Features of BPCL SBI Credit Card

Welcome Gift

With BPCL SBI Card you get a Welcome Gift of 2,000 Activation Bonus Reward Points.

*It will take 20 days to credit the Welcome Reward Points after the payment of joining fee. You can redeem these points for the following:

  • To purchase fuel at select BPCL outlets across India
  • To avail BPCL Vouchers
  • To avail gifts from Shop n Smile rewards catalogue.
  • Value Back Benefits
  • Fuel Freedom Benefits
  • Worldwide Card Acceptance
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Balance Transfer on EMI
  • Flexipay
  • Easy Money Facility
  • Reward Benefits

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Annual Fee & Joining Fee

  • Joining Fees: Rs 499
  • Annual Fees: Rs 499

Eligibility for BPCL SBI Credit Card

  • Should be an Indian resident
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Must be salaried or self employed
  • Possess last 3 months bank statements.

Documents required for BPCL SBI Credit Card

  • KYC fulfilment: Passport/ Voter's ID Card/ Driving Licence/ Aadhaar Letter or Card/NREGA Card/PAN Card
  • Address proof: Utility Bills/ Ration Card/ Passport
  • ID proof: Aadhar Card/ PAN card/ Driving license/ Voter Id Card
  • Income Proof: Last 3 Salary slips / bank statements
  • Photographs: Minimum2 required passport size

Cashback & Rewards benefits

Value Back Benefits on your BPCL SBI Card:

  • 4.25% Valueback: You earn 13X Reward Points on every purchase* you make at BPCL petrol pumps.
  • Besides, you enjoy 3.25% + 1% fuel surcharge waiver on each purchase up to  4,000 across BPCL petrol pumps.

Reward Benefits on BPCL SBI Card:

  • Earn 5X Reward Points per  100 spent on a variety of retail purchases for groceries & other purchases at departmental stores, movie tickets booking & dining.
  • Additionally, you also get 5X Reward Points per  100 spent for payment of Utility Bills by setting standing instruction.
  • While for non-fuel retail purchases, you receive 1 Reward Point per  100 spent.

Terms of use:

  • 4 Reward Points are considered equal to  1.
  • The points can be instantly redeemed at select 1200 BPCL petrol pumps.
  • There is no restriction or threshold set for Rewards Redemption.

Fuel Freedom Benefits

  • Annually you can save 1200 by availing the surcharge waiver on Fuel refills, subject to a limit of  100 waiver in a month. That is, the maximum limit is  10,000 worth of fuel refill in a month. There is no minimum threshold and you avail the benefit on all transactions up to  4,000. So, you save the cost of 70 Liters of fuel annually with BPCL SBI Card.

Worldwide Card Acceptance

  • Use BPCL SBI Card without any hassle worldwide at any outlet globally accepting Visa or MasterCard. It is essentially an international Credit Card that can be used at over 24 million outlets worldwide, including over 3 Lakh outlets in India.

Add-on Cards

  • Like all other SBI Cards, you can apply for Add-On Cards with BPCL SBI Card for family members above the age of 18 years.

Utility Bill Payment

  • You also enjoy the freedom to use Easy Bill Pay facility to automate payment of your electricity, telephone, mobile, and other bills.

Balance Transfer on EMI

  • SBI Card allows you to transfer the balance of your other Credit Cards to BPCL SBI Card at a low rate, thereby allowing you to save while paying out your Credit Card dues. You can set affordable EMIs according to your repayment capacity.
  • To use this facility, access your account by logging on to sbicard.com and request the same.


  • With BPCL SBI Card, you can convert retail transactions worth  2,500 or more into flexible monthly installments. The request can be made within 30 days of the purchase made.

Easy Money Facility

  • One of the striking features of SBI Credit Cards is Easy Money facility. All you need to do is book money by logging in online and request a doorstep delivery of money against your cash limit in the form a draft or cheque.

Fees & Charges

Joining fee499
Renewal feeUp to  499
*Annually charged, second year onwards.
*Fee Waived off if previous year's spends are worth  50,000 or more
Add-on feeNil
Finance charges

Up to 3.35% per month,

i.e., 40.2% per annum from d.o.t (date of transaction)

Cash Advance Fee from domestic ATMs2.5% of transaction, minimum of  300
Cash Advance Fee from international ATMs3% of transaction, minimum of  300
Statement retrieval Fee100 per statement
*only for statements older than 2 months
Cash Payment Fee100
Cheque pickup100
Cheque Fee100
*for payments up to  10,000
Payment Dishonour fee2% of payment, minimum of  450
Late payment fee:
  • NIL for dues up to 200
  • 100 for dues from  200 to  500
  • 400 for dues from  500 to  1000
  • 600 for dues from  1000 to  10,000
  • 800 for dues from  10,000 to  25,000
  • 950 for dues greater than  25,000
Overlimit Charge2.5% of limit crossed, minimum of  500
Card replacement charge100
Emergency card replacement (when abroad)NIL
Currency Conversion mark up3.5%
Rewards redemption fee99
Priority Pass Lounge Charges19 Airport Lounge visits within India will be charged at $27 per visit + applicable taxes

Airport Lounge visits outside India will be charged at $27 per visit + applicable taxes (after exhaustion of complimentary visits).
All guests of SBI Cardholder to Airport Lounge will be charged at $27 per visit + applicable taxes.
Surcharge on railway tickets booked through counter30 + 2.5% of transaction
Surcharge on railway tickets booked through irctc.co.in1.8% of transaction + applicable service charge
Surcharge at petrol pumps1% fuel surcharge waiver for each transaction up to  4000 (excluding applicable taxes)
*Maximum waiver of  100 per Statement Cycle per Account.

