SBI Credit Card Loan

SBI Credit Card holders can avail cash for emergency purpose. The credit card customers can opt for exclusive SBI Credit Card Loan facilities such as FlexiPay, EnCash, Easy Money and SBI Balance Transfer on EMI for urgent cash shortfalls. You can book instantly online as no documentation or collateral is required. The eligibility criteria and interest rates for loan on SBI Credit Card are decided as per profile, credit card type and existing credit limit.


SBI Credit Cards: Loan / Cash Facility Details

Facility on Credit CardInterest rateProcessing feeMax Tenure
Flexipay20% per annum2.00%
(Rs 249- Rs 1500)
2 years
Balance Transfer on EMI60 days of free credit period + 1.7% monthly for 6 months1.50%6 Months
Easy Money2.45% per month1.50%45 days
Encash*varies as per profile2.00%3 months to 3 Years

Types of SBI Credit Card Loans

Being an SBI Credit Card Customer, you can apply for additional SBI Credit Card Loan or Credit on pre-approved credit limit. Here are the offers & schemes you get with SBI Credit Card.

SBI Flexipay Loan

  • Preapproved facility for SBI Credit Card customers.
  • You can convert big purchases into equated monthly instalments (EMIs) within 30 days of purchase.
  • Opt for this credit facility for transactions over Rs 500 & book a minimum of Rs 2500.
  • Choice of easy instalments for 6, 9, 12 or 24 months.
  • Pay lowest EMI of Rs 51 per Rs 1000.
  • One time processing fee of 2% is applicable. Fee will range between Rs 199 to Rs 1,000.
  • Interest rate will be 20% p.a.
  • 3% cancellation fee is applicable on outstanding principal amount.

SBI Credit Card Balance Transfer on EMI

  • Facility for transferring outstanding balance on other Credit Cards to SBI Credit Card.
  • Convert outstanding other cards’ balance up to 75% of your SBI approved credit limit.
  • Pay lower rate on EMIs & save with affordable EMI options.
  • Choose for 3 months or 6 months plans.
  • Continue enjoying interest- free period on purchases with Balance Transfer on EMI.
  • After interest free period of 60 days, 1.7% p.m. for 180 days will be charged.
  • You can apply for BT online through SBI Credit Card website or app.
  • The process will take 3 days for VISA Cards & 5 days for Non VISA Card.
  • A pre-closure charge of 3% will be levied on foreclosure.

SBI Easy Money

  • Facility to get instant money into your savings bank account through NEFT.
  • Avail small cash loan within 48 hours for urgent requirements.
  • Apply through SBI Card website, App or Credit Card helpline.
  • Avail short term loan for 45 days tenure.
  • Interest rate will be 2.45% per month for 45 days.
  • One-time processing fee of 1.5% of loan amount or Rs 199 (whichever is higher) is applicable.
  • Avail Easy Money for a minimum of Rs 5,000 or maximum up to 75% of card limit.

SBI Encash

  • Pre-approved, money on demand facility for select SBI Credit Card Customers.
  • You can qualify for Encash facility for over & above your approved limit.
  • Instant cash transfer to customer’s account.
  • Flexible repayment tenure of 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.
  • Lower rate of interest charged on Encash. It varies on a case to case basis. You can log in to your SBI online account and check for the interest on the pre-approved limit.
  • A one-time processing charge of 1.5%, ranging between a minimum of Rs 499 to Rs 3,000 is applicable.
  • Pre-closure charge of 3% on outstanding principal will be levied for foreclosures.
  • Book SBI Encash online through app or website.

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Benefits of SBI Credit Card Loan

By availing instant cash facility on your SBI Credit Card you will enjoy following benefits:

  • Exclusive quick cash facility for SBI credit card customers.
  • Avail additional loan on lower than Credit Card APRs.
  • Easy approval for urgent short term needs.
  • Choose flexible tenure ranging from 45 days to 3years.
  • Easy and quick approval process.
  • No documentation, collateral security or guarantor required.
  • Option to convert credit card dues to easy EMIs.
  • Nominal processing fees & other charges applicable.

