HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan is a personal loan offered by HDFC Bank Loan against credit card. You can get instant loan over and above your credit card limit at attractive interest rates starting from 15% p.a. for tenure up to 60 months. No documents required to apply for this loan and the amount is disbursed in just 1 second post confirmation for HDFC Bank savings account holders.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Details

Loan amountDepends on the available credit card limit
Rate of interest15% - 23% p.a.
Tenure12 - 60 months
Lowest EMI per LakhRs. 2,379
Processing feeUp to Rs. 999 + GST
Foreclosure3% of the balance principal + GST
Partial prepaymentNot permitted
TAT for disbursal1 second for HDFC Bank savings account holders and up to 7 working days for non-HDFC Bank savings account holders.

Features of HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan

The key features of HDFC jumbo loan are mentioned below:

  • Loan amount: You can get a loan amount above the credit limit of your HDFC Bank Credit Card.
  • Processing fee: A loan processing fee of up Rs. 999 + GST is applicable.
  • Interest rate: HDFC jumbo loan interest rate varies from 15% to 23% per annum.
  • Repayment tenure: The loan can be repaid easily in tenure ranging from 12 months to 60 months as per your convenience.
  • Lowest EMI possible: The lowest EMI possible is Rs. 2,379 Per Lakh.
  • Interest calculation: For the first EMI, the interest is calculated from the booking date of loan till the payment due date. The interest for the remaining EMIs will be as per the statement cycle.
  • Eligibility: Only selected cardholders will be provided the HDFC Insta Jumbo loan facility.

Why Apply for HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan?

  • Quick disbursement to account as this loan is pre-approved. 
  • HDFC Bank Savings Account holders can get multiple loans on their credit cards. Non- HDFC Bank Savings Account holders can avail only 2 Insta Jumbo Loans at any point of time.
  • Any loan amount up to maximum of Rs. 10 Lakhs and tenure up to 60 months can be secured against inevitable or unforeseen accidental death with insurance. It covers the customer's liability towards principal outstanding.
  • Loan amount is not blocked from your credit limit under HDFC Insta Jumbo loan.
  • You can calculate EMIs with HDFC’s Credit Card Loan EMI Calculator.
  • No documents are required to avail this loan on Credit Card.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan EMI Calculation

You can easily calculate HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan EMI online using our EMI Calculator. The uses a few details, i.e. the Loan Amount, Rate of Interest, and Tenure, to calculate the EMI. After filling in these three loan parameters, click the Enter button to get an instant result. 

Apart from calculating the EMI, this Calculator also displays the complete amortization schedule for your loan repayment.

Here’s an example:

Loan amount required: Rs. 5 Lakhs

Applicable interest rate: 15% p.a.

Tenure of repayment: 5 years

EMI to be paid each month: Rs. 11,895

Total interest to be paid: Rs. 2,13,698

Total amount to be paid to the bank: Rs. 7,13,698 (interest + principal amount).

Amortization schedule of the above example:

YearOpening balance

Amount paid by

customer (EMI*12)

Interest paid during

the year

Principal paid during

the year

Closing balance
1Rs. 5,00,000Rs. 59,475Rs. 30,536Rs. 28,939Rs. 4,71,061
2Rs. 4,71,061Rs. 1,42,740Rs. 65,491Rs. 77,248Rs. 3,93,812
3Rs. 3,93,812Rs. 1,42,740Rs. 53,073Rs. 89,666Rs. 3,04,146
4Rs. 3,04,146Rs. 1,42,740Rs. 38,659Rs. 1,04,081Rs. 2,00,065
5Rs. 2,00,065Rs. 1,42,740Rs. 21,927Rs. 1,20,812Rs. 79,253
6Rs. 79,253Rs. 83,265Rs. 4,012Rs. 79,253Rs. 0

HDFC Jumbo Loan EMIs Details

HDFC Jumbo Loan EMI Table
Tenure (Months)Rs. 50,000Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 2,00,000Rs. 5,00,000Rs. 10,00,000
12Rs. 4,513Rs. 9,026Rs. 18,052Rs. 45,129Rs. 90,258
18Rs. 3,119Rs. 6,238Rs. 12,477Rs. 31,192Rs. 62,385
24Rs. 2,424Rs. 4,849Rs. 9,697Rs. 24,243Rs. 48,487
30Rs. 2,009Rs. 4,018Rs. 8,036Rs. 20,089Rs. 40,179
36Rs. 1,733Rs. 3,467Rs. 6,933Rs. 17,333Rs. 34,665
48Rs. 1,392Rs. 2,783Rs. 5,566Rs. 13,915Rs. 27,831
60Rs. 1,189Rs. 2,379Rs. 4,758Rs. 11,895Rs. 23,790

Comparison of HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan with Other Lenders

Name of LenderRate of Interest (per annum)Processing FeeMaximum Loan Limit
HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan15% - 23%Up to Rs. 999 + GSTDepends on the available credit card limit
Citibank9.99% - 16%Up to 2% + GSTRs. 30 Lakhs
Deutsche Bank9.99% - 11.49%Up to 2%Rs. 15 Lakhs
Tata Capital10.99% onwardsUp to 2.75% + GSTRs. 25 lakhs
ICICI Bank10.50% - 19%Up to 2.25%Rs. 25 Lakhs

