HDFC Bank Loan Against Property Details

Loan AmountUp to 65% of the property value
Rate of interest8.95% p.a. onwards
TenureUp to 15 Years
Age Limit18 - 70 Years
Processing fee1% of loan amount + GST
  • HDFC offer competitive interest rates on Loan Against Property
  • The repayment tenure is long and flexible
  • The amount provided is up to 65% of the market value of the pledged property
  • Flexible repayment tenure
  • Doorstep service
  • No hidden charges

Apply HDFC Loan Against Property

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Features and Benefits of HDFC Loan Against Property

Some key features and benefits of opting HDFC Loan Against Property include:

Significant monetary assistance

With a value that goes up to 65% of the market value of your property, you can immediately receive a significant amount of money to fulfil your current requirements without breaking a sweat. The amount is made available at a lower interest rate as compared to other sorts of loans and for a longer tenure, making repayments a smooth process.

Meet your needs

You can place your residential or commercial land as collateral and use the money that you'll receive for various strategic financial growth at both personal and professional levels. There is no end to the utilisation of this kind of amount that will result in your improved quality of life when used wisely.

Convenient repayment

The HDFC Loan Against Property interest rates are highly competitive with the current market trends and makes the entire process of repayment convenient with low EMIs, or Dropline Overdraft Facility.

Seamless and clear processing

You can check all kinds of charges and rates on your loan beforehand and calculate the EMIs for the entire period. With everything laid on the table at the time of processing itself and no hidden charges or surprises saved for later, you can plan the blueprint of your finances easily. 

Effective assistance

HDFC offers a doorstep service of getting an expert to assist you with the loan, help you with the application process, and make the transaction quick and smooth. All of this, made available at your convenience and disposal.

Moreover, if you want to apply for personal loan or want to open saving account the hdfc bank video KYC process will helpful to verify the customer’s identity digitally.

Furthermore, there are considerable benefits for Self-employed individuals with HDFC's specially tailored plans and deals in the programme with its easy debt consolidation tool.

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HDFC Loan Against Property Interest Rate

HDFC Loan Against Property (LAP) is a quick and simple answer for all your monetary necessities, including business development, working capital or personal vitalities. Loan Against Property can profit against your self-owned properties of both residential and commercial standards. 

HDFC Loan against Property is accessible to individuals who are in immediate need of funds for their business and individual prerequisites that can be taken by pledging the mortgage of their existing Property. 

The costs of an HDFC Bank Loan against Property starting at a minimal Interest rate of 8.95% is a remarkable suggestion that offers advances for a longer tenure of up to 15 years, at a lower interest rate, resulting in lower commitments for the Borrower.

HDFC LAP Interest rate for Salaried & Self-Employed Individuals

Loan SlabInterest Rates (p.a.)
Self-occupied Residential Property8.95% - 9.95%
Non-self-occupied Residential Property9.25% - 10.25%
Commercial Property9.25% - 10.25%

With the influx of significant capital readily made available by keeping your Property on the mortgage, you can definitely avail key financial landmarks with a wide array of benefits, including: 

  • Beneficial interest rates
  • Seamless and hassle-free documentation
  • Convenient repayments through EMIs
  • An integrated banking system with branches PAN India
  • Doable and not too high EMIs that make monthly expenses feasible.

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Compare Loan Against Property Interest Rates for Top Banks

Name of the LenderInterest Rate (% p.a.)
State Bank of India10.00% onwards
Bank of Baroda10.55% – 16.20%
PNB Housing Finance9.65% – 13.00%
IDFC First Bank

8.40% - 15.90% (Floating)

8.75% onwards (Fixed)

HDFC9.35% - 9.75%
L&T Housing Finance10.30% - 10.90%
LIC Housing Finance9.10% - 12.25%
Godrej Housing Finance9.75% - 14.50%
ICICI Bank9.75% - 10.90%
Tata Capital10.10% onwards
Bajaj Housing Finance9.15% – 18.00%
Axis Bank9.90% - 10.35%
Kotak Mahindra Bank9.15% onwards

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Types of HDFC Loan Against Property

The three types of HDFC mortgage loan that you can consider are:

HDFC Loan Against Property Standard Rate Loan

Also known as the fixed interest rate made available at the time of applying. Here, basis the trends of the market, you can opt for a fixed rate of interest on your loan and plan the EMI for the entire period beforehand. These rates are generally higher than the adjustable rates to comply with the anticipated fluctuations in the market over the period of the loan taken.

