Home Loan Balance Transfer can reduce your EMI by 13%

There has been seldom such a dynamic phase for Home Loan customers as the last few months. Whilst on one hand, home loans in particular and interest rates in general have seen unprecedented softening (from an average of around 9.75% to around 8.5%). On the other hand customers have to factor in fundamental changes such as lenders moving from Base Rate to MCLR apart from evaluating competing home loan and transfer options, that offer to potentially reduce loan burden.

Credit Cards for Self Employed – Things to Consider

The recent policy announcements by the Government to move India towards cashless or less cash economy has become a clarion call to all its citizens to explore new ways of using card based, digital and e-payment pathways to pay for expenses and bills. In this piece mymoneymantra (#mmmResearch) explores how one can acquire a credit card and how credit cards for self employed professionals can make day to day individual transactions easier and convenient.
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