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About SBI Home Loan

The State Bank of India (SBI) is our nation's largest public sector bank. It is also a Fortune 500 company which has built a strong bond of trust among its customers when it comes to loans and the processes at attractive offers and schemes. The State Bank of India is also entitled as "The Most Preferred Home Loan Provider" by Awaaz Consumer Awards and it has also earned an award as "The Most Preferred Bank" in a research survey which was conducted by TV 18 along with AC Nielson - ORG Marg in 21 different cities which are spread across India.

The SBI provides different types of Home Loan schemes to those individuals who wish to build or buy a house of their own. These housing loans are offered by SBI to all the individuals who fit into the eligibility criteria including the rural customers who come under different schemes that are designed as per the customer requirements.

SBI Home Loan Details

The Purpose of the Home Loan: You can avail SBI Home Loans to buy a new/ resale house, house construction, or repair/ renovate/ modify your current house.

The Key Features

  • This housing loan is available for both the salaried employees and the self-employed individuals.
  • The security for the Home Loan is the property itself which you are planning to purchase or renovate or construct.
  • The lowest EMI per one lakh is 776 @8.60% interest rate for 30 years tenure
  • There are special discounts and offers for women borrowers
  • The age limit for availing the SBI Home Loan is minimum 18 years at the time of loan application and up to 70 years at loan maturity.
  • The maximum loan repayment tenure is up to 30 years
  • The Home Loan interest rates start at 8.60% for women and 8.65% for other borrowers
  • The maximum Loan to Value (LTV) ratio offered is 90% of the proposed property's cost
  • Prepayment is allowed at zero charges for floating rate loans

Processing Fees: The processing fee charged on SBI Home Loans is up to 0.50% of the loan amount approved by the bank (minimum 1,000 and maximum 10,000).

Types of Schemes: SBI provides its customers with various Home Loan schemes which are customised as per the requirements of the borrowers. There are special schemes for women, salaried, non-salaried, senior citizens, and NRI/PIO borrowers.

Here are the different housing loan schemes offered by the SBI:

  • SBI Regular Home Loan
  • SBI Flexipay Home
  • SBI Privilege Home Loan
  • SBI Shaurya Home Loan
  • SBI Pre-approved Home Loan
  • SBI NRI Home Loan
  • SBI Balance Transfer of Home Loan
  • SBI Realty Home Loan
  • SBI Bridge Home Loan
  • SBI Home Top Up Loan
  • SBI Smart Home Top Up Loan
  • SBI Insta Home Top Up Loan
  • SBI Corporate Home Loan
  • SBI Tribal Plus
  • SBI Home Loan to Non-Salaried - Differential Offerings
  • SBI CRE (Commercial Real Estate) Home Loan

SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator

The equated monthly instalment (EMI) is the amount that needs to be paid against the Home Loan sanctioned on a monthly basis. It's beneficial you decide in advance the amount of housing loan that you need to borrow and also plan your EMIs and financial budget on the basis of the same. You can opt for the Home Loan that is most suitable for you as per your requirements and hence you would not face any financial burden.

It is vital that you use the Home Loan EMI Calculator so that it helps you to ascertain the right of amount of loan that you need to borrow along with a suitable combination of loan tenure and the interest rate that is to be charged on the same. Hence the SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator helps you to choose the Home Loan that is most suitable for you as per your requirements.

You can also use MyMoneyMantra's EMI Calculator for quick results on EMI calculation.

SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator Results for Different Tenures @8.65% Rate of Interest

Loan Amount in

Loan Tenure


15 years

20 years

30 years

10 Lakhs




20 Lakhs




30 Lakhs




50 Lakhs




Here's the table for EMI, total interest payable and total amount payable to the bank on 1 Lakh Loan amount for different tenures at 8.65% interest rate.

  5 years 10 years 15 years 30 years

EMI when loan amount is 1 Lakh @8.65% interest rate





Total amount payable to bank (principal + interest)





Interest payable over the loan tenure





The above table depicts that the longer is the housing loan repayment period, the lower is the EMI per month that you need to pay on the Home Loan. However, the total interest outgo is significantly more in a long duration Home Loan. For example, if you borrow a loan of 1 Lakh Home Loan for a duration of 30 years, then you pay the lowest EMI which is 780, but you will be paying a total interest of 1,80,645.