HDFC Loan Against Property Adjustable-Rate Loan

Adjustable rates are the floating interest rates that are in the higher preference, given that there is a larger possibility that you end up paying a lesser amount of total EMI as compared to the fixed rate. Here, the only inconvenience is in the instability of the market and its effects on your monthly EMI whenever the floating rates go higher. 

HDFC Loan Against Property TruFixed Loan – 2 Year Fixed Rate Variant

HDFC has introduced a special category of loan, where you can opt for the fixed interest rate for a period of 2 years with automatic conversion to adjustable rates after the tenure is over. It will be connected to the date of the primary payment. This saves you from the trouble of going through the charges and procedure of changing the rates while also understanding and planning your expenses in the given two years.

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Processing Fee and Other Charges for HDFC Loan Against Property

In addition to the interest rates paid on the acquired loan, here are some additional charges and their terms and conditions that you must be aware of before going through with your application.

Here are HDFC Loans Against Property processing Fee, late fees, and other notable dues and rates for your knowledge to avoid an increase in incurred costs:

ChargesLoan Against  Property
Interest rate range8.95% to 10.25%
Loan Processing Charges*Maximum of 1% of loan amount with a minimum of Rs. 7500/-
Prepayment Charges
Adjustable-rate loan acquired by the borrowers for utilisation in business and related management

2.5% of the outstanding amount of loan

If paid in more than 60 months after the receival of the acquired amount – NIL Charges

The adjustable-rate loan is acquired by the borrowers for personal utilisation and not for any professional or business needs.NIL
Adjustable-rate loan acquired by MSMEs (Micro & Small Enterprises) and is being paid from your own sourceNIL
Adjustable-rate loan acquired by MSMEs (Micro & Small Enterprises) and is being paid from borrowed sources.

2% of the outstanding amount of loan

If paid in more than 60 months after the receival of the acquired amount – NIL Charges

Adjustable-rate loan acquired by Non Individual borrowers*

From 6 months to the first 60 months of the transfer of the loan amount to the account - a maximum of 2.5% of the outstanding amount of the loan

If paid in more than 60 months after the receival of the acquired amount – NIL Charges

*Prepayment cannot be made until 6 months of repayment in case of Non Individual borrowers.
In case of partly prepayment done for the acquired loan

NIL charges in case the amount paid is a maximum of only 25% of the outstanding loan amount, applicable only once in a financial year. 

In case the prepayment amount holds a value of above 25% then the charges shall be applicable on the entire amount that is being transferred under prepayment and not only on the amount in excess of said 25%.

If paid in more than 60 months after the receival of the acquired amount – NIL Charges

Other Charges
Late payment fee on the EMI locked2% every month on the overdue amount of the proposed EMI
Stamp Duty & other statutory charges As per applicable laws of the state
In case the cheque/EMI payment bounces Rs. 550/- + GST
Fees for a repayment schedule Rs. 200/- per schedule
Charges for swapping Cheque/SI/ ECS/NACHRs. 500/- + GST
Legal/Repossession & Incidental chargesAs per the charges of the actuals
Account Maintenance ChargesNA
Commitment charges for overdraft accountsNA
Conversion charges for Change in the type of rate structure allocated for the loanNIL
Property Document Retention chargesINR 1000/- for every calendar month for the first 2 months, post the same, the calendar months from the date of closure of all loans linked to the collateral
Revision in spread0.1% of the amount outstanding of the loan, or Rs. 5000/- whichever turns out to be higher at that given point
Penal Interest for Non-Adherence of ESCROW Account NIL
Penal Interest for not complying with submission of deferral documentsAdditional 2% per annum on existing ROI
Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India (CERSAI) ChargesRs. 500/- per individual
Property Swapping/Partial property Release0.1% of the loan amount up to a minimum of Rs. 10,000/-
Document Retrieval charges post DisbursementRs. 500/- per document set.

Furthermore, a quick takeaway is that the above charges are selective of duties and legal tolls as appropriate every once in a while. The above charges are the maximum ranges of their categories. The bank maintains all authority to defer any of the above charges every once in a while with due implication to the client. Changed Charges will be conveyed to the client through the Bank's website or by any other credible and acceptable method of correspondence.

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Eligibility for HDFC Loan Against Property

HDFC Loan Against Property eligibility is made pretty simple and straightforward. Here's what you need to know:

  • Status - Salaried/employed, or Self-employed/entrepreneur
  • Age - Should be between 20 years to 60 years for salaried individuals and 25 years to 65 years for self-employed individuals.
  • Monthly income - Needs to be at a minimum of INR 25,000/- for both categories.

