YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card

YES BANK, established in 2003, opened its first banking branch in Mumbai in 2004. Since that day, the bank has witnessed exponential growth to rank as the fourth largest private sector bank in the industry today. It is a tremendous achievement, by any standards. YES BANK values customer service more than anything else. As it places customer interest above everything, the bank has introduced various deposit and loan products to suit every requirement of their clientele. It also has a range of Credit Card products to cater to different categories of people all over India.  

Why Choose YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card?

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card is one of the most exciting products offered by YES BANK. This card targets the lower-middle-income group and aims to bring this clientele under the cashless mode of banking. YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card is true to its name. It offers exciting rewards for using the Credit Card in the course of your daily activities like purchase of groceries, dining, and paying utility bills. This card provides the right kind of initiation to the cashless mode of financial transactions. By rewarding the user for utilising the Credit Card for productive purposes, it encourages and advocates the proper usage of cashless transactions.  

Key Attractions of YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card

  • Accelerated Rewards

    Use the YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card for your usual grocery and supermarket purchases to get exciting rewards points. Redeem these rewards points for valuable gifts that you can cherish for a lifetime.

  • Annual Bonus Rewards

    Continue using your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card to achieve the minimum target of annual spending of 1.80 Lakhs. It earns you 10,000 bonus rewards points.

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    The use of YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Cards for paying your fuel expenses at petrol pumps all over India earns you a fuel surcharge waiver.

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card Benefits

  • Annual Bonus Rewards Points

    YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card rewards regular users with annual bonus rewards points. Use the card for spending more than 1.80 Lakhs in an anniversary year to earn 10,000 bonus rewards points. The anniversary year starts from the date of activation of the card to the date of annual renewal.

Rewards Points Programme

  • Your regular spending at grocery stores and supermarkets can earn two rewards points per 100. It is valid on retail transactions done at MasterCard-defined grocery stores and supermarkets under the MCC 5411 category.
  • Expenses incurred on retail purchase other than the above-defined category entitles the card member to earn 1 reward point for every 100. This offer is not valid on fuel purchases at petrol stations.
  • Pay your utility bills and other recurring expenses by registering your billers at YES PayNow to earn 500 rewards points for each registration. The only condition is that it should be a regular payment. One-time and Adhoc payments do not qualify for this benefit.

Redeem Rewards Points

  • YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card offers attractive rewards point redemption options. Visit YesRewardz to know more or redeem your points.
  • Access an exclusive catalogue of attractive products
  • Redeem your reward points for JPMile @ 1 JPMile for 4 Reward Points
  • Interest Rate

    The rate of interest on the YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card is 3.50% per month. This interest is on revolving credit, overdue payments, and cash advance facility.

  • Foreign Currency Markup Charges

    Using your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card abroad entails conversion of Indian Rupees into foreign currency. Cardholders have to pay a preferential foreign currency Markup charge of 3.40%.

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    Use your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card to purchase fuel at all petrol stations in India. Get a fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions in the range of 400 to 5,000. This waiver is subject to a ceiling of 125 per statement cycle. GST paid on the fuel surcharge is not waived.

  • Lifestyle Benefits

    Yes Privileges offers are available in specific cities. Use your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Cards for availing travel, dining, shopping, and wellness centre privileges.

  • Secure your Credit Card transactions

    Register for your MasterCard Secure Code and ensure protection for your online purchases.

Password for IVR Transactions

  • YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Cards offers facilities to shop using your mobile phone
  • Such transactions require the use of an additional password
  • Generate your OTP in advance by sending an SMS from your registered mobile
  • SMS 'YESIVR Final four digits of your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card Number' to 9212738927.
  • The OTP will be valid for 60 minutes
  • Use this OTP to validate your transaction at the time of payment over the phone

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Privileges and Services on Offer

Instant EMI
  • The product allows you to convert your large purchases to EMIs instantly
  • Facility to use the product before making the payment for the purchase
  • No documentation charges or processing fees
  • Rate of interest between 12% and 15%
  • Continue to earn your rewards points
  • Flexible repayment options from 3 months to 24 months
  • Available with more than 80,000 merchant establishment partners
  • Ask for the Instant EMI option while making payment at the retail counter
  • Select the EMI option if you are purchasing online
EMI on Call
  • Facility to convert purchases to EMI after paying for the same
  • Low processing fees
  • Available to select customers
  • Rate of interest between 12% and 15%
  • Choose your repayment options from 3 to 24 EMIs
  • Check your eligibility by contacting Yes Touch Customer Care Centre
  • Toll-free number from within India: 1800-103-1212
  • If calling from abroad: +91-022-49350000
Quick Loan
  • No documentation for YES BANK savings account customers
  • Low interest rate and processing fees
  • Fast disbursement within 3 days of application
  • Convenient repayment tenures from 6 to 24 months
  • Credit to savings accounts
  • No requirement of PDC or guarantor
  • Check up with the 24X7 Yes Touch Customer Care Centre to know your eligibility
YES PayNow
  • Use YES PayNow facility to pay your regular utility bills, insurance payments, rent, and other recurring expenses.
  • Set up your preferred biller with YES PayNow
  • Not necessary to wait in long queues for payment
  • Get SMS and email alerts about the due date of payment
  • Add as many billers as you want
  • Facility to add billers of your family members
  • Regular usage enables you to earn 500 reward points for each biller registered on YES PayNow
  • Facility to cancel any biller at any time
Card Protection Plan
  • India's first comprehensive credit/debit card protection service
  • Affordable annual premium
  • 3 plans to choose from
  • One call can block all your credit/debit/prepaid cards
  • Get emergency cash assistance in India
  • Pay your emergency hotel and travel bills in India and abroad
  • Get roadside assistance in case of being stuck up on the highways
  • Free replacement of PAN Card if lost along with the Credit Cards
  • Mobile phone benefit if you lose your mobile phone along with the Credit Cards
  • Credit report and analysis benefit

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Eligibility Criteria

  • The minimum age of the Credit Card applicant should be 21 years
  • The applicant should be below 60 years of age
  • Salaried and self-employed individuals are eligible
  • The minimum net salary should be 25,000 per month
  • In the case of self-employed individuals, the minimum income as per the latest ITR should be 5 Lakhs.

