PNB Housing Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Age of the Applicant

18 to 70 years

Eligible Salary

25,000 per month and above

Work Experience for Salaried

3 years and above

Maximum tenure


Minimum CIBIL Score


Maximum Loan on Property Value

Up to 90%

Eligibility with Co-applicant

Up to 3 earning family members may be added to get higher loan eligibility

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About PNB Housing Finance Home Loan

PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNB Housing or PNBHFL) is a subsidiary business unit of Punjab National Bank. PNB Housing is an NBFC that is registered by National Housing Bank (NHB) and caters specifically to the housing finance needs of a wide base of customers across the country.

PNB Housing Finance strives to meet several loan requirements requirement of the Home Loan applicants. Home Loans are offered for varied consumer needs such as the extension of the current property, home improvement, or to purchase a new home. With PNB Housing Finance Limited, you can avail a customized Home Loan product for any of these home purchase/ building requirements.

As per the needs of the customers, Home Loans are divided into the following formats:

  • Home Purchase Loan: The applicant can apply for this loan for the construction, purchase, or extension of the house.
  • Home Construction Loan: The applicant can apply for this loan if he/ she wishes to self-construct home for the residential purpose.
  • Home Extension Loan: To add more space to the current home, you can avail this loan.
  • Home Improvement Loan: This Home Loan is for internal/ external repairs such as painting, electrical works, roofing, plumbing, waterproofing, etc.
  • Residential Plot Loan: The applicant can apply for this loan to purchase a residential plot to build their own house in the future.
  • Loan for NRIs: The NRIs can construct, purchase, repair, or renovate residential properties in India by applying for the loan at PNB Housing Finance.

Home Loan products are designed following a thorough analysis and research on the various types of customers. The PNB Housing Finance believes in going the extra mile for understanding its customers and thus brought out some of the best and tailor-made Home Loan products for a highly diversified customer base.

Being a pioneer in the field, PNB Housing Finance provides world-class customer support and guidance to the users.

Following are some of the key benefits of applying for a Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance:

  • A vast network of operational branches across the nation.
  • PNB Housing Finance offers Home Loan to meet all types of home-related expenses such as the purchase of a plot; renovation, or extension of the property; construction or purchase of a new property, etc.
  • The Home Loan procedure at PNB Housing Finance is transparent and hassle-free. The PNB Housing Finance makes sure your Home Loan is processed quickly without any delay.
  • As a valued PNBHF client, you get complete user support from a team of highly trained customer care executives.
  • PNB Housing Finance also offers easy Home Loan repayment options.

PNB Housing Finance Loan Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria PNB Housing Finance Loan

Borrower's age

  • A minimum of 21 years of age.
  • The borrower's age should not be more than 70 years at the time of maturity of the loan.

Loan amount

Three categories:

  • 1. 90% of the property's market value for Home Loans up to 25 Lakh.
  • 2. 80% of property's market value for loan in the range of 25 Lakh to 75 Lakh.
  • 3 75% of the property's market value for loans of 75 Lakh & above

Maximum Tenure

Up to 30 Years

Self Contribution/ Down Payment

A minimum of 10% of the property value (including stamp duty and registration charges, where applicable)

Home Loan Interest Rate

Salaried/ Self Employed Professionals: 8.90% p.a. onwards

Businessmen/ Self Employed Non Professionals: 8.95% p.a. onwards
(w.e.f. June 1, 2019)

  • The Home Loan eligibility at PNB Housing Finance is primarily calculated on the basis of Age, Property Value, Income, qualification, and repayment capacity of the applicant as well as co-applicant.
  • The applicant can avail a higher than the eligible amount for home credit by adding a co-applicant. Your spouse or any other family member having a stable income and limited obligations can become your Home Loan co-applicant. The applicant can also avail of a longer tenure loan to increase the Home Loan eligibility.

Factors Affecting PNB Home Loan Eligibility

PNB Home Loan Eligibility: Based On Age

Age is one of the most important and basic factors that affects the Home Loan eligibility of an applicant. The minimum age required to be eligible for the Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance is 21 years. The maximum Home Loan tenure at PNB Housing Finance is 30 years. However, the applicant's age must not exceed 70 years (Salaried and self-employed) at the time of maturity of the home loan.