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Documents Required for HDFC Loan Against Property

Here is a list of HDFC loans against property documents required for both the categories of individuals:

Documents needed from Salaried/employed Borrower

  • Address Proof, documents valid - Ration Card, Telephone Bill, Aadhar card, Electricity Bill or Voter's ID Card
  • ID Proof, documents needed - Voter's Card, Driver's License, Aadhaar card, PAN Card
  • Bank statement/passbook record of last six months
  • Income slip of last six months
  • Form 16 from the current organisation for the previous two years.
  • Valid and legal ownership documents of the Property being pledged.

Documents needed from Salaried/employed Borrower

  • Address Proof, documents valid - Ration Card, Telephone Bill, Aadhar card, Electricity Bill or Voter's ID Card
  • ID Proof, documents needed - Voter's Card, Driver's License, Aadhaar card, PAN Card
  • Certified income statement of last three years
  • Bank statement/passbook record of last six months
  • Valid and legal ownership documents of the Property being pledged.

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HDFC Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

On understanding the amount of loan needed from your end and the rate of interest given by the Bank, you now need to settle on a repayment tenure to calculate your EMI. 

EMI is basically derived after the input of the following information:

  • Loan Amount
  • Interest Rate
  • Repayment Tenure

To further break down the HDFC EMI Loan Against Property at various rates and residency, you can enter the exact above-mentioned values in the Loan against property EMI calculator, and get an immediate crunch value that you'll be needed to pay moving forward with the loan. 

The table below shows the HDFC EMI estimation at the different blends of loan amounts and a longer tenure at the most reduced rate of 8.95%.

 EMI Based on Loan Amount & Tenure
Loan Amount (Rs.)10 Years15 Years20 Years
15,00,000/-Rs. 18,961Rs. 15,169Rs. 13,448
25,00,000/-Rs. 31,601Rs. 25,282Rs. 22,413
40,00,000/-Rs. 50,562Rs. 40,452Rs. 35,861
60,00,000/-Rs. 75,843Rs. 60,678Rs. 53,791

The above table is a further demonstration of how to fix the amount against a certain tenure of time basis for your own monthly stability and scope.

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How to Apply for HDFC Loan Against Property?

Coming towards the end of the article, let us now understand the application procedure for applying for an HDFC Loan Against Property ourselves:


A traditional approach preferred by those who like to have personalised communication is not tech-savvy or needs added guidance.

  • Go to your nearest brand: HDFC has branches and networks in Pan India making it simpler for you to apply for the loan by simply visiting your nearest HDFC bank branch.
  • Get an expert on your doorstep: Going out of the way to provide convenience and assistance to their customers, HDFC also has a feature of giving a missed call on their helpline numbers and waiting for a representative to connect with them. Further, a time and date are booked for the specialist to visit the customer’s house for convenient processing of the application.


With the digitisation of almost every process of life, you can apply for HDFC Loan against property through an online medium just as conveniently as an offline mode. The objective here is to further simplify the entire procedure and get past the conventional approach of standing in long queues when everything can be done at a single stop without having to move an inch.

To apply online for an HDFC Loan against Property, follow these simple routine steps:

  • Log in to the official website of HDFC and navigate your way to the application page of HDFC Loan Against Property.
  • Check your eligibility for the desired loan and proceed further.
  • Keep a note of all the associated rates and charges being offered by the bank and lookout in case of any profitable deals in the pipeline.
  • On finishing the checklist of your requirements and with a proper understanding of the loan features, you can upload scanned copies of all the necessary documents once the application form is filled and finished.
  • As simple as it was, your application is now processed and on further verification of all your information input and uploaded documents, the bank will sanction the required value within the next 10-15 days.

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HDFC Loan Against Property Customer Care

Check out the HDFC website and avail the best offers and competitive rates on your loans. You can also get an expert to visit your house for personalized assistance and an understanding of the deal you are getting into.

Schedule your appointment by simply giving a missed call on +91 9289200017

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Pre-Approved Loan Against Property @8.75% p.a 

Up to Rs. 5 Crore loan against property can be availed by Salaried and self-employed applicants online as well as offline. The LAP can be used for applied for business expansion, long term working capital, debt consolidation, equipment purchase, medical exigency, education/ marriage of children, holiday and much more. Higher loan amounts are available for select customers.

