CIBIL Customer Care Number

If you have any query, feedback or complaint regarding your CIBIL score or report, you can contact CIBIL through various online and offline ways. You can contact TransUnion CIBIL via calling the CIBIL customer care number, writing an email, or raising a dispute on the CIBIL website.


CIBIL Score Customer Care Number

The CIBIL score customer care number is mentioned below. You can call TransUnion CIBIL on the given number to get answers to your queries or file a complaint.


You can call on this TransUnion CIBIL customer care number number between 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM from Monday to Friday regarding any issues in your CIBIL score or report.

You can also send queries through fax to (+91)22-6638-4666

If you have any queries and CIBIL department customer care number is not reachable, you can also go through the ‘Frequent Queries’ section given on the CIBIL’s official website. There are many frequently asked questions (FAQs) already answered to make it convenient for users to get answers to their queries. 

Currently, there are four credit rating agencies in India, namely TransUnion CIBIL, Experian, CRIF High Mark and Equifax

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CIBIL Corporate Office

If CIBIL customer care number is not reachable, you can write and send your queries or issues to CIBIL by post to the corporate office of TransUnion CIBIL. CIBIL is headquartered in Mumbai and its corporate office address is:

TransUnion CIBIL Limited

One World Centre, Tower 2A, 19th Floor,

Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road,

Mumbai - 400 013.

Fax: +91 - 22 - 6638 4666

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How to Resolve Credit Report Errors?

There can be errors in your credit report, such as incorrect or incomplete personal information, wrong credit accounts, and so on. 

You can resolve credit reports errors by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the dispute resolution section of CIBIL and fill the online form to fix the error. 
  • You have to submit the 9 digit number mentioned on your credit report containing the disputed details.
  • Once you submit the online complaint form, CIBIL will verify your issue by approaching the bank. Credit bureaus cannot make any changes in your credit report on their own.
  • Generally, it takes approximately 30 days for your issue to get resolved. 
  • As per laws, the bank has to provide a formal resolution for a customer’s dispute within 45 days of raising the issue. 
  • Once your dispute is resolved, you will be notified about the result via an email.
  • You can also contact the customer care number of CIBIL score.

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How Can I Raise My CIBIL Dispute?

If you are registered on CIBIL, you can raise a dispute directly by logging into your CIBIL member account and following the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to ‘myCIBIL’ and click on the ‘Raise a Dispute’ tab.
  • Now select the appropriate section under which you want to dispute.
  • Choose the ‘Dispute Type’ and then submit the required details about the dispute in brief.
  • If you dispute any inaccuracy in data, enter the correct value in the disputed field and submit.

You can also fill out an online CIBIL dispute resolution form without logging in to myCIBIL. Click here to visit.

Online dispute resolution is the most convenient and fastest way to rectify the discrepancies in your CIBIL Report. 

You can raise your CIBIL dispute by writing a letter to the below-mentioned registered office of CIBIL in Mumbai:

TransUnion CIBIL Limited

One World Center, 19th Floor, Tower 2A and 2B,

Senapati Bapat Marg,

Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013

You can also contact the CIBIL India customer care number to raise your dispute. 

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Errors in Credit Report

Here are some of the common errors that can be found in your credit report:

  • Incorrect personal information, such as name, contact number, PAN number, etc.
  • Wrong details of loan accounts on your name.
  • Error in credit limit.
  • Wrong account status.
  • Incorrect details of outstanding payment.
  • Incorrect payment history.
  • Duplicate account.

You should rectify the errors in your credit report as soon as possible to avoid further problems.  

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How to File a CIBIL Dispute Request?

  • Call CIBIL customer care number at (+91)22-6140-4300.
  • Raise a dispute directly by logging into your CIBIL member account.
  • Fill out an online dispute resolution form without logging in to myCIBIL by click here.
  • Write a letter to the corporate office address of CIBIL in Mumbai.

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Is CIBIL customer care number toll-free?


No, the CIBIL score customer care phone number is not toll-free. It is a paid service and involves calling charges.

How can I complain to CIBIL?

  • Call credit score customer care number at (+91)22-6140-4300.
  • Log into your CIBIL member account and raise a dispute directly.
  • Fill out an online dispute resolution form here.
  • Write a letter to the corporate office address of CIBIL in Mumbai.


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What services can we avail by contacting CIBIL customer care?


By calling the CIBIL report customer care number you can: 

  • Ask about CIBIL’s products and services
  • File complaints
  • Give feedback 
  • Get your grievances redressed

Is CIBIL providing the chatbot service?


Yes, apart from CIBIL customer care phone number, CIBIL provides an online chatbot service, which is available 24×7.

How much time can CIBIL take to resolve the queries?


It may take around 30 days by CIBIL to resolve a dispute.

How can I remove my name from CIBIL settlement?


You can reach out to your lender and ask them for an out-of-court settlement, under which you have to pay the entire amount due. If the lender agrees to this, they will report this to the court and withdraw the lawsuit that is filed against you. However, the case is withdrawn only after you have settled your loan.


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