Customer service has been the focus of YES Bank since its inception in 2003-04. The bank has introduced various deposits and loans products that cater to every section of society. YES Bank is the first bank that started offering preferential rates of interest up to 6% per annum on Savings Accounts. Similarly, YES Bank has several firsts to its credit. The YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card is also an innovative product, as it caters to the needs of a specific community alone.

Why Choose YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card?

YES Bank recognises that customer interest is its first preference. The bank has introduced a unique product, YES First that places the customer's preferences before anything else. The YES First Credit Card is a unique product, as it comes with exciting features and benefits. The bank understands that business comes first for every customer. Hence, it has developed a specific product, YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card to satisfy the requirements of the Indian business community.  

Key Attractions of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card

  • Accelerated Rewards Programme

    Businesspersons can use YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card to book flight tickets on domestic airlines, go on organised travels and tours, and dine at selected restaurants. You become eligible for accelerated rewards points that you can redeem for attractive gifts and products.

  • Best Foreign Currency Markup

    Individuals need to go on business promotion trips to foreign countries. Use your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card at an overseas location to pay in foreign currency. This card entitles you to a minimum Foreign Currency Markup charge of 1.75%.

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    Fuel your vehicles at all petrol stations in India to get a fuel surcharge waiver.

Benefits of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card

Following are the benefits offered to the cardholder:

  • Welcome and Renewal Reward Points
    • Do your first transaction within 30 days of the activation of your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card to earn 24,000 reward points. This facility is available for retail spending alone on Credit Cards that come with an annual membership fee.
    • On renewing the membership of your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card, receive 24,000 reward points. These points are available on the realisation of your renewal membership fee.
  • Annual Bonus Rewards Points

    Use your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card to spend a minimum of 12 Lakhs in an anniversary year to earn 20,000 bonus rewards points. The offer applies to retail spending alone. An anniversary year commences on the date of activation of your Credit Card and lasts for 12 months.

  • Rewards Points Programme
    • Use YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card for booking flight tickets on domestic airlines, dine at selected restaurants, and go on organised travels and tours. Every 100 spent on these services earns you 8 rewards points. The transactions done on MasterCard-defined Merchant Category Codes only are eligible for these rewards points.
    • Using your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card on other retail spending except fuel to earn 4 rewards points on every 100.
    • Register your regular billers with YES PayNow to pay your utility bills, insurance, rent, and other recurring expenses to earn 1000 rewards points for each registration. This feature is applicable only if you set up a standing instruction on your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card. Adhoc payments and one-time registrations are not eligible for rewards points.
  • Redeem Rewards Points
    • Avail the benefits of a dedicated website for redeeming your rewards points earned on Flight tickets/hotel bookings/and other supplies categories. 1 reward point is equivalent to 0.25.
    • Get the advantage of selecting your preferred item/product from an exclusive catalogue of attractive products. Each product displays the number of points needed for redemption.
    • Redeem your rewards points against Air Miles. Four Rewards Points equal One JPMile.
    • Visit the YesRewardz dedicated website to learn more about redeeming rewards points
  • Interest Rate on Revolving Credit

    Revolving your credit lines, availing cash advances, and overdue amounts attract an interest rate of 3.50% per month. It amounts to 42% annually.

  • Preferential Foreign Currency Markup

    Use your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card abroad and pay Preferential Foreign Currency Markup charges of 1.75%.

  • Priority Pass Membership and Airport Lounge Access
    • The primary cardholder gets a Priority Pass Membership worth $99
    • Besides, this Credit Card entitles the primary card member to have 6 free accesses to international airport lounges in a calendar year.
    • However, a fee of $27 plus GST is payable for:
      • Visits to Indian airport lounges by the primary cardmember
      • Each additional guest access to domestic and international airport lounges
      • Each access from the 7th visit for the primary cardmember at international airport lounges.

Note that the priority pass membership is not transferable. The primary cardholder should download the application form at Form Centre, complete it, and send it to the requisite address.

  • MasterCard Lounge Programme

    The primary card member gets 3 complimentary accesses every quarter to MasterCard affiliated airport lounges at domestic airports across India.

  • MasterCard World Golf Programme
    • Golf lovers get the advantage of waiver of Green Fee at select golf courses in India
    • Improve your golfing skills by availing one complimentary golf lesson every month
    • Contact MasterCard Golf Concierge on the toll-free number 1800-102-6263 to confirm your bookings.
  • Benefits of Yes Assist - Dedicated Concierge Services

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card enables the prime card member to enjoy the benefits of dedicated concierge services.

  • Referral and reservation assistance for renting cars and limousines
  • Travel and hotel accommodation referral and reservation assistance
  • Special events and performance assistance
  • Referrals and reservation assistance for restaurants
  • Assistance to get movie tickets in select cities of Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Chennai.
  • Flower and gift delivery
  • Automobile assistance includes roadside repairs and emergency towing services

Call toll-free number 1800-11-9371 to avail these services. Alternate phone number is 022-42320239.