HDFC Bank Loan Against Property - FAQs

✅ How can I apply for HDFC Bank Loan Against Property?


To apply for the loan, you can visit your nearby branch or call a loan expert at your doorstep for personalised assistance and ease of communication. Now with the facility of shifting virtually to pretty much every interaction of life, you can apply for HDFC Loan against property through online mode by visiting their official website. The target here is to additionally improve on the whole method and move beyond the traditional methodology that often causes unnecessary delays. Follow a few simple steps and get your loan within 15 days.

✅ What is the processing fee involved in the HDFC Bank Loan Against Property?


The processing fee of HDFC Bank Loan Against Property sums up to a maxim of 1% of the overall loan amount.

✅ What is HDFCs Loan Against Property interest rate?


The rate of interest of HDFC Bank Loan Against Property starts from 9.35% on loans taken for both residential and commercial properties.

✅ How to increase my eligibility for an HDFC Mortgage loan?


The only variable factor that you have control over is your income statement. Being a salaried individual, make sure that while applying for the loan, you have been an employee of your current organization for over a period of two years with a stable growth chart. The more years and improvement in growth, the better is your eligibility. Being a self-employed individual, you can assure a stable income and a rising chart in the cash flow statement of your business to avail credibility and benefits while applying for the loan.

✅ What is the maximum loan tenure I can opt for under an HDFC Property loan?


Currently, HDFC offers a maximum repayment tenure of 15 years. Before applying for the tenure, check your amount’s monthly division in the current rate of interest to have a better understanding of your breakdown. The basis that a decision on the tenure can be made. Always remember, the longer the tenure is, the lower is the EMI. However, you certainly end up paying more interest.

✅ Can I transfer my LAP from another bank to HDFC?


Yes, it is indeed a very smooth and trouble-free facility that HDFC has, allowing you to transfer your Loan Against Property from any other bank to theirs. This is partly why most of the banks go out of their way to ensure the levels of their customer satisfaction. In case you are unsatisfied with your current Bank where the loan has been taken from, you can make a transfer to HDFC, where you'll have to pay lower EMIs and save more money.

✅ What is HDFC Loan Against Property EMI Calculator?


EMI is your monthly repayment value or instalment that you are required to pay to the bank as a reimbursement for the amount of loan taken spread over a fixed period of time. The decision of the amount of the loan taken and the tenure you choose to repay it to the bank largely are the two parameters that determine your EMI on the given rate of interest at that period of time. HDFC’s EMI calculator takes all these pointers into consideration and gives you an exact figure that you need to allocate on a monthly basis. Once you know the exact amount of funds needed, make sure you check your EMI on the calculator and make an informed decision regarding your tenure.

✅ What is the security required to get a HDFC Loan Against Property?


A Loan Against Property (LAP) is a secured loan acquired from the banks.  LAP is an advance given against Property, being a literal translation of its name. It serves as the guarantee to the lender for the duly repayment of the amount they dispense. In case of any default in the payment, they hold complete rights over the Property pledged and can sell the same to get back the amount due.  

It is nothing but a contract of your property against the required loan amount. The credit sum dispensed depends on the worth of the property. Contingent upon different standards, the credit value can be estimated at the 60% market value of the property put as collateral at that given point of time.

✅ Can I pre-close my HDFC loan against a property account?


Yes, HDFC enables you to pre-close your loan against a property account. However, the charges for the same are variable depending on the below-mentioned pointers:

Adjusting loan rate: Prepayment charges are nil for individual borrowers. For Non-individual borrowers, 2% of the amount being prepaid is applicable within the first six months of the loan. In case of prepayment after six months, you have the option of depositing up to 25% of the principal value with no charges. In case the prepayment amount holds a value of above 25%, then the charges shall be applicable on the entire amount that is being transferred under prepayment and not only on the amount in excess of said 25%.

Standard loan rate: Prepayment charges are zero if the same is being done through your own funds. In case of the prepayment being arranged from borrowed funds, a fee of 2% on the outstanding amount is applicable for individual borrowers. For non-individual borrowers, the terms are the same as Floating Interest Rate's terms and conditions.

✅ Do I get any tax benefits on this loan?


Yes, under the Income-tax Act, 1961, you will be eligible for the tax benefits and get a rebate on your final tax amount. The benefits may vary each year depending on the loan policies and the market trends; hence, it is advised to consult a specialist about these benefits each year.