PNB Home Loan Eligibility Based On Salary

  • Net Income: The repayment capacity of the applicant is gauged with the net monthly income of the applicant. The net monthly income is the salary or income received after deducting PF, ESI, gratuity, etc. The net income helps to assume the capacity of the applicant to pay the monthly EMI after meeting the current expenses and other obligations if any. For example, if the salary of an applicant is 25,000 and he wishes to buy a house of 40 Lakh. The maximum Home Loan amount will be 26.04 Lakh to 41.69 Lakh at the rate starting from 8.65%. But if the salary of the applicant is 75,000 for the same property the eligible Home Loan amount will be 52.09 Lakh to 83.38 Lakh. The Age factor also determines the Home Loan eligibility amount.
Age of Borrower Net Monthly Income of Borrower in





25 years

41.69 Lakh

62.53 Lakh

83.38 Lakh

30 years

41.69 Lakh

62.53 Lakh

83.38 Lakh

35 years

39.86 Lakh

59.79 Lakh

79.72 Lakh

40 years

37.04 Lakh

55.57 Lakh

74.09 Lakh

45 years

32.71 Lakh

49.07 Lakh

65.42 Lakh

50 years

26.04 Lakh

39.07 Lakh

52.09 Lakh

*Indicative assessments. Contact MyMoneyMantra Loan representative for exact eligibility amount.

It is recommended to repay any short tenure loan with high EMI to increase the home loan eligibility amount.

  • Nature of Employment: The nature of employment and source of income is very important to determine the capacity of the applicant to pay monthly EMI. The years of experience and job stability is viewed while reviewing the Home Loan application. The minimum income history and job stability of 2 years are a must for salaried employees to apply for the Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance; similarly, for the self-employed individuals, it is 5 years.

PNB Bank Home Loan Eligibility Based on Value of Property

  • Value of property:PNB does not finance the entire property value. The maximum Home Loan eligibility amount depends on the Loan to Value ratio of the property. PNB provides maximum Home Loan up to 90% Loan To Value (LTV) ratio. The borrowers have to fund the remaining on their own. If the borrowers cannot fund the remaining margin money, they can apply for LTV Loans that come at a higher rate of interest.
Categories as per Home Loan Amount Maximum Funding Cap as per Value of Property

Up to 30 Lakh

90% of the market value of property

From 30 to 75 Lakh

80% of the market value of property

Above 75 Lakh

75% of the market value of property

  • Co-Applicant: The applicant can increase the Home Loan eligibility amount by adding a co-applicant. This increases the repayment capacity of the borrower. The co-borrower should have good CIBIL score, limited obligation, and good income. The income of the co-applicant is also considered while calculating the Home Loan eligibility.
  • Property documents: The PNBHFL legal team should clear all the property documents.

PNB HF Home Loan Eligibility Based On CIBIL Score

The CIBIL Score is determined by taking into account the applicant's past payment history for previous Loans and Credit Cards. It is the most important factor that determines the Home Loan eligibility of an applicant. Lower the CIBIL score, lower are the chances of an applicant to get the Home Loan from PNB Housing Finance. The CIBIL Report will also have information of all your past and current loans. The PNBHFL will study the CIBIL report of the applicant thoroughly before processing the Home Loan application further. The minimum CIBIL Score of 650 and above is a must to be eligible for the Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance.

Below mentioned are some of the factors that can affect Credit Score of a Home Loan applicant.

  • Late payments-Any delayed payments of the existing and past loan can lower the CIBIL score; thus, reducing the chances of getting Home Loan from PNB.
  • High number of Unsecured Loans- Having more Unsecured Loans can also decrease the CIBIL score. It is a must to maintain a balance of Secured and Unsecured loans.
  • Usage of Credit Limit- Undisciplined usage of Credit Cards such as exceeding the limit of Credit Card, accompanied by frequent withdrawals, show financial stress. This can hamper your creditworthiness and lower your CIBIL score extensively.
  • Multiple Loan Applications- One should not apply for loans at multiple banks. For example: If your Home Loan application gets rejected at PNB HFL, improve the credit score and creditworthiness and apply again later. It is thus recommended to use professional help and apply for the eligible products only.

PNB Housing Loan Eligibility based on FOIR

The FOIR is Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio. FOIR is used to determine Home Loan Eligibility. For the purpose, PNB Housing Finance will take into consideration all of your current obligations such as EMIs, rent etc to estimate your Home Loan eligibility. This estimation plays an important role in determining the repayment capacity of the applicant. The minimum FOIR of 0.65% is a must to get approval for the Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance.

How to Increase Your PNB Home Loan Eligibility?

Following points will guide you to increase your Home Loan eligibility to get the Home Loan from PNB Housing Finance:

  • Maintain a good record of salary benefits and bonuses.
  • Clear all the existing dues or loans.
  • You can show rent income to the bank to increase your source of income.
  • You can add the income of spouse by applying for a joint loan and enhance your Home Loan eligibility.

Why Use Online Home Loan Eligibility Calculator?