  • Insurance Benefits
    • Life insurance cover: 1 Crore in case of death due to aircraft accidents
    • Medical Insurance: 25 Lakhs to cater to medical emergencies when travelling overseas (These benefits are available only if the flight ticket is booked using YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card)
    • Credit Shield: 5 Lakhs in the case of accidental death of the primary cardholder
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    Refuel your vehicle at petrol stations all over India for 400 to 5,000 using your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card to get fuel surcharge waiver. The total waiver in any statement cycle cannot exceed 1,000. GST levied on the fuel surcharge is not eligible for exemption.

  • Contactless Card
    • YES Bank believes in moving with the times. The trend today is in using contactless cards.
    • YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card is compatible with Near Field Communication Technology making it a contactless card. Use your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card at retail outlets accepting contactless cards. It ensures the highest levels of security.
  • Secure your online transaction

    Create your 3D Secure Password and secure your online Credit Card transactions with MasterCard Secure Code.

  • Secure your IVR transactions
    • Ordering online over the phone necessitates the use of your Credit Card details. YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card offers the facilities of One-time password for IVR transactions.
    • Decide the product you wish to order
    • Contact YES Bank to get your OTP by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number
    • SMS 'YESIVR Final four digits of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card number' to 9212738927
    • Get an OTP on your mobile, which is valid for 60 minutes
    • Proceed with ordering your product on the phone
    • Use your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card for making the payment
    • Enter the OTP when prompted to authenticate the transaction

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card - Privileges and Services on Offer

Instant EMI
  • Facility to convert substantial purchases into instant EMIs
  • This benefit is available with more than 80,000 merchant retail and online outlets
  • Indicate that you wish to convert the purchase into Instant EMI
  • Choose the EMI option when transacting online
  • Get a wide range of repayment options from 3 months to 24 months
  • The minimum transaction amount is 2,500
  • No documentation or processing fees
  • Affordable interest rates between 12% and 15%
  • Keep earning the rewards points on transactions converted to Instant EMI
EMI on Call
  • Facility available only to select customers of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card
  • An exciting feature that enables you to convert the high-ticket purchases to EMIs after paying for the same.
  • Call toll-free number 1800-103-6000 when in India, and +91-22-49350000 when calling from abroad.
  • The minimum value of transaction is 2,500
  • Rate of interest ranges between 12% and 15%
  • Low processing fees
  • Attractive repayment options ranging from 3 months to 24 months
Quick Loan
  • Exciting facility available to select customers
  • Get a quick loan on your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card to meet any legitimate financial emergency.
  • Purpose can be travel, education, home furnishing, purchase of consumer durables, or medical expenses.
  • More beneficial than the regular Cash Advance facility available on your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card.
  • No documentation necessary for existing YES Bank customers
  • Credit to savings accounts
  • The minimum loan amount is 15,000, and the maximum is 2 Lakhs
  • Low interest rates and processing fees
  • Flexible repayment options from 6 to 24 months
  • Turnaround Time is 3 days
  • No requirement of PDC or guarantor
  • Foreclosure permitted with a penalty of 2%
  • Contact 24X7 Yes Touch Customer Care Number 1800-103-6000 from anywhere in India, and +91-22-49350000 from overseas.
YES PayNow
  • Facility to pay your utility bills, such as electricity bills, rent, insurance, and other necessary expenses.
  • Earn reward points and interest-free benefits on your bill payments
  • Register with YES PayNow
  • Easy registration process
  • Payment before due dates
  • Get SMS and Email alerts
  • Register as many billers as you need
  • Register bills of your family members
  • Call Yes Touch Customer Care Centre to know your liability
  • Maintain continuity by setting up a standing instruction to pay bills on time
  • Get 1000 rewards points for each registered biller
Card Protection Plan
  • Protect your credit/debit cards and prepaid cards from loss due to theft, fraud, and other emergencies.
  • Call Card Protection Plan helpline 1800-419-4000 to get emergency assistance
  • Contact number from international locations: +91-9212444000
  • One call to block all debit/credit and prepaid cards
  • Get emergency cash assistance in India
  • When abroad, get assistance in paying hotel and travel bills
  • Free PAN Card, if lost along with Credit Cards
  • Mobile phone benefit if you lose your mobile as well
  • Immediate roadside assistance
  • 3 affordable plans: Classic Plus, Premium Plus, and Platinum Plus

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card - Eligibility Criteria

The criteria to be eligible for the card are as follows:

  • Businesspersons such as sole proprietors, self-employed individuals and professionals, and partners of partnership firms are eligible.
  • The minimum age is 21 years and the maximum age at the time of application as 70 years
  • Minimum Income Tax Return of 10 Lakhs

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card - Charges

Charges involved to use the card are:

  • The membership fee for the initial year is 5,000
  • The renewal fee is 5,000

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card - Interest-Free Period

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card offers benefits such as interest-free periods ranging from 15 to 50 days.

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card Payment

YES Bank does not insist on applicants maintaining accounts with them when applying for YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card. It provides a range of options for Credit Card repayment to both, YES Bank account holders and other bank customers.

