of interest for different loan schemes for personal loans are as follows:

Product Rate of Interest(1 Year MCLR = 8.65%)


UCO Cash



For Men: 11.65% currently or MCLR of 1 year+ 3%


For women: 11.45% currently or MCLR of 1 year + 2.75%


UCO Pensioner



MCLR of 1 year + 4.15% = 12.80%


UCO Shopper Loan Scheme


If there is any salary tie up option or 100% liquid collateral security: MCLR of 1 year +1.15% = 9.80%

In other cases- MCLR of 1 year+ 2.15% = 10.80%


UCO Securities



MCLR of 1 year + 3.25% = 11.90%


Gold Loan for short term crop loan up to 3 lakhs where subvention of interest is available


7% per annum

Gold Loan for Agriculture and Allied Activities besides the one mentioned above 


MCLR of 1 year + 0.20% = 8.85%


Gold Loan for Retail Asset Products (Priority Sector)



MCLR of 1 year + 0.20% = 8.85%

Gold Loan for Non Agricultural Purposes (Priority Sector)


MCLR of 1 year + 0.20% = 8.85%


Gold Loan for Retail Assets Products (Non- Priority Sector)


MCLR of 1 year + 3.15% = 11.80%


Gold Loan for Non Agricultural Purpose (Non- Priority Sector)


MCLR of 1 year + 3.15% = 11.80%

Types of Personal Loans offered Fullerton India

UCO Bank offers several personal loan options based on your employment status, income and other parameters. The different loan options available are:

UCO Cash

  • This loan is available for any legitimate personal expense including financial liabilities, medical treatments, wedding or other social obligations.

  • Your net take home salary must be more than 40% of your gross salary after deducting proposed EMI, PF, IT and other deductions, subject to a minimum of 10,000.

  • You can take into account other sources of income such as rent, dividends and interests and others to improve your eligibility for your loan.

  • You can get up to 10 times your gross monthly income or a maximum of 10 Lakhs as the loan amount.

  • The outstanding loan can be covered using UCO RinJeevanSuraksha in case of the natural or accidental death of the borrower.

  • The repayment period is a maximum of 60 months.

  • No collaterals are required.
  • There are no prepayment charges for this loan scheme.

UCO Pensioner

  • A short term loan is extended to individuals receiving pensions from UCO Bank, widows of UCO Bank pensioners and war widows as long as they have a co-pensioner with sufficient income requirements.

  • The loan is available for medical expenses, traveling expenses, marriage expenses, payment of MediClaim premium, refurbishing a house, agricultural needs and funeral requirements.

  • The quantum or maximum loan provided is as follows:

Category of Borrower Loan Quantum

For any pensioner having family pension and if the spouse is alive.


10 times the current monthly pension subject to:

  • Age up to 70 years: 5 lakhs maximum.
  • Age above 70 years up to 72 years: 4 lakhs maximum.


Family pensions who are receiving pension after the death of the pensioner


Up to 10 times the current monthly pension subject to a maximum loan amount of 3 Lakhs.

Pensioners without the provision of family pension


Pensioners whose spouse is pre-deceased

  • The repayment tenure is a maximum of 48 months provided that the loan is fully repaid by the time the borrower is 72 years old.

  • There are no prepayment charges.
  • Guarantee is required as follows:
  • Personal guarantee of the spouse who is eligible to receive the pension in case of the death of the pensioner.

  • If the spouse is pre-deceased, guarantee of the son or daughter or third party.

  • In case of any widow or war widow where the co-borrower is not available, third party guarantee with sufficient income may provide guarantee.

UCO Shopper Loan Schemes

  • This is an easy finance scheme available for a customer to make various purchases such as refrigerators, television, computers, air conditioners and other electronic gadgets.

  • The income criteria is as follows:


Salaried borrower


  • Minimum gross salary of 30,000 is necessary in metro centers and 20,000 is necessary for other centers.

  • The minimum take home of 40% per month after all deductions or 10000, whichever is the higher amount.


Non-Salaried Borrower

  • Minimum income of 4 Lakh as per latest IT Return.

  • Minimum 40% surplus after all deductions or 10000, whichever amount is higher.

  • Borrower can get up to 10 times the monthly take home salary subject to a maximum of 200000.

  • Margin subject to 20% of article cost

  • You can get a maximum repayment period of 60 months.

  • There are no prepayment charges on this loan.

UCO Securities

  • A credit facility is provided against any government or RBI issued financial security such as National Savings Certificates, Govt. Securities, KisanVikasPatra or Relief Bonds.

  • You can also avail loans against LIC policies and any debentures and bonds issued by Public Financial Institutions.

  • Margin is based on the discontinued value of the maturity proceeds of the financial security provided at the base rate.

  • You can get an overdraft, demand loan or cash credit.

  • Remaining period of the maturity or a maximum of 5 years.

Gold Loan

  • This loan is available in rural, semi-urban and metropolitan areas for priority sector activities such as education, small business, retail trade, agriculture, housing and more.

  • A margin of 25% is to be maintained over the price of gold in the market.

