Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card Lounge Access

Frequent flyers know the challenge of waiting for flights; this is where Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card Lounge Access becomes a game changer. It offers cardholders complimentary access to select airport lounges, turning tedious waits into moments of comfort and relaxation. Say goodbye to the fatigue of long layovers and enjoy the serenity of premium lounges, courtesy of your Axis Bank credit card.


How to Avail Lounge Access With Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card?

Availing Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card airport lounge access is effortless. Cardholders simply present their card at the reception of any partnered lounges. Upon verifying eligibility, they are welcomed into an ambiance of relaxation and luxury, transforming their travel experience into one of comfort and ease.

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card Lounge Access List

BangaloreBLR Domestic LoungeDomestic T1
Bangalore080 Domestic LoungeDomestic T2
ChennaiTravel Club Lounge ADomestic T1
ChennaiTravel Club Lounge BDomestic T1
MumbaiTravel Club LoungeDomestic T1 C
MumbaiAdani LoungeDomestic T2
KolkataTravel Club LoungeDomestic T1
HyderabadEncalm LoungeDomestic T1
New DelhiEncalm LoungeDomestic T1
New DelhiNew Delhi Domestic T2 LoungeDomestic T1
New DelhiEncalm LoungeDomestic T2

Features & Benefits of Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card

The Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card elevates your lifestyle with a suite of enticing benefits:

  • SonyLiv Premium: Enjoy a complimentary annual subscription, renewed with an annual spend of Rs. 1.5 lakh.
  • Reward Points: Earn 4 EDGE Points for every Rs. 200 spent.
  • Swiggy Delight: Relish a discount of Rs. 120 on orders above Rs. 500.
  • Cinematic Joy: Avail 'Buy One Get One Free' on movie tickets through Paytm Movies.
  • Lounge Luxury: Experience one complimentary domestic airport lounge visit every quarter.
  • Fashion Forward: Get a flat Rs. 1000 discount on AJIO for minimum purchases of Rs. 2,999.
  • Gourmet Treats: Savor 15% off up to Rs. 500 on orders above Rs. 1500 with the EazyDiner program, enhancing your dining experiences.

Fees & Charges of Axis My Zone Credit Card

Credit Card ParticularsFees
Joining FeeRs. 500 + GST
Annual FeeRs. 500 + GST
Interest Rate3.6% per month
Cash Advance Charges2.5% of the withdrawal amount subject to a minimum charge of Rs. 500
Foreign Currency Markup3.5%

Eligibility to get Axis Bank MyZone Credit Card Lounge Access

To be eligible for the Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card, applicants must meet certain criteria, although the bank may also have additional internal requirements:

  • Age Range for Primary Cardholders: Applicants should be aged between 18 and 70 years.
  • Add-on Cardholders: Individuals over the age of 15 are eligible for add-on cards.
  • Financial Stability: A consistent and stable source of income is required.
  • Residency: The card is available to both Indian residents and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), ensuring a wide reach for potential cardholders.

Benefits of having Axis MY ZONE Card Lounge Access

The Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card offers a compelling feature for frequent travelers: airport lounge access. This benefit stands out as a significant convenience, transforming travel experiences in several ways.

Comfort in Transit: Air travel often involves long layovers or unexpected delays. Lounge access provides a peaceful retreat from crowded terminal areas. With the My Zone Credit Card, passengers can unwind in comfortable seating areas, escaping the hustle and bustle of busy airports.

Complimentary Refreshments: Lounges offer a variety of complimentary refreshments, from snacks to beverages. This perk not only adds a touch of luxury to your travel but also saves on the cost of airport dining.

Productive Workspace: For business travelers, lounges are invaluable. They provide quiet, well-equipped spaces to work, with access to Wi-Fi, charging stations, and sometimes even meeting rooms.

Enhanced Travel Experience: The sense of exclusivity and privilege while waiting in a lounge adds a luxurious dimension to travel. It's a way to start or end a journey on a high note, making long trips more enjoyable.

Cost-Effective: Regular travelers who would otherwise pay for lounge access find this feature economically beneficial. The Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card makes these comforts accessible without the added cost, offering substantial savings over time.

Stress Reduction: The tranquil environment of a lounge can significantly reduce travel-related stress, providing a space to relax, read, or even take a nap.

