State Bank of India Home Loan - Processing Fee, Pre-closure and Other Charges

State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank in India, has the most significant loan portfolio amongst all other banks in the country. Of all the different kinds of loan products offered by SBI, the Home Loan is the most popular one. The advantage of SBI Home Loan is that the bank charges one of the lowest interest rates in the country. Recently, the bank has switched over to the Repo-linked Home Loan Interest Rate. The interest rate structure is one of the reasons for the popularity of SBI Home Loan.

The other contributing factors are as follows:

  • SBI is highly accessible from anywhere in India because of its vast presence. It has more than 24,000 branches situated in every nook and corner of the country.
  • SBI has a transparent loan approval procedure with a large number of credit processing centres in the major cities and towns in India.
  • The bank has a reasonable fee structure comprising of processing fees and other charges related to Home Loans.
  • Foreclosure of SBI Home Loan is a convenient procedure

SBI Home Loan Processing Fee

SBI offers a bouquet of Home Loans catering to different segments of society. The processing fee for each product can differ. GST as applicable is payable on such processing fees separately. 

The processing fees for the following Home Loan products are as listed below:

  • SBI Regular Home Loan
  • SBI Balance Transfer of Home Loan
  • SBI NRI Home Loan
  • SBI Flexipay Home Loan
  • SBI Pre-approved Home Loan
  • SBI Realty Home Loan
  • SBI Home Loan Top-Up
  • SBI Home Loan to Non-Salaried - Differential Offerings
  • SBI Tribal Plus
  • SBI Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Home Loan
  • SBI Repo Rate (RLLR) Linked Home Loan

Processing fee

0.35% of the loan amount with a minimum of 2,000 and a maximum of 10,000 plus applicable taxes

Advocate fee and valuer's fee

As per actual, payable separately

Stamp duty for loan agreement and mortgage

Depends on the State Laws

Insurance premium

Payable separately depending on the amount of loan

CERSAI registration fee

50 for loans up to 5 Lakhs and 100 for limits more than 5 Lakhs

  • SBI Privilege Home Loan: There are no processing fees for this Home Loan product. However, the structure of the other fees remains the same as that for other loan products.
  • SBI Shaurya Home Loan: No processing fees, the other fee structure remaining the same as above.
  • SBI Bridge Home Loan: The processing fee is 0.35% of the loan amount with a maximum of 5,000. Other charges remain the same.
  • SBI Smart Home Top-Up Loan: A flat processing fee of 2,000. As this product is available for existing Home Loan borrowers, the advocate and valuer's fees do not apply.
  • SBI Insta Home Top-Up Loan: A flat processing fee of 2,000. Other charges do not apply
  • SBI Corporate Home Loan: Processing fee is 0.50% of the loan amount with a minimum of 50,000 and a maximum of 10 Lakhs. The other charges remain the same.
  • SBI Earnest Money Deposit (EMD): Processing fee is 0.50% of the loan amount with a minimum of 1,000.

SBI Home Loan - Prepayment Charges

SBI permits part as well as a full prepayment of Home Loans. As on date, SBI does not charge any penalty on Home Loan prepayment.

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