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HDFC Loan Against Property Details

HDFC, the premier housing finance institution in India, offers different types of non-housing loans, such as:

Loan Against Property: Personal loan against residential and commercial properties to meet business and individual needs.   
Commercial Property Loans: Loans to purchase commercial properties like shops and industrial galas.
Commercial Plot Loans: Financial assistance to buy plots of land for commercial development.

You can also check different features and benefits of taking HDFC Bank Loan Against Property Online.

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HDFC Loan Against Property Vs. Home Loan

A Loan Against Property differs from a home loan in various respects:

  • A home loan is a financial assistance for purchasing or constructing your house or flat, whereas a Loan Against Property is a loan against an existing property, residential or commercial.
  • A home loan involves the creation of an asset, whereas a property loan is against an existing asset.
  • The purpose of the property loan can be to meet business and individual needs. Individual needs can be anything ranging from medical expenses to education of children, and marriage expenses to going on a holiday tour.
  • As the purpose of the Loan Against Property is for meeting individual needs, the interest rate on such loans is higher than that of housing loans.
  • Housing loans have an extended repayment tenure that could extend up to 30 years, whereas loans against property have a repayment mandate of 15 years.
  • The LTV ratio of a housing loan can be in the range of 75% to 90% of the value of the property. In the case of loans against property, the LTV ratio should not be more than 50% for new customers and 60% for existing customers.

You can also use Loan Against Property Interest Rate Calculator to find out how much you will save on interest and how it affects your Loan EMI.

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HDFC Loan Against Property - Repayment

As with home loans, the ideal mode of repayment of Loan Against Property is the EMI, which can be calculated using the HDFC mortgage loan EMI calculator. The EMI concept is the most effective of all repayment methods. HDFC has different ways of repayment for home loans depending on the age of the borrower, the repaying capacity, the income generation, and the repayment tenure.

The EMI Concept

EMI represents Equated Monthly Instalments. The very term suggests that the instalment should be equal every month for a given set of circumstances. The EMI depends on the following factors:

  • The loan amount
  • The rate of interest applicable to the loan
  • The loan repayment tenure

Any change in the above three factors affects the EMI. You can calculate HDFC mortgage loa EMI using the HDFC mortgage loan calculator.

  • An increase or decrease in the loan amount causes a corresponding change in the EMI
  • Similarly, the rate of interest is also directly proportional to the EMI amount
  • In the case of repayment tenure, the EMI decreases as the tenure goes up, and vice versa

The EMI comprises two components:

  • Principal Repayment Component
  • Interest Repayment Component

As the EMI remains constant for every set of specific parameters, the principal and interest repayment components vary accordingly. In the initial stages, the interest component is substantially high. As the borrower keeps repaying the EMIs on time, the interest component keeps reducing. Simultaneously, the principal component keeps on rising gradually. Therefore, the loan gets repaid over its entire tenure.

Check Loan Against Property Interest Rate for lowest LAP Interest Rates.

HDFC Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

Calculating the EMI can be a challenging procedure. Generally, HDFC arrives at the EMI and mentions the same in the sanction letter. However, the borrower should know the formula for calculating the EMI. It will enable the borrower to determine whether the lender's calculation is accurate or not.

One of the easiest ways of determining the EMI is to use the mortgage loan EMI calculator HDFC.

  • HDFC offers a mortgage loan calculator HDFC on its website. The formula for calculation of the EMI for a Loan Against Property is the same for all loans.
  • Visit the website and proceed to the HDFC mortgage loan EMI calculator or Loan Against Property EMI.
  • Use the slider option to enter your loan amount. Alternatively, you can input the figure directly, as well.
  • Similarly, input the loan tenure in years and the applicable rate of interest in percentage per annum.

On doing so, you get the following results through HDFC loan against property calculator:

  • Monthly EMI
  • Principal amount
  • Interest amount
  • Total amount payable

Click on the 'View Details' option to get the loan amortization schedule. This schedule shows the details of the payment of the EMI annually. It also displays the breakup of EMI into interest repayment and principal repayment over the entire tenure. You can notice that the appropriation towards the interest component is more in the initial years. As you go deep into the mandate, the principal repayment component increases gradually.