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Charges

  • The Credit Card membership fee for the first year is 250. This amount is reversible if you spend a minimum of 5,000 within 90 days of the activation of the card.
  • The card is renewable every year at a fee of 250. The renewal fee is also reversible if your overall spending on the card is more than 15,000 in the 12 months preceding the renewal date.

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Interest-Free Period

  • YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card offers the benefit of the interest-free period to card members who repay their card dues in full every month.
  • This facility is not available if the card member carries forward a portion of their card dues to the next month. The interest-free is not available until the card member clears the entire outstanding amount with interest.

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card Payment

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card is available to YES BANK customers and other bank customers, as well. Hence, there are separate payment channels for both these categories.

YES BANK Customers

  • Use YES BANK internet banking and mobile banking channels to pay the Credit Card bill
  • Pay your YES BANK Prosperity Rewards Credit Card bill using your YES BANK debit card at any YES BANK ATM.
  • Setting up a standing instruction is the best way to pay your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card bill. You never miss a due date under such circumstances.

Other Bank Customers

  • Such customers can use the net banking facility provided by their banks to pay YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card Bill using BillDesk facility.
  • NEFT/IMPS/RTGS fund transfer modules are conventional methods of paying Credit Card bills. Under such circumstances, use IFSC as YES0CMSNOC.
  • Paying by cheque is another standard payment method
  • Walk into any YES BANK branch and pay by cash
  • Yes Mobile App allows payment through any savings bank account
  • Yes Pay App enables payment using UPI
  • Yes ROBOT is also an effective means of paying the Credit Card bill using BillDesk

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Documents Required

Applicants have to submit the necessary KYC documents and income documents along with the application form.

How to Apply for YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card?

You can apply for the card by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Apply through the YES BANK Prosperity Rewards Credit Card webpage
  • Submit the details
  • The relationship manager will contact you and assist in completing the application process
  • Alternatively, approach any YES BANK branch and apply for the YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card in person.

YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Track Application Status

Use your mobile number and application reference number to track your application status online at YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card webpage.

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YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Know its Value

This table will help you understand the value that your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card carries with it.

Value Chart for YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card



Annual Rewards Points

Annual Benefit Value in

Monthly Expenses

Assume 10,000



Regular spending: 1 reward point per 100

70% - 7,000



Bonus category spending 2 reward point per 100

20% - 2,000



Fuel Surcharge Waiver @ 1%

10% - 1,000



YES PayNow

Average of 2 billers



Annual Rewards Points

Spending 1.80 Lakhs per anniversary year



Total Value of your YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card


YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make the YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card using mobile payment wallets?

Yes, Samsung Pay and Bharat QR are two convenient payment options that are not only convenient but also secure. Other wallets such as PhonePe and PayTM also enable customers to pay Credit Card bills.

How do I make Credit Card bill payment using Yes ROBOT?

Yes ROBOT is a virtual assistant available on the Yes Credit Card webpage. Seek the services of Yes ROBOT and select Credit Card Payment. It will direct you to the credit payment BillDesk gateway. Non-customers of YES BANK can use this facility to make a Credit Card payment.

How long does it take for BillDesk payment?

BillDesk Payments can take up to 3 days for the credit to reflect in your account. Hence, you should make the payment well in advance to avoid the charging of late fees.

Which is the fastest way of making the YES BANK Prosperity Rewards Credit Card payment?

Having an account in YES BANK and setting up a standing instruction with the bank to pay the Credit Card bills is the quickest way of making payment.

What are the advantages of issuing standing instructions to the bank to make payment?

Customers do not have to worry about due dates. The bank makes the payment on the due date by debiting your savings/current account as instructed. The balance should be available in the account on that day.

Is it default in payment if you do not make the full payment of the Credit Card before the due date?

You can make the payment of an amount equal to or more than the Minimum Account Due before the due date. It is not a default in payment because the rules permit the payment of a minimum amount to keep the Credit Card limit alive.

How does the bank charge interest on Credit Card revolving payments?

Any amount carried forward past the due date to the next month attracts interest at the rate of 3.50% per month. The bank charges interest on the carried forward amount from the respective dates of the purchase/use of Credit Card. Besides, you are liable to pay interest every time you use your Credit Card until you clear the entire payment.

What is the Minimum Amount Due?

Generally, the minimum amount due is 5% of the Credit Card bill amount. However, if you use the cash advance facility, the entire amount is payable on the due date. It is added to the minimum amount due. Similarly, the instalments on facilities like Instant EMI, Quick Loan, and EMI on Call are also payable every month. Thus, the minimum amount due will include these amounts, as well.

How much limit can I get on the YES Prosperity Rewards Credit Card?

The limit depends on your income and your credit record. Usually, banks do not sanction limits more than two month's salary/income. However, it is the bank's discretion.

Will the bank check my CIBIL score before issuing the Credit Card?

Yes, the bank will invariably check the CIBIL score before issuing the Credit Card. The Bank has the right to reject the application if you do not have an excellent CIBIL rating.

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