Terms and Condition

  1. If you are regular in your Credit Card payments, you can enjoy free interest period of 20-50 days on retail purchases.
  2. Minimum amount is calculated as 5% of Outstanding Amount (Min.  200 + applicable taxes + EMI (if any) + OVL amount (if any).
  3. Cash advance limit is up to 80% of the limit, maximum  12,000 per day.
  4. Order of payment settlement: All payments will be settled in the order of Minimum Amount Due (inclusive of all applicable taxes + EMI + 5% of Total Outstanding), Fees & Other Charges, Interest Charges, Balance Transfer Outstanding, Purchase Outstanding and Cash Advance.
  5. Cheques payable outside clearing zones are not accepted; only local cheques or drafts payable in Delhi are accepted.
  6. All taxes are charged as applicable on the above.
  7. Your active card status reflects acceptance of all these amendments.
  8. For any help or assistance, contact SBI Card helpline:
    39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) or 1860 180 1290

Why Choose BPCL SBI Credit Card?

BPCL SBI Card is a co-branded Credit Card by BPCL and SBI Card that extends highest benefits on your fuel purchases. While you get 2000 Bonus Reward Points as a welcome gift, you can redeem these points for free fuel without any redemption limit.

You can save 1200 by availing the surcharge waiver on Fuel refills, subject to a limit of  100 waiver in a month. That is, the maximum limit is  10,000 worth of fuel refill in a month. There is no minimum threshold and you avail the benefit on all transactions up to  4,000. In all, you save the cost of 70 Liters of fuel annually with BPCL SBI Card.

Besides you enjoy all other regular benefits that are offered with SBI Credit Cards. So enjoy more savings as well as cash back offers and reward points in India as well as abroad with your BPCL SBI Card.

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SBI Credit Card Rewards

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✅ Am I eligible for BPCL SBI Card?


To apply for BPCL SBI Card, you must fulfil following eligibility requirements:

  1. You must be an Indian Citizen, who is at least 21 years of age.
  2. You should possess a stable income source. Both salaried and self-employed are eligible.
  3. Have a good credit history.

✅ What are the fuel freedom benefits on BPCL SBI Credit Card?


On your BPCL SBI Card, you get 4.25 % Valueback which is one of the best offers on any of the available credit cards. You avail exclusive 13X Reward Points on fuel purchase, 3.25% value back + 1% Fuel surcharge waiver which makes BPCL SBI Card a preferred fuel card. The benefit can be availed on each transaction up to  4,000 at BPCL petrol pumps. There is no minimum threshold set so that the card can be used flexibly every time. The maximum surcharge waiver is  100 in a month and this saves you 1200 annually.

✅ How to apply for BPCL SBI Card?


It is completely hassle-free to apply for BPCL SBI Card online. Follow the following steps:

  • Visit MyMoneyMantra Website.
  • Share your personal details and contact number to access the best deals.
  • Verify your identity by submitting the OTP sent on your registered mobile number.
  • You will be directed to MMM Cards listing page.
  • You can either connect with SBI Card directly by selecting BPCL SBI Card or compare different cards and select the best card according to your lifestyle.
  • A Credit Card specialist will call you and answer your queries and assist for card application.
  • By applying online through MyMoneyMantra website, your application is initiated. The Card representative will further help you with documentation pickup and card delivery. There is no charge involved at any stage.

✅ What documents do I need to apply for BPCL SBI Card?


To apply for BPCL SBI Card, you require a passport sized picture and copy of valid documents to verify your identity, income, address, and age. You will require the following documents:

  • Identity proof (anyone):  Voter's ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Ration Card, PAN Card Income Proof: Latest ITR/ Form 16/ Salary Slip/ Salary Certificate
  • Address Proof (anyone): Latest Utility Bills, Bank Passbook, a Letter from a recognized public authority, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card

✅ Why my BPCL SBI Card appears on Credit Report?


SBI Card is required to share your credit card history periodically with major credit bureaus. Each of your cards is listed in your credit report, and this helps you build your score. When you regularly pay your card bills, it records a good history of repayments and improves your credit score and credit worth.


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  • SBICPSL will not accept any liability pertaining to the quality, delivery or after-sales service of any of the products. It is the sole liability to Merchant.
  • Both SBICPSL and BPCL, reserve the right to modify or change any of the mentioned terms and conditions to this Program at any time.
  • All information in this communication is subject to change at the discretion of SBICPSL.