Documents Required for HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan

No documentation is required for HDFC Jumbo Loan as it is a pre-approved loan offer for select HDFC Bank customers. The bank already has documents of their existing customers, so you are not required to furnish any documents to avail of this loan.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Eligibility Criteria

Following are the HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Eligibility Criteria:

  • This loan is available to only select HDFC Bank Credit Card customers. HDFC Bank reserves the right to decide the customer’s eligibility as per its internal policy and guidelines.
  • CIBIL verification will be done by the bank after loan application and the bank will consider only CIBIL Good Customers for further processing.
  • The repayments of the existing Credit Card should have been made promptly on the due date.
  • Customer ID, Name, and Date of Birth of the borrower updated in the Credit card system of the bank should match with the Customer ID, Name, and Date of Birth that is updated in the customer’s Savings Account to get an instant loan. Otherwise the loan will get processed or rejected on the subsequent working day after internal checks.
  • Once you confirm the loan, the money is instantly credited into your HDFC Bank Savings Account in just 1 second via online loan process. If you don’t have an HDFC Bank Savings Account, you will get the money through Demand Draft within 7 working days.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Eligibility Check

You can check the eligibility for the Insta Jumbo Loan by following a few simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Login to HDFC Net banking and choose the 'Cards' option.
  • Navigate to Credit Cards, proceed to 'Transact' and then to 'Insta Jumbo Loan.
  • Mention your Credit Card details and your pre-approved loan limit will be available on the screen.
  • You can also call HDFC Credit Card helpline to get the loan details.
  • If you are eligible for the loan and have not registered for DND/NDND/DNC an executive of HDFC Bank will give you a call and explain the loan details. The information regarding the loan amount, interest rate, and the other loan details will be given and you can immediately book for the loan since no documentation is required.
  • If you are eligible for the loan and have not registered for DND/NDND/DNC you will get an SMS on your registered mobile number regarding the loan amount, interest rates, and the other loan details. If you are interested in availing the loan and accept the terms & conditions listed on their website, you can send the shortcode mentioned in the SMS.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Charges

Along with rate of interest, the HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan comes with the following fees and charges:

  • Processing fee: Up to Rs. 999 + GST. 
  • Penal interest on skipping the payment due date: 2% on payment amount, minimum Rs. 300.
  • Penalty on non/partial payment of EMI outstanding: Rs. 500 + GST. 
  • Foreclosure charges: 3% of the balance principal outstanding + GST.

How to Apply for HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan on MyMoneyMantra?

  • Fill in the online personal loan application form given on the Home Page of our official website or access the form by visiting the Personal Loan section given under the Loans tab.
  • Share all the details required, including your name, loan amount requirement, email ID, mobile number, etc.
  • An OTP is sent to your mobile number. Use it to verify your identity and enter the remaining details.
  • Get access to the personal loan deals of our 100+ lending partners.
  • Apply by clicking on the e-connect for a personal loan. This will begin your loan application instantly.
  • Our loan expert will call you soon to answer all your loan queries and assist you from application to approval to disbursal.
  • We will then arrange a doorstep pick-up of the documents required by the chosen lender.
  • After submitting your loan application and documents, we will follow up with the lender for timely loan disbursal.

You can also call HDFC Jumbo Loan customer care number to ask if you are eligible for the loan.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan EMI Payment

You can make the HDFC Jumbo Loan payment online. An Auto Pay will be activated for the Insta Jumbo loan account within 7 days from the date of booking the loan. Your savings account will be debited on the due date mentioned in the monthly jumbo loan statement or within 5 working days from the payment due date. You should maintain sufficient funds in your account before the due date HDFC Jumbo Loan payment for the smooth functioning of the loan account.

HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan Customer Care

You can reach HDFC Jumbo Loan customer care for any queries regarding the loan through call, email, post, or branch visit. The link for all these contact details is given below: 

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HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan FAQs

What is Insta Jumbo Loan?

HDFC Jumbo Loan is a pre-approved loan provided for select HDFC Credit Card holders over and above the Credit Card limit. The credit limit will not be blocked and you can continue to use your card for other purchases.

What are the purposes for which the loan can be used?

The loan can be used for any purpose except for speculation.

What is the rate of interest charged on the loan?

HDFC Jumbo Loan interest rate can vary from 15% to 23% per annum.

What is the tenure available for the loan?

The loan can be repaid within 12 months to 60 months.

What are the fees and charges for the loan?

A processing fee of Rs. 999 plus applicable GST will be collected for all loan amounts.

Can I foreclose my loan?

Yes. However, if the loan is pre-closed, a pre-closure charge at 3% of the outstanding balance plus applicable GST will be collected.

Which documents do I need to submit to avail of this loan?

You don’t need to submit any documents for HDFC Insta Jumbo Loan as it is a pre-approved loan.

Can I negotiate the interest rate?

No. You will get the best interest rate via the online process of the bank or via call for Loan on Credit Card. The rates are decided by the bank and cannot be negotiated.

How soon can I get money credited in my account after applying for the loan?

Once you confirm, the money is credited into your HDFC Bank Savings Account in just 1 second via the online loan process of the bank. If you don’t have an HDFC Bank Savings Account, you will get the money within 7 working days via Demand Draft.