Entertainment and Leisure: Many lounges come equipped with TVs, magazines, and other forms of entertainment, which can be particularly beneficial for those traveling with children.

Comparing Best Axis Bank Credit Card Lounge Access Options

Apart from Flipkart Axis Bank lounge access you can get airport lounge access using below listed Axis Bank credit cards as well.

Credit CardAirport Lounge Access BenefitsJoining & Annual Fee
Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card2 complimentary domestic lounge access in a year.3000 + Taxes
Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card8 complimentary domestic lounge access in a year.10000 + Taxes
Axis Bank Magnus Credit CardUnlimited complimentary domestic and international lounge access in a year10000 + Taxes
Axis Bank Miles & More World Credit CardComplimentary Domestic Mastercard Lounge Access, 4 per Quarter at select select 31 Lounges across 14 cities in India3500 + Taxes
Axis Bank Privilege Credit CardReceive complimentary access to select MasterCard lounges twice per every calendar quarter.1500 + Taxes

Let's delve deeper into the features and benefits of the individual Axis bank credit card lounge access options mentioned in the comparative table.

Axis Bank Vistara Signature Card

The Axis Bank Vistara Signature Card is your gateway to a world of luxury travel, offering a complimentary economy class ticket, exclusive access to select Vistara and domestic lounges, and accelerated reward points on every spend with Vistara and Axis Bank. Milestone benefits, dining discounts, and fuel surcharge waivers amplify the experience, all for an annual fee of Rs.3,000. Elevate your journey with a suite of privileges designed for the modern traveler.

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Card

Unlock a world of elite travel privileges with the Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Card. For an annual fee of Rs.10,000, enjoy a complimentary business class ticket, exclusive entry to Vistara and select Visa lounges across India, and six annual Priority Pass visits. Earn accelerated rewards on all Vistara and Axis Bank expenditures and reap milestone benefits, including additional complimentary business class tickets. Experience more with dining privileges and fuel surcharge waivers. Elevate every journey with unmatched luxury and convenience.

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Experience unparalleled luxury with the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card, priced at an annual fee of Rs.10,000. Indulge in exclusive access to select domestic lounges, ensuring your journeys are always comfortable. Achieve milestone rewards granting complimentary hotel stays and travel vouchers. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 concierge services for seamless travel and lifestyle needs, along with exclusive privileges in dining and shopping. Added fuel surcharge waivers and advanced security features encapsulate a premium card experience, elevating your every transaction and journey.

Axis Bank Miles & More World Credit Card

With the Axis Bank Miles & More World Credit Card, for an annual fee of Rs.3,500, gain entry to select domestic lounges and earn welcome and bonus miles upon activation. Each spend rewards you with miles, redeemable with various Miles & More partners. Enjoy the added security of enhanced travel insurance and exclusive benefits tailored for Miles & More members, transforming every journey into an experience of comfort, luxury, and rewarding exclusivity.

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card provides complimentary access to select domestic lounges, ensuring a pleasant travel experience. Cardholders can enjoy fuel surcharge waivers, milestone benefits, and accelerated reward points on dining, shopping, and travel spends. Exclusive golf benefits and concierge services add to the card's appeal. The annual fee for this card is Rs.1,500.

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card Lounge Access FAQs

How many complimentary lounge accesses do I get with the Axis My Zone Credit Card?


The Axis My Zone Credit Card offers 1 complimentary domestic airport lounge accesses per year.

Can I access international lounges with the My Zone Credit Card?


The lounge access with the My Zone Credit Card is typically limited to domestic lounges. However, for international lounge access, you may need to check for specific terms or additional services offered by Axis Bank.

Do I need to enroll separately for Axis My Zone Credit Card lounge access?


No, lounge access comes as a feature of the My Zone Credit Card. You just need to present your card at the lounge reception to avail of the facility.

Are there any additional charges for axis bank card lounge access?


Lounge access with the My Zone Credit Card is complimentary up to the specified limit ie. 4 per year. Beyond that, additional visits may incur charges.

Can I bring guests to the lounge with me?


Guests may be allowed in the lounge, but they might not be covered under the complimentary access of your My Zone Credit Card.