In contrast, in case you borrow a Home Loan of the same amount and at the same interest rate for the duration of 5 years then you will be paying a higher EMI of 2,059 and the total interest will be only 23,533 which is less than half of what you already paid for 30 years duration. That is the reason you should be very careful while you choose your Home Loan tenure.

Formula Used by the SBI EMI Calculator

The formula for EMI calculation used by SBI EMI Calculator: P*r* (1+r)^n/([(1+r)^n]-1)

In the above formula,

P = stands for the principal loan amount which can go up to 50 Crores

r = stands for the rate of interest per month which presently starts at 8.60% for women borrowers and 8.65% for others.

n = stands for the period of the Home Loan in months and it is up to 360 months with SBI

Factors That Affect the SBI Home Loan EMI

  • Loan amount applied for: The EMI is affected on the basis of the total loan amount applied for. EMI will be higher for the higher loan amount. You can avail a Home Loan of up to 50 Crores with SBI, depending on the scheme.
  • The interest rate applied by the bank: The rate of interest charged by the SBI on Home Loan amount affects the EMI. Higher interest rate increases the EMI amount to be paid which will also increase the total cost of the loan. Presently, the SBI Home Loan interest rate is 8.60% p.a. for women applicants and 8.65% p.a. for others.
  • Period for repayment of the loan: The period for repayment of the Home Loan or the total tenure of the loan in which it has to be repaid if also one of the major factors affecting the loan EMI. The longer the tenure of the loan, the lower is the EMI. The SBI Home Loan term can be calculated by the age at which you had taken the loan and your retirement age. In case of SBI, the maximum Home Loan tenure is 30 years.

Tips to Decide the Right Amount of EMI for SBI Home Loan

  • Compute the loan amount to be borrowedOne of the important factors that need to be taken care of when you decide to build or purchase a house or a flat is to work out the right amount of loan that you would need from a bank. One should keep in mind that the bank doesn't fund the entire cost of the purchase/ construction/ renovation/ extension/ improvement of the house. The maximum LTV offered is up to 90%, depending on the scheme chosen. The borrower has to arrange the remaining margin on their own. Calculate the total amount that you will take as a loan and the amount you are comfortable to pay. These two aspects will help you to make the total financial planning that you need to do in the near.
  • Review your current financial responsibilities: Before taking a Home Loan it is advised to evaluate and calculate your current total monthly expenses which include any EMIs that you are already paying, Credit Card bills, and so on. This will help you to estimate the amount of EMI that you can pay comfortably on a monthly basis and then you can decide the right Home Loan period that is suitable as per your financial requirements.
  • Calculate your eligibility for the housing loan: The eligibility for taking a Home Loan with SBI depends on the type of the loan, the income received by the borrower each month, the occupation of the borrower, and the amount borrowed. The SBI offers a maximum LTV of up to 90% of the value of the property and expects the borrower to fund the remaining value of the property by their own.
  • The SBI estimates the fixed income to obligations ratio (FOIR) in order to calculate the maximum EMI that you can service on the basis of your current income and monthly expenses. The SBI applies a certain ratio to the income in order to estimate the monthly expenses and then it adds the other EMI obligations to compute the fixed obligations. The proportion of fixed income to calculated fixed obligations will provide your FOIR. FOIR required for SBI Home Loans is 0.65.

Change in the EMI with a change in the rate of interest

  • Usually, the EMI remains stable unless the borrower requests for a change and it is approved by the SBI subject to its eligibility conditions.
  • When the floating interest rate on your loan increases then the SBI will keep the EMI constant and increases the period of the Home Loan so that you can pay the same EMIs comfortably. In case the rate of interest increases to a level that the revised Home Loan period is more than the maximum permitted limit by SBI, the bank increases your EMI amount.
  • When the loan availed is partly disbursed under the tranched EMI offer, then the EMI will increase with every disbursement.

Why should you compute the SBI Home Loan EMI before taking a loan?

  • When the computed EMI is more than the monthly budget, then you have the chance to choose for a reduced loan amount that suits your monthly budget and makes EMI payment easy.
  • It is always better to know the amount of EMI you have to pay each month so that you can plan your budget accordingly.
  • On the basis of the EMI amount, you can also choose to prepay your housing loan in the future when you have additional funds.