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Eligibility for SBI Credit Card Loans

To avail SBI Credit Card loan facilities you need to meet following-

  • Applicant should be an SBI Credit Card customer.
  • The borrower should have a good SBI card repayment history. 
  • Approval limits vary according to customer profile & past spending behaviour and payment history.
  • The facility is not available for delinquent accounts.

How to Apply for SBI Credit Card Loan?

You can apply for SBI Credit Card loan/cash facilities online or by contacting customer care helpline through call or SMS:

Apply Online

  • Log on to SBI Card account online through website or app.
  • Click on benefits section.
  • Choose facility you want to access on the left-hand navigation: Encash, Easy Money, Balance Transfer or FlexiPay.
  • Select amount, tenure & interest rate.
  • Confirm booking.

Apply through SMS 

  • SMS applicable code to SBI Card helpline from your registered mobile number to book the facility. 
  • For Balance Transfer, SMS “BT” to 56767
  • For Encash facility, SMS “Encash” to 56767
  • For FlexiPay,  SMS "FP" to 56767
  • For Easy Money You need to contact customer care through call or check your customer account on website or app.

Book by Calling Customer Care Helpline

  • You can call SBI Card helpline from registered mobile number for booking any of the loan facilties.
  • Call 1860 180 1290 / 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code)
  • Share your SBI Card and date of birth and book the account.

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SBI Credit Card Loan FAQs

Can I avail loan on SBI Credit Card?


SBI Card offers easy cash/ loan facilities to select SBI Card Customers. The SBI Credit Card holder can avail Encash, Balance Transfer on EMI, Flexipay or Easy Money offer. Each of these facilities can be booked online or through customer care helpline. There is no documentation or collateral involved.

What is SBI Encash facility?


SBI Encash is a pre-approved on demand cash facility for select SBI cardholders. The pre-approved limit for Encash can either be under or over the Credit Card limit. The amount is sent to customer’s bank account through NEFT. You can apply for Encash through SBI website or mobile app. You can also call or send an SMS to SBI Card helpline for booking the facility.

What is Balance Transfer on EMI by SBI Card?


The facility to transfer outstanding balance on your other banks’ Credit Cards to SBI Credit Card on EMI is SBI Balance Transfer on EMI. You can apply for 3 to 6 months for EMI Scheme. The applicable interest rate is lower than Bank’s Personal Loan or Credit Card APR.

What is SBI Flexipay facility?


Flexipay facility allows SBI Card holders to convert their big purchases in to easy monthly instalments. The transactions can be booked for flexipay within 30 days. Delinquent or blocked cardholders are not eligible for this facility.

What is SBI Easy Money on Credit Card?


Easy Money lets SBI cardholders avail funds for short term at a low interest rate. The funds are credited immediately to the account through NEFT. You can apply for Easy Money through the official SBI Website or App. You can also choose to cal or send an SMS to SBI card helpline from your registered mobile number.

Are add-on cardholders eligible for balance transfer on EMI & other loan on card facilities?


No, balance transfer EMI facility is available only to the primary cardholders. Other facilities like Encash & Easy Money are also available to primary card holders. Add on card members cannot access these facilities or change the card terms.

Can I avail Balance Transfer again on my SBI Card?


If you have already availed the balance transfer on EMI for maximum eligible amount, then you cannot book for another transfer till you clear your account. A balance transfer booking on an account cannot exceed 75% of the available credit limit. After repayment of the previous BT you can avail the facility again.

Can I cancel or pre-close loan on Credit Card?


Yes, you can always cancel or foreclose availed credit facilities before the tenure. However a preclosure fee of 3% on the outstanding amount will be charged.

How and when the Encash EMI be billed?


The Encash EMI will be billed with your Credit Card statement. It will reflect in the immediate card statement after the Encash is booked.