  • Maximum loan amount sanctioned depends upon the price per gram of gold which is decided by the Head Office fortnightly.

  • Gold ornaments must be appraised by a reputable and experienced gold smith for weight, fineness and purity

UCO Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Factors for All Schemes

The eligibility for UCO Bank Personal Loans varies as per the loan scheme chosen. The different eligibility criteria are as follows:

Product Eligibility Criteria

UCO Cash

  • The individual must be a permanent employee or must have completed at least 2 years of service in anGovt/ Semi-Govt/ Reputed Private Ltd/ Public Sector/ College or University.

  • They should have a salary account with UCO bank or the employer must provide a letter stating that the monthly loan instalment will be paid to the bank directly.

UCO Pensioner

  • Should be a pensioner of UCO Bank, Widow of pensioner or war widow.

  • Guarantee is required as stated.

UCO Shoppers Loan Scheme

  • Age criteria for salaried borrower: 21 years to 60 years.

  • Age criteria for non-salaried borrower- 21 years to 65 years.

  • Income criteria as mentioned.

UCO Securities

  • All securities provided should be in the name of the borrower or the joint borrower.

  • The securities must be transferable and can also be transferred or assigned to the bank as needed.

UCO Gold Loan

  • Gold must be assessed by a reputed Gold Smith

  • Necessary declaration should be provided for the purpose of obtaining the loan at the time of sanction.

Documents Required for UCO Bank Personal Loan

For any personal loan with UCO Bank, the documents required are as follows:

  • A duly filled and signed application form with two recent photographs.

  • Proof of Identity: Any two of the following but one of the first 5 documents mentioned below is mandatory:

  1. Ration Card
  2. Voters ID
  3. PAN Card
  4. Passport
  5. Driver's License
  6. Office ID Card
  7. Birth Certificate
  8. School Leaving Certificate
  • Bank passbook or statement for the last 6 months.

  • Proof of employment or income, including:

  1. Employment verification certificate as per UCO Bank Format

  2. Salary Slip for the last three months.

  3. Form 16
  4. IT Returns/ Assessment Order 
  • For take over loans:
  1. Statement of the loan account with the other institution.

  2. Copy of the sanction advice provided by the institution.

Why choose UCO Bank Personal Loans?

UCO Bank is known for their active financial participation across various segments including personal banking, trade and commerce, agriculture, service sectors, industries and a lot more. This bank is operational since 1943 and is one of the best options to obtain a personal loan for several reasons such as:

  • A wide reach across India with over 3000 service units.

  • International presence in two major destinations including Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Presence of agencies and correspondents across the globe.

  • Undertaking foreign exchange businesses in over 50 centers in India.

  • They currently have branch representation in the best 100 centers in India.

  • Their portfolio is well diversified.

  • They currently have a very strong capital base.
  • All UCO Bank branches are currently under Core Banking Solutions.

  • They have one of the largest and most diverse client bases today.

  • Their overseas operations are profitable and dynamic.

Products offered by UCO Bank

UCO Home

UCO Pre-Approved Home Loan

UCO Top-Up Loan



UCO Car Loan Combo Scheme

UCO Two Wheeler Scheme

UCO Property Loan Scheme

UCO Rent

UCO Swabhiman- Reverse mortgage loan for senior citizens

Education Loan

UCO Premier Education Loan Scheme

UCO Super Premier Educational Loan Scheme

UCO Skill Loan

PradhanMantri Mudra Yojna

Standup India

Swarojgar Credit Card

LaghuUdyami Credit Card

UCO Trader

UCO UdyogBandhu

UCO BunkarRinnYojna

UCO RoopSangam

Artisans Credit Card

Tractor/ Power Tiller Loan

Short Term Loan to Cold Storage Units


Kisan Credit Card

UCO KisanBhoomiVriddhi

UCO KisanTatkal Scheme

UCO Estate Purchase Loan Scheme

UCO Kisan All Purpose Term Loan

Scheme for Financing Farmers for Marketing Agriclture Produce

UCO MahilaUtthan

UCO general Credit Card

Scheme for solar irrigation pumpset


How to calculate EMI on UCO Bank Personal Loan

You can calculate the exact amount with EMI Calculator on MyMoneyMantra.com that will help you to know EMI before applying for UCO Bank Personal Loan. All you have to do is provide the loan amount and the repayment tenure. The EMI is calculated as per the rate of interest on the scheme that you have applied for to help you stay ahead with your monthly financial planning.

How does CIBIL Score affect UCO Bank Personal Loan

With most institutions, a minimum CIBIL Score of 700 is necessary to avail any loan. This denotes your repayment history and your credit history. It is an important factor in determining your eligibility for your loan. The higher the credit score, the better the eligibility. 

UCO Bank Personal Loan Processing Fee and Other Charges

The processing fees depend upon the type of personal loan that you are applying for. The details are as follows:

Type of Loan Processing Fees

UCO Cash

1% of loan amount or minimum of 750

UCO Pensioner


UCO Shoppers Loan Scheme

1% of loan amount plus taxes subject to a minimum of 1000.