SBI Home Loan Processing Fee and Other Charges

  • Processing Fee: It is the fee that is charged by the bank to compensate for the expenses it incurs on conducting a credit appraisal and completing the loan process. SBI charges a processing fee of up to 0.50% of the loan amount approved by the bank (minimum 1,000 and maximum 10,000).
  • Prepayment Charges: As per the guidelines from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the banks are not allowed to charge any sort of prepayment fees on floating rate housing loans. Thus, you can prepay the housing loan with SBI at nil charges if you had opted for the floating interest rate.
  • CERSAI Registration Fee: 50 + GST for loan up to 5 Lakhs and 100 + GST for loan above 5 Lakhs.

The bank also charges advocate's fee for property search & title investigation report, Valuer's fee for valuation report, Stamp duty for Loan agreement & mortgage, and property insurance premium (as applicable).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lowest EMI a borrower has to pay for SBI Home Loan?

The lowest EMI per one lakh is 776 at an interest rate of 8.60% for 30 years tenure.

What does property registration mean?

It refers to the registration of documents related to transfer/ sale/ lease/ any other form of disposal of the immovable property. As per Section 17 of the Indian Registrations Act, 1908, registration is mandatory for all properties. Registering a property lawfully means that the person in whose favour the said property has been registered is now the lawful owner of the property and is fully responsible for it in every respect.

What documents does a person need at the time of possession?

  • Chain of title agreements and building plan approval (original copies)
  • Original receipts of registration and stamp duty
  • Possession letter
  • Original share certificate (for societies)
  • Proof of payment of maintenance charges; phone, water and property taxes; electricity bills, and all dues up to the possession handing date.
  • NOC from the Society/ any other concerned body mentioning that it has no objection to the transfer.

Which additional documents are required for buying a resale property?

  • Clear and marketable Title
  • Sale Deed
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Recent tax receipts
  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Building Plan Approvals
  • Possession Certificate

Which documents are required for duly registering a resale property?

  • PAN Card
  • New Sale Deed
  • Photographs

Which documents do I need for registration of a new apartment or plot?

  • Sale Deed
  • No Objection Certificate from builder and banks
  • Building Plan approvals
  • Completion Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Photographs

Which documents do I need for registration of an independent house?

  • Plot's allotment papers
  • Building Plan approvals
  • Transfer Deed (if there are multiple owners)
  • Sale Dee
  • PAN Card
  • Photographs

How many properties can I own?

There is no limit on having multiple properties. You can own as many as you want.

What does the Person of Indian Origin (PIO) mean?

PIO is an individual who has held an Indian passport at any time or who/ either of his parents/ grandparents were an Indian citizen according to the Citizenship Act, 1955 or the Indian Constitution. However, the individual should not have been a citizen of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Iran, Bhutan or Nepal).

Latest News on SBI Housing Loans

10.04.2019: SBI raises reduces its MCLR by 5 basis points

State Bank of India has reduced its rate on Home Loans by 5 points. The new rates start at 8.60% for women borrowers and 8.65% for other borrowers. The changes in rates are due to the decreased MCLR. The bank has reduced its MCLR by 5 basis points (8.50% from 8.55%) as on 10th April 2019. The reduced interest rate will lower the EMI amount on Home Loan.

17.01.2019:The SBI to conduct Housing Loan Utsav from 18th to 20th of January 2019

The SBI has planned to hold an annual Home Loan Utsav in 2019 in its local head office campus in Bangalore from January 18th to 20th 2019. The main purpose of this utsav is to provide awareness to all its valued customers about the latest services and products that are offered by the bank.

03.01.2019:The SBI raises housing loan interest rates by 5 basis points 

The State Bank of India has increased its housing loan interest rates by 5 basis points hence making Home Loans more expensive for the new customers. The latest interest rates range from 8.80% to 9.15% with different slabs of loans. In case of loans up to 30 Lakhs the rate of interest is 8.80% for male customers and in case the loan amount is between 30 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs, the interest rate is 8.95%. For all the Home Loans that are above 75 Lakhs the rate of interest is 9.05%.

31.12.2018: SBI YONO app helps its customers to apply for Home Loans

YONO is the latest app launched by SBI which offers banking services as well as lifestyle choices for its customers. YONO stands for You Only Need One. It supports the customers to apply for a housing loan, auto loan and also receive an instant in-principle approval after the credit score and credential verification.