The Home Loan Eligibility Calculator helps you swiftly learn about your Home Loan eligibility without any delay. It is essential to calculate the Home Loan eligibility prior to applying for the loan as it helps an applicant to get prepared and well-versed with all the knowledge pertaining to the Home Loan. Alternatively, you can assess the PNB Home Loan eligibility by filling a Home Loan query form at MyMoneyMantra official website. As you share your loan requirements, you will get access to various Home Loan offerings. A loan executive will contact you and guide you on your application.

Benefits of using Online Home Loan Eligibility Calculator:

  • Save Time: The Home Loan eligibility calculator helps you to save a good amount of time as you need not personally visit the bank to assess the Loan eligibility. You can use the online Calculator from the comfort of your home in just a few seconds.
  • Ease of calculation: You need not undergo complex calculations to arrive at the eligible amount. You get results instantly without any hassle.
  • Comparison of various deals: You can use the tool for multiple bank offers and find the best offer. This way you will take an informed decision.
  • Free of Cost: It is absolutely free to use this tool. You can also use MyMoneyMantra EMI Calculator and other free tools.

How does MyMoneyMantra help you assess your PNB Home Loan Amount Eligibility?

You need following details to assess your loan eligibility at MyMoneyMantra Portal:

  • Personal Details: Name and age
    Type of Loan
    : You would need to share the type of loan, purpose of loan and city of loan.
  • Market Value of Property.
  • Employment Type: Salaried or self employed
  • Net Monthly Income: You need to share your net take home salary.
  • Contact details: Email and phone number

Steps to Assess Home loan Eligibility on MyMoneyMantra:

  • Step one: Visit > click on Tab 'Home Loan' >
  • Step two: Share your gender, name, loan requirement, city of loan, property value, etc.
  • Step three: Share your contact details as requested.
  • Step four: After filling all of the above details, click on 'Show me the best offers.'

Documents Required For PNB Home Loan

For Salaried employees

  • Duly filled Home Loan application
  • Two photographs in passport size.
  • Last 2 years' ITR records
  • Identity Proof: Applicant's Passport/ PAN Card/ Voter ID/ Driving License
  • Residential Proof: Registered Rent Agreement/ Leave & License/ Utility Bill of at least three months/ Passport
  • Income Proof: Last six months' salary slips, Form 16 of two years, Bank statement of at least last six months that reflects salary being credited or EMI being debited.
  • All the legal, property-related documents like past title chain like conveyance deed, allotment letter, sales deed, latest property tax receipt, possession letter, copy of the approved plan of construction or extension.

For Self-Employed

  • Duly filled application form for Home Loan.
  • Two photographs of the applicant in passport size.
  • Proof of identity such as the applicant's Passport/ PAN Card/ Voter ID/ Driving License
  • Proof of Residential Address such as Registered Rent Agreement/ Leave and License/ Utility Bill of at least three months/ Passport
  • Proof of Business like - VAT/ service tax registration/ company's incorporation details Address proof of the business, accounts and balance sheets showing profit and loss statements which have been certified by a CA, the proof of the business's existence a copy of the partnership deed and business profile
  • All the legal, property-related documents like past Title Chain, Conveyance Deed, Allotment Letter, Sales Deed, Latest Property Tax Receipt, Possession Letter, copy of the Approved Plan of Construction or Extension.

Types of PNB Home Loan Schemes

There are various Home Loan schemes offered to customers at PBN Housing Finance to meet varied needs and requirements of the customers. Followings are some of the popular Home Loan products by PNB Housing Finance along with their features:

Unnati Home Loan 

The Unnati Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance is specially designed for the lower and middle-class segment. The loan aims at providing them with power to buy their dream house at very affordable and easy EMI options. This Home Loan aims to help the lower and middle-class people fulfill their dream of buying an own house. The Unnati Home Loan is provided on 90% of the property value. The loan procedure is also simple with minimum documents' requirement for the loan application. The rate of interest under Unnati Home Loan is affordable too.

Who is Eligible?

  • Any salaried, self-employed professional/ non-professional, individual with Professional Degree/ Diploma/ Post Graduate Degree/ ITI and a minimum salary of 10,000 per month can apply for this loan.

Key Loan Terms

  • The maximum age of a salaried employee to get this loan is 70 years, and for a self-employed individual, it is 65 years.
  • The loan amount ranges from 15 Lakh to 10 Crore.
  • An applicant can apply up to 90% of the value of the property.
  • The maximum Home Loan tenure is 30 years.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

PNB Housing Finance for Middle Income Group (MIG), Lower Income Group (LIG) and Economically Weaker Section (EWS) categories offers credit linked subsidy scheme under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

The customer can enjoy interest subsidy on the construction, purchase or improvement of a house under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. PM Narendra Modi introduced this scheme.