An example of the calculation of EMI for the HDFC Loan Against Property considering the following assumptions:

Consider the following assumptions:

  • Loan Against Property Amount - 25 Lakhs
  • Tenure of the loan - 15 years
  • Rate of interest - 9.50% - 11.00% per annum

On entering this data into the LAP EMI calculator HDFC, you get the following results instantaneously:

  • EMI Amount - Rs. 26,106
  • Principal Amount - Rs. 25 Lakhs
  • Interest Repayment - Rs. 21,99,011
  • Total repayable amount - Rs. 46,99,011

Click on the view details to get the loan amortization schedule.

YearOpening BalanceEMI*12Yearly InterestPrincipal Repayment yearlyClosing Balance
1Rs. 25,00,000Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 2,34,112Rs. 79,155Rs. 24,20,845
2Rs. 24,20,845Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 2,26,256Rs. 87,011Rs. 23,33,834
3Rs. 23,33,834Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 2,17,621Rs. 95,647Rs. 22,38,187
4Rs. 22,38,187Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 2,08,128Rs. 1,05,139Rs. 21,33,048
5Rs. 21,33,048Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 1,97,693Rs. 1,15,574Rs. 20,17,474
6Rs. 20,17,474Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 1,86,223Rs. 1,27,045Rs. 18,90,429
7Rs. 18,90,429Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 1,73,614Rs. 1,39,654Rs. 17,50,776
8Rs. 17,50,776Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 1,59,754Rs. 1,53,514Rs. 15,97,262
9Rs. 15,97,262Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 1,44,518Rs. 1,68,750Rs. 14,28,512
10Rs. 14,28,512Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 1,27,770Rs. 1,85,498Rs. 12,43,014
11Rs. 12,43,014Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 1,09,360Rs. 2,03,908Rs. 10,39,107
12Rs. 10,39,107Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 89,122Rs. 2,24,145Rs. 8,14,961
13Rs. 8,14,961Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 66,876Rs. 2,46,391Rs. 5,68,570
14Rs. 5,68,570Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 42,423Rs. 2,70,845Rs. 2,97,725
15Rs. 2,97,725Rs. 3,13,267Rs. 15,542Rs. 2,97,7250


  • The EMI remains constant throughout the tenure for the specific rate of interest
  • The interest repayment component is the highest in the first year. It reduces gradually in the initial stages. As the repayment tenure comes to an end, it reduces drastically.
  • Similarly, the principal repayment component is the least in the initial stages. It increases as you keep repaying the EMI.
  • Over the entire tenure of 15 years, the loan gets closed.

You can also Check Loan Against Property Without Income Proof and ITR

Alternate Methods of Calculating the EMI

The formula for calculating the EMI remains the same. You can calculate the EMI using the LAP calculator HDFC at the MyMoneyMantra website, as well.

  • Visit the official webpage of MyMoneyMantra
  • Go to Financial Tools
  • Select Loan Against Property EMI Calculator
  • Input the data such as loan amount, rate of interest, and loan tenure
  • Click on Calculate option to get the EMI
  • The loan against property calculator HDFC also gives a graphical representation of the total interest and principal amount repayment throughout the entire tenure.

Calculate Your EMI Using MS Excel Tables

Apart from the online EMI calculators, you can calculate the EMI of your Loan Against Property using MS Excel tables.

  • Use the PMT function for calculating the EMI in MS Excel.
  • The syntax is = PMT(Rate, Nper, PV)
  • Rate - the rate of interest (it should be the monthly rate. For example 12% per annum = 1% per month or 0.01 if you use Excel table)
  • Nper - no of instalments (months)
  • PV - Loan amount, also known as Present Value

Calculate the EMI using the mathematical formula

EMI = (P * R/12) * [(1+R/12)^N] / [(1+R/12)^N-1]

  • P = the principal amount of the loan
  • R = Annual rate of interest
  • N = Number of monthly instalments

Alternate Repayment Options to the EMI

HDFC offers alternate repayment options in the home loan to borrowers depending on their income generation. This facility is generally not available on Loan Against Property.

Step-Up Repayment Facility

This facility is useful for young borrowers who avail home loans early in life. In the initial stages of the career, the income would be at a lower level. It increases with the annual increments and promotions. HDFC offers a unique facility where the EMI is lower in the initial years. It rises in proportion to your income in the subsequent years. This facility allows young borrowers to avail a higher amount of loan.

Flexible Loan Instalment Plan

This facility is the opposite of what we have discussed above. The EMI is higher in the initial years and reduces proportionately with a subsequent decrease in the income. It is ideal for people who avail loans close to their retirement period. The pension amount they could receive will be lower than their monthly salary. This method of repaying EMI suits such people the best.