UCO Securities

250 per case

UCO Gold Loan

For priority sector:

  • Up to 10 Lakh - 250
  • Above 10 Lakh - 500

For Non Priority Sector

  • Up to 5 Lakh - 500
  • Above 5 Lakh up to 10 Lakh - 1000

Above 10 Lakh -0.20% of loan amount or a maximum of 5000.


Documentation Charges for all Retail loans except home loans:

Amount Fees

Up to 25000


Above 25000 up to 2 Lakh


Above 2 Lakhup to 5 Lakh


Above 5 Lakh up to 10 Lakh


Above 10 Lakh up to 25 Lakh


Above 25 Lakh up to 50 Lakh


Above 50 Lakh up to 5 crore


Above 5 Crore


UCO Bank Customer Care

For all complaints and grievances, you will have to register your complaint or grievance online on www.ucobank.com. Fill in the details in the form as required and submit. You can also track the status of your complaint after submission.

Corporate Office

UCO Bank Head Office,

10, BTM Sarani, Kolkata- 700001,

West Bengal India.

You can get contact details of all zonal offices on www.ucobank.com.

Supreme Business Park, Floors 5 and 6 B Wing, Powai,

Mumbai- 400076

Latest News

UCO Bank Announced 3-Month EMI Moratorium on Its Term Loans

Like other banks, UCO Bank has also announced the 3-month EMI moratorium period on its term loans up to 31.05.2020 to help its customers tackle financial breakdown during the lockdown in the country in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What purpose can a UCO Bank Personal Loan be availed for?

UCO Bank personal loans are provided for any short-term financial requirement, which includes financial liability of any kind, debt repayment, education, marriage and other social obligations, travel and even for repair and reconstruction of your loan.

What is the maximum repayment tenure of UCO Bank Personal Loans?

With UCO Bank Personal Loans, you have the option of repaying with up to 60 equal monthly installments.

How much loan amount can be availed with UCO Bank Personal Loans?

With UCO Bank personal loans, you can get up to 10 times your gross income per year as personal loan on a short term basis. Loan amount is calculated as per monthly income and the credit history of the individual.

What is the net income required for a personal loan?

The net income after all the deductions including the proposed EMI, IT, PF and others should be at least 40% of your gross income. For personal loans this is subject to a minimum net income of 10000 after all deductions.

Is there any collateral required for UCO Bank Personal Loan?

Personal loans, except gold loans,do not require any collateral. You can insure your loan with UCO RinJeevanSuraksha if needed.

Are there any prepayment charges applicable on UCO Bank Personal Loans?

You do not have to pay any prepayment charges for personal loans that you choose with UCO Bank.

Are there any insurance options available with UCO Bank Personal Loans?

For the UCO Cash Personal Loan, you can avail the UCO RinJeevanSuraksha Insurance, which allows the loan to be covered in case of any accidental or natural death of the borrower of the loan.

What personal Loan options does UCO Bank offer for Pensioners?

UCO Pensioner loans are available to current pensioners drawing their pension from UCO Bank, their spouse or for war widows. Guarantee is required for any pensioner loan provided to a dependent of the pensioner as per the regulations of the bank.

Read more: Top banks that offer Personal Loan to Pensioners 

What are the age criteria for UCO Bank Personal Loans?

The age criteria for UCO Bank Personal Loans is as follows:

  • For salaried individuals- Minimum age is 21 years and maximum age is 60 years

  • For non-salaried individuals- Minimum age is 21 years and maximum age is 65 years

What is the interest rate on UCO Bank Personal Loans?

UCO Bank offers floating interest rates for Personal Loans based on the Base Rate. This is subject to change and varies as per the type of personal loan provided. For details, you can check the table above or visit www.ucobank.com

Why apply for UCO Bank Personal Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

When it comes to any financial decision, you need to be able to check all your options to make sure that you get the right plans for yourself. With MyMoneyMantra, you have the option of scanning through the products of over 70 financial institutions to ensure that you have all the information that you need before opting for a loan or any other funding options.

Applying for a UCO Bank Personal Loan on MyMoneyMantra is hassle free and has several benefits such as:

  • It is very easy to check your eligibility using the loan calculator tool.

  • All details of different loan policies are available for you to read thoroughly.

  • Based on your eligibility, you will receive a loan policy that is customized to your repayment ability.

  • Instant E-approval is provided for any UCO Bank Personal Loan Application.

  • Complete Privacy of all information provided is guaranteed.

  • EMI Calculator allows you to calculate your EMI accurately to plan your budget.

How to apply for UCO Bank Personal Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

In order to apply for a UCO Bank Personal Loan on MyMoneyMantra, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Log on to MyMoneyMantra and enter your gender, personal details such as name, phone number and email id.

  • Provide the loan amount required and the employment details.

  • Provide the OTP number sent to your phone number to complete registration.

  • You will be contacted by a MyMoneyMantra associate after registration for detailed assistance in the document verification and application process.

  • Once you have applied for a loan, you will have to complete a personal interview with officials from UCO Bank.

  • From application until disbursement, MyMoneyMantra will help you with necessary follow up and other services.

The loan is disbursed as soon as the sanction letter is provided as per the regulations of UCO Bank.

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