  • For LIG and EWS, women ownership is a must when buying a new house.
  • The interest subsidy is calculated for a period of 20 years.
  • The advantages can be availed for purchase of the first property.


  • This scheme can be availed by individuals only.
  • The applicants must be above the age of 18 years to apply for the loan under this scheme.
  • For EWS and LIG categories, the annual income of the applicant can be up to 6 Lakh. The annual income of applicants belonging to MIG 1 can be between 6.01 Lakh and 12 Lakh. The annual income of applicants belonging to MIG 2 can be between 12.01 Lakh and 18 Lakh.
  • All applicants must be from same family including unmarried children, spouse, and self.
  • The beneficiary including all his/her family members shall not have a pucca house anywhere in India.

Key Loan terms

  • There are no foreclosure or prepayment charges on the Home Loan under this scheme.
  • Get Home Loan up to 90% of the property value.
  • Customized loan to meet your requirement.
  • Fast and hassle free loan procedure.

FAQs on PNB Housing Finance

Q1. How to apply for PNB Housing Finance Home Loan?

An individual can apply for Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance by visiting the bank and filling the Home Loan form. Alternatively, you can use online loan marketplaces such as MyMoneyMantra to instantly apply for a Home Loan from the comfort of your home.

By applying online, you could be rest assured of easy loan terms, including low processing fees and best interest rate with PNB Housing Finance. As soon as you apply for a Home Loan, a loan representative shall get in touch with you to guide you on a collection of all the necessary documents required to further proceed the evaluation of your eligibility criteria, property value, CIBIL score, etc. To get access to free professional assistance on loan application, you need to fill the application form through MyMoneyMantra.

Q2. Why is it beneficial to opt for Balance Transfer to PNB Housing Finance?

PNB Housing Finance offers competitive Home Loan rates. The lowest EMI for Home Loan at PNBHFL is 795 per Lakh for 30 years at a rate of interest of 8.90%. If you are paying an EMI higher than this, you can consider transferring your loan to PNB.

By transferring your current Home Loan to PNB Housing Finance, you can enjoy the benefits of lower EMIs, good interest rate and better service.

Q3. What is the maximum loan tenure at PNB Housing Finance Home Loan?

The Maximum home loan tenure at PNB Housing Finance is 30 years. The longer the tenure of your Home Loan the lesser will be the EMI amount.

Q4. What is the tax benefit on Home Loan from PNB Housing Finance?

According to Income Tax Act of 1961, a Home Loan borrower can avail of tax exemption on the principal amount as well as on the interest, subject to a maximum limit of 1.5 Lakh and 2 Lakh respectively.

Q5. Is it possible to foreclose my PNBHFL Home Loan? Are there any charges applicable?

Yes, you can foreclose your PNBHFL Home Loan with Nil charges.

Q6. Can an applicant apply for Joint Home Loan at PNB Housing Finance?

Yes, an applicant can apply for the joint Home Loan by clubbing the income of the spouse on the form. This will also increase the Home Loan eligibility amount.

Q8. What is the benchmark applicable for Housing Loan?

PLR is the benchmark applicable for Home Loan in PNB Housing Finance.

Q9. Is there any effect of part prepayments on the EMI of PNB Housing Finance Home Loan?

Part prepayments help you in reducing the outstanding amount of loan, i.e., the principal as well as interest component. You can repay the loan faster after making part prepayments of your EMIs.

Q10. How can an applicant improve eligibility for PNB Housing Finance Home Loan?

An applicant can increase the Home Loan eligibility at PNB Housing Finance by adding a co-applicant for the Home Loan. A co-applicant can be the spouse or any other family member with a stable income, good credit score, and limited financial obligations.

Latest News on PNB Housing Finance

PNBHFL Q4 net rises 51%

PNB Housing Finance Limited(PNBHFL) has reported impressive performance for the quarter ended March 31, 2019. The NBFC has announced an increase of 51 % in consolidated net profit that amounted to 379.8 crore. The net interest income grew at 13 % to 609.7 crore.

PNB Housing Finance raises 1,853 crore via ECB

PNB Housing Finance has raised around 1,853 crore through fresh External Commercial Borrowing (ECB). The borrowed funds will be utilized towards normal on-lending operations of the company and to explore more growth opportunities.

PNB Housing Finance receives 3,500 crore from NHB

The regulators of National Housing Bank (NHB) has sanctioned an amount of 3500 crore to PNB Housing Finance which are utilized for specific sector-wise disbursements as per the NHB norms. The PNB Housing Finance is promoted by Punjab National Bank and it is registered with NHB.

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