Fraud Detection and Important Guidelines


Fraud Detection and Important Guidelines Details

This page is intended to help customers prevent any kind of fraud while looking for a product or service on Mymonemantra.com.

MyMoneyMantra.com does not charge any fee directly or indirectly from customer for any kind of loan, credit card, or credit report* or any services available on our website/App. In case you receive any call, SMS, email or any kind of communication from someone claiming to be a MyMoneyMantra representative and asking for any kind of fees/charge/monetary compensation in return of a loan, credit card or any financial product, please alert us on: contactus@mymoneymantra.com

To prevent frauds, here are 3 simple things you can watch out for:

  • All our emails end with “@mymoneymantra.com
  • All our website URLs follow the format “mymoneymantra.com/”
  • You can apply for loans, credit cards or any product/service from MyMoneyMantra only through the mymoneymantra.com website or App

MyMoneyMantra is your one-stop destination to search for the best Home Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Cards in India. Since 1989, more than 50 lakh customers have fulfilled their dreams with us. Our network of 100+ banks and NBFCs promise most affordable and suitable finance deal for you.

Here’s how Fraudsters Operate

Step 1: The fraudster poses as an employee of Mymoneymnatra and calls the customer offering a loan.

Step 2: He gives you various attractive offers and assures you get your loan sanctioned instantly without a credit score or valid documentation if you transfer him a certain amount.

Step 3: Once you fall into the trap and transfer him the money, you won’t hear from him/her again.

What Are the Ways in Which a Fraudster May Get in Touch With You?

  • Fake websites: The design, colour combination, content or even the URL of these fake websites may look very similar to our website. Please make sure that you are on the right website and do not fill any personal information unless you are sure of its authenticity. Note – Any link from the Mymoneymantra website will start with “mymoneymantra.com/”
  • UPI handles: A fraudster posing as an employee of Mymonemantra may send you his UPI ID and asks for payment to process your loan or credit card and these IDs may look authentic as they may carry our brand name in them. Please remember Mymonemantra never charges any fee from customer for any kind of loan/ credit card or any services offered.
  • WhatsApp or other social messaging platforms and SMS: You might also receive a SMS or a message on WhatsApp from these fraudsters. These messages may have fake offers or misleading information.
  • Fake calls: You may get a fake call from unknown numbers asking you about your personal information like salary, bank account details, credit/debit card information, CVV, OTP etc. Mymonemantra or any financial institution will never ask for such information. Please do not share your personal information with anyone.
  • Fake emails: You may receive fake emails from fraudsters selling you products on behalf of Mymonemantra or asking for your personal information like credit/debit card details, passwords, etc. Please note that all the emails that you receive from Mymonemantra ends with “@mymoneymantra.com. Please do not reply to fake IDS that may look like: abc@moneymantra.com or abc@mymoneymantrra.com