Implications of the Aadhaar-PAN Link

As per a Supreme Court judgement passed on 9th June 2017, anyone who holds an Aadhaar card has to link it to his/her PAN and mention the same in the tax returns.The government has set July 1, 2017 as the deadline for linking Aadhaar card with the PAN card. However, those who do not have Aadhaar can e-file tax returns without the same for FY 2016-17.
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Did you receive your Form 16?

If you have not yet received your Form 16 or salary certificate from your employer, it’s the time to worry! 15th June i.e., today is the last date to avail of your Form 16 for the assessment year 2017-18.
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Pre-GST Clearance Sale

E-commerce websites and retail stores have announced huge discounts on electronics, home appliances, clothes and a lot more post the implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) with effect from July 1, 2017. The reason behind this is the fear of a major dip in the sales next month as electronic items are bound to get costlier due to rollout of GST.
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Debt Consolidation: The LAP Way

The incredible growth of the Indian banking and financial services sector, in recent years, has not only made finance much more accessible, it has also brought in a wide range of financial products and services for customers to choose from.

SBI lowers Home Loan Rates for New Individual Loans above Rs 75 Lacs

Even before the onset of anticipated early monsoons, good news is raining for home loan customers. On the back of RBI’s recent announcements of reductions in home loan risk weightage, today India’s largest Bank, SBI announced a 10 basis points (bps) lowering of home loan interest rates with effect from 15 June 2017.
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Pros & Cons of a High Credit Card Limit

Credit card is a plastic issued by a bank with a pre-defined credit limit. This limit is basically the maximum amount which the Credit Card issuer makes available to its customers over a fixed time period, generally one month, for making purchases at various merchant establishments. Credit limit is determined by one’s credit worthiness and is designed to ensure that the customer has the relevant repayment capability.
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MSME Financing: Connecting to Real Solutions

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are a significant contributor to the equitable growth of the Indian economy. Several reports and studies available in public domain estimate that the MSME sector contributes nearly 8 percent of the country’s GDP and about 40 percent of India’s exports*.
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Best Credit Cards for Shopping

Of late, India has seen tremendous growth in online and offline shopping.Various factors affect the shopping experience and have varying influence on consumer satisfaction. Good online connectivity, multiple shopping outlets, easy availability of loans and safe payment options such as credit cards further enhance the shopping experience.
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Innovative Funding Options – Update for MSME Businesses

Being an MSME Business Owner is as much about entrepreneurship as it is about adopting innovations in marketing, management, finance, human resources and operations among others. When it comes to finance, very often, MSME owners are faced with the question of raising cost effective funds from banks and financial institutions quite a few times by leveraging one's real estate assets.

Globetrotters guide to credit card advantages

Imagine getaways from the heat and bustle - Enjoying the cool breeze strolling down the Mall in Shimla, trekking in the high peaks of Nepal Himalayas, living up life at the Big Apple New York, savoring the street delicacies on offer in London or shopping for the latest fashion in Milan.
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Travel Credit Cards you’ll love

Among the various Credit Card offers that come up every now and then, it sometimes becomes difficult to understand which one suits a particular need. For instance, if one were to look at interesting or exciting offers on dining, SBI Platinum Credit Card and Citibank Reward Card are two attractive choices
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When in need turn to – Personal Loan or Credit Card?

At times in life, most of us are faced with a sudden requirement of extra funds, over and above day to day fund flows. At such times, one turns to avenues which are close at hand, which could range from borrowing from friends, family or taking a personal loan or leveraging a credit card.
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Home Loan Balance Transfer can reduce your EMI by 13%

There has been seldom such a dynamic phase for Home Loan customers as the last few months. Whilst on one hand, home loans in particular and interest rates in general have seen unprecedented softening (from an average of around 9.75% to around 8.5%). On the other hand customers have to factor in fundamental changes such as lenders moving from Base Rate to MCLR apart from evaluating competing home loan and transfer options, that offer to potentially reduce loan burden.

Credit Cards for Self Employed – Things to Consider

The recent policy announcements by the Government to move India towards cashless or less cash economy has become a clarion call to all its citizens to explore new ways of using card based, digital and e-payment pathways to pay for expenses and bills. In this piece mymoneymantra (#mmmResearch) explores how one can acquire a credit card and how credit cards for self employed professionals can make day to day individual transactions easier and convenient.
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