HDFC Bank Mini Statement Number 2024

As we all know, there are many individuals who have maintained their accounts with HDFC Bank; for them, HDFC bank serves round the clock. Also, users want to make a speculation of future expenses, so with the help of digital banking, HDFC users can access the details of their bank account very easily, thus saving a lot of time.  

HDFC account holders can avail of services like balance enquiry, HDFC Mini Statement facility, funds transfer etc. Account-holders can get HDFC Mini Statement with the help of Missed call service, SMS Banking service, HDFC Net banking service etc. Account-holders can get to know the latest 3 transactions with the help of HDFC Bank Mini statement service.


Different Ways to Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement

Get HDFC Mini Statement with the help of Missed Call Banking:-

This way of getting HDFC Bank mini statement is the most user friendly as an account holder neither require an internet connection nor a smartphone for the same. Below mentioned are the steps for getting the HDFC Mini statement with the help of Missed call:

  • The HDFC mini statement missed call no: 1800-270-3355 from the registered mobile number.
  • The phone would automatically get disconnected after two to three rings.
  • After that, the user would receive the mini statement on their registered mobile number by SMS, which would be containing the last three transactions (debits or credits) made in the account.

Other different numbers for different functions are:

  • Account Balance – 1800-270-3333
  • Mini statement – 1800-270-3355
  • Cheque Book Request – 1800-270-3366
  • Account Statement – 1800-270-3377

Get HDFC Mini Statement with the help of SMS Banking:-

To get an HDFC Mini statement via SMS, one needs to send "TXN" to 5676712. This facility is not chargeable; users neither require an internet connection nor a smartphone to avail of this facility. After that Mini statement would be received via SMS only.

But, to get registered for this service, just send an SMS REGISTER<Custid> <Last five digits of the account number>and send it to 5676712

In case a user wants to get registered for SMS banking via Net Banking, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Login into the official website of HDFC bank using net banking services.
  • Enter customer ID and IPIN.
  • Click on SMS banking registration and then fill up the information asked for.

For activation of SMS banking service via ATM, below mentioned are the steps for the same:

  • Visit ATM, enter debit card and then its ATM pin.
  • Click on "More Options" on the homepage.
  • Select “Register for mobile banking”.

List of SMS for different functions:

BalBalance EnquiryCustomers can request for display of available balances of up to 5 linked accounts in chronological order.Bal <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
TxnMini StatementDisplays the last three credits or debitsTxn <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
StmAccount Statement RequestCustomers can get their account statement emailed (Statement period from the last received statement till the date of SMS sent)Stm <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
ChqCheque Book RequestCheque book sent by mail to customerChq <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
Cst<6-digit cheque no.>Cheque Status EnquiryCustomers can enquire about the status of cheque issued by themCst<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
S2p<6-digit cheque no.>Stop ChequeStops an issued cheque from paymentStp<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>

Get HDFC Mini Statement with the help of Customer service toll-free number:-

HDFC account holder can call at customer care number, i.e. 1800-270-3377, so as to avail HDFC Bank mini statement. After calling, speak with CCE so as to enquire about the recently made three transactions. 

Get HDFC Mini Statement with the help of Mobile Banking:-

For getting a mini statement with the help of mobile banking, an account holder is required to have a mobile and an internet connection. Below mentioned are the steps once a user gets his/her mobile number registered:

  • Android users shall download the HDFC Mobile Banking App from Google Play Store, and IOS users shall download the same from Apple Play Store.
  • After installing, launch the app on your mobile phone.
  • Enter Customer ID & IPIN, click on login.
  • Now, one can have access to account information from, last 10 transactions made.

Get HDFC Mini Statement with the help of Net Banking Portal:-

Account-holders should visit the official website of HDFC Bank and login into the same using the customer ID and password. After making a login, go to "Account Details" and can get access to all the transactions made in the savings account. 

Account-holders can also get to know the account balance, transaction history, transfer funds, get mini statements etc., using HDFC net banking.

Get HDFC Mini Statement with the help of ATM service:-

Below mentioned are the steps for getting the HDFC Mini statement via ATM:

  • Visit nearby ATM. Enter ATM card and also its 4 digits PIN.
  • Select language, and then go to the Mini statement option.
  • Then the machine will give a print receipt of the mini statement of the HDFC savings account containing the last 10 recently made transactions.

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How to Register for HDFC Bank Mini Statement?

Following are the steps for the registration of a mobile number with HDFC Bank:

  1. Registration via SMS: 

HDFC account holders are required to send an SMS in the below-mentioned format so as to register a mobile number with the bank:

REGISTER <Customer ID> Last 5 digits of A/c no.



  1. Registration via Net Banking:

The steps for mobile registration with HDFC bank are as follows:

  • Using customer ID and password, make a login into HDFC net banking portal.
  • Go to option "SMS Banking" and then fill in all the details asked for.

This can also be done either by visiting ATM or by filing the SMS banking application form by visiting the nearest branch.

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HDFC Bank Mini Statement Number

HDFC users can get access to the latest transactions (debit or credit), and for that, an account holder is required to call on the toll-free number & then speak with the HDFC customer care executive so as to get the details of the last 3 transactions made. The toll-free number is:


But to get the HDFC account statement, dial:


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Benefits Of HDFC Bank Mini Statement Service

  • HDFC Mini statement service gives instant & convenient access to all the bank details to the account holder.
  • User can make routine transactions & gets access to all the information without even visiting bank saving time & efforts.
  • This service is available 24*7, i.e. anywhere and at any time.
  • HDFC Mobile Banking & Internet banking allows users to get the details of recent bank transactions.
  • In the case of HDFC Missed call service, users do not require an internet connection, i.e. by giving missed calls from the registered mobile number, users can get HDFC Mini statement.
  • In case users get mini statements via SMS banking, they don't even require smartphones.
  • In case account holders get a Mini statement via HDFC mobile app, the service is not chargeable.

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HDFC Mini Statement Number FAQs

✅ Is the SMS banking facility chargeable?


No, the SMS banking facility for getting a Mini statement is not chargeable.

✅ How much time does it get hold of completing the registration of mobile numbers for SMS banking?


Once the application form is duly filled & submitted, it takes 4 working days for HDFC Bank to complete the registration process.

✅ Can HDFC SMS Banking also be accessed outside the registered city?


Yes, this facility can be availed from anywhere in the country and also outside the country and that too anytime, but roaming should be activated on the registered mobile number.

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✅How to check the cheque status by SMS?


Cheque status can be checked by sending SMS in the below-mentioned format:

TXNMini statement5676712
CSTCheque number5676712

✅ How to download HDFC e-passbook?


There are different ways available to get an HDFC e-passbook:

  1. Submit the application form so as to receive the new passbook issued at the branch.
  2. By downloading HDFC mobile banking app so as to get an HDFC passbook.
  3. Log in to the HDFC Bank official website to get a passbook, i.e. to get access to bank statement details.

✅ What is HDFC M-Passbook?


HDFC Mobile banking app offers a new feature, i.e. HDFC M-Passbook. Without even visiting the bank, one can get the passbook updated on the mobile phone. It is a very convenient method to get the updates of transactions being done in the savings or current account regularly and also the details of Recurring Deposits and Fixed Deposits.

✅ Is HDFC Missed call service chargeable?


No, it is free of cost service. This service enables a user to get the HDFC mini statement and account details by just a missed call from the registered mobile number.