YES Bank Customers

  • Make YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card payments through net banking and mobile banking channels.
  • Use your ATM debit card to make YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card through YES Bank ATM
  • Set up a standing instruction with YES Bank to pay your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card by debiting your savings or current account.

Other Bank Customers

  • Other bank customers can use their respective net banking channels to make YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card payment through BillDesk.
  • Use the conventional funds transfer mechanisms such as RTGS/IMPS/NEFT to make payment of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card. Use beneficiary name as YES Bank First Business Credit Card and IFSC as YESB0CMSNOC.
  • Payment of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card bills is possible through cheques. Quote your 16-digit Credit Card number as beneficiary and include your name and mobile number on the reverse side of the cheque. Drop it into the cheque drop boxes in your city.
  • Walk into any YES Bank branch and make payment of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card in cash
  • Use mobile apps like Yes Mobile App to pay through YES Bank savings account or any other bank account.
  • Yes Pay App enables you to pay YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card bill with UPI account
  • Yes ROBOT can help pay your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card bill using BillDesk

Alternate Payment Methods

Mobile wallets like Samsung Pay and Bharat QR are alternative payment methods.

Documents Required for YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card

Documents required for obtaining a YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card are as follows:

  • Standard KYC documents
  • Income documents such as IT Returns

How to Apply for YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card?

At YES Bank branch

  • Approach any YES Bank branch to apply for YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card
  • The relationship manager will guide you through the process

Apply Online

  • Apply online at the official webpage of YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card
  • If you are a YES Bank customer, provide your user details
  • You will get an OTP on your registered mobile
  • Enter the OTP to register your request
  • The relationship manager will contact you to complete the documentation and other formalities
  • If you are not a YES Bank customer, submit your phone number, and wait for the relationship manager to contact you.

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card - Track Application Status

  • Contact Yes Touch Customer Care number to track the application status of your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card.
  • Have your mobile number and 13-digit unique reference number ready when tracking your application.

YES Bank Credit Cards - Other Credit Card Products

Some of the other YES Bank Credit Cards are as follows:

YES First Preferred Credit Card

Yes Prosperity Edge Credit Card

Yes Prosperity Rewards Credit Card

YES First Exclusive Credit Card

Yes Premia Credit Card

Yes Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card

Yes Prosperity Business Credit Card

Yes Prosperity Cashback Plus Credit Card

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card - Know its Value

Value Chart for YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card



Annual Rewards Points

Annual Benefits Value in

Complimentary Priority Pass worth $99

For primary card member



Complimentary Airport Lounge access

6 passes in 12 months Value $27 plus GST



Lifestyle Benefits


Monthly Expenses

Assume expenditure 50,000



Retail spends 4 reward points for 100

Average 70% - 35,000



Bonus Spends 8 reward points for 100

Average 20% - 10,000



Fuel Surcharge @ 1%

Average 5% - 5,000




Two billers on an average



Annual Rewards Points




Total Value of your YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card


YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you report a lost YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card?

Block your Credit Card immediately by sending SMS 'BLKCC Last Four digits of card number' to 9840909000 from your registered mobile number.

What are the Credit Card protection plans available?

YES FIRST BUSINESS Credit Card offers three affordable card protection plans, Classic Plus, Premium Plus, and Platinum Plus.

What is the yearly membership fee for the various Credit Card protection plans?

The membership plan fees are as follows:

  • Classic Plus: 1,749
  • Premium Plus: 2,249
  • Platinum Plus: 2,899

How many members are covered in these Credit Card protection plans?

  • Classic Plus: Covers only the credit and debit cards of the primary card member
  • Premium Plus: Covers the credit/debit cards of cardholder and spouse
  • Platinum Plus: Covers the spouse's and parents' credit/debit cards, as well

What are the principal monetary benefits of the Classic Plus Plan?

Under the Classic Plus Plan, the primary cardholder gets emergency cash assistance of 5,000. When travelling overseas, the Classic Plus plan extends support up to 80,000 as payment for the emergency hotel and travel bills. In India, the corresponding amount is 40,000.

How is Quick Loan facility better than Cash Advance feature?

Cash Advance feature is a short-term facility for an amount not more than a specified limit. Usually, the maximum amount is around 30% of the Credit Card limit. Quick Loan is a loan facility where the primary cardholder can apply for a loan up to 2 Lakhs. The rate of interest on the Cash Advance is 3.5% per month.

When should you repay the Cash Advance amount?

The Cash Advance amount is repayable by the due date.

Do I have to incur any additional charges on my cash advance amount?

Apart from the interest, the cash advance amount entails payment of a cash advance fee.

Which is the best method of Credit Card payment?

Setting up a standing instruction with your YES Bank branch to recover the bill amount from your savings/current account is the best method of credit payment.

Can you carry forward rewards points if not redeemed?

Some rewards points come with an expiry date. You have to redeem your points before the expiry date. Usually, the rewards points come with lifetime validity.

OTP is sent to your mobile number

Enter OTP

Resend OTP