Tranche Based EMI

The tranche-based EMI concept is available in the case of home loans availed for properties under construction. Generally, you pay the interest on the amounts of loan disbursed during the construction stage and start the EMI after the full disbursement. However, you can tranche the loan and start paying the EMIs immediately without waiting for the total disbursement.

Accelerated Repayment Schedule

This option provides you with the facility of increasing your EMIs every year in proportion to your income. It can result in faster liquidation of the loan.

Telescopic Repayment Schedule

Borrowers get an extended repayment tenure up to 15 years with this option. As the tenure is longer, you have a smaller EMI, thereby entitling you for a bigger loan.

Amortization Table

YearOpening BalanceAmount paid by customer (EMI*12)Interest paid during the yearPrincipal paid during the yearClosing Balance

HDFC Loan Against Property EMI Calculator FAQs

✅ Is the HDFC EMI calculator tool a reliable instrument?


Yes, the property loan calculator HDFC provides you with the most accurate calculations. You have alternate methods to check out the accuracy of this tool.

✅ What will happen if the rate of interest changes during the loan tenure?


In this era of floating rates of interest, the possibility of the rate changing is very much there in consideration. The HDFC property loan calculators available online do not have any facility to calculate the new EMI on their own. The borrower has to input new data to get the new EMI.

✅ How does HDFC calculate the EMI in the case of a change in the interest rate?


HDFC uses two options. One is to keep the EMI constant. Therefore, the loan repayment tenure will increase/decrease accordingly. Otherwise, it can choose to keep the mandate constant, whereby there will be a corresponding change in the EMI amount.

✅ Does HDFC provide you with a loan amortization schedule?


Usually, HDFC provides you with an amortization schedule at the time of the sanction of the loan. Borrowers can also seek the details whenever there is a change in the interest rate and a corresponding change in the tenure/EMI.

✅ What information does the loan amortization schedule provide?


The loan amortization schedule provides information about the total interest payable over the tenure of the loan. It also provides the breakup of interest and principal repayment on an annual basis. Thus, the loan amortization schedule enlightens you about the appropriation of the EMIs you pay. You get an idea about the outstanding loan amounts throughout the loan tenure.

✅ How can I repay the Loan Against Property quickly?


The best way to repay your Loan Against Property quickly is to make monthly prepayments with the surplus funds you have at your disposal. As these payments will be over and above the usual EMI, you can end up repaying the loan faster than usual.

✅ Is there a penalty for making additional prepayments?


It depends on the credit policies of HDFC. Usually, HDFC allows prepayment up to 25% of the outstanding principal amount at the start of the year without charging any penalty. Any payment made over the threshold 25% will attract a penalty for the amount exceeding the threshold limit.

✅ Which is the better method, the EMI or any of the alternate techniques discussed here?


It depends on the circumstances of the case. If you are a young borrower at the start of your career, the step-up repayment option is the best. Similarly, for people close to their retirement ages, the flexible repayment option is the ideal one.

✅ Can I calculate the personal loan EMI using a home loan EMI calculator?


The formula for calculating the EMI is the same for all kinds of loans that follow the compounding interest methodology. Therefore, you can use the home loan EMI calculator for calculating the personal loan EMI.

✅ Will this EMI calculator be useful for calculating the EMI on simple interest loans?


No, the formula for calculating the EMI is for loans with compound interest. It is not the ideal calculator for determining the EMI of a loan with simple interest.

✅ What is the interest rate for loan against property in HDFC Bank?


The interest rate for the loan against property in HDFC Bank ranges from 9.50% - 11.00% p.a.

✅ What is the interest rate for HDFC property loan 2024?


The interest rate for HDFC property loan 2024 varies between 9.50% - 11.00% p.a.

✅ How much loan can I get in loan against property?


You can get up to 65% of the value of your property as a loan against property.

✅ Is loan against property a good idea?


Yes. It is a secured loan that can be obtained against the value of a self-owned property. The interest rate and processing fee on a mortgage loan are lower than unsecured loans. Also, the credit score requirement is flexible. You can fund almost every financial need with a loan against property.

✅ How does a Loan against Property EMI calculator work?


A loan against property EMI calculator requires three parameters to calculate the EMI figure. You will be required to mention the loan amount, interest rate and tenure of the loan for exact EMI calculation.

✅ What is mortgage loan interest rate?


The mortgage loan interest rates for HDFC loan against property ranges from 9.50% - 11.00% p.a.

✅ What is the EMI for 20 lakh mortgage loan?


The EMI for a 20 lakh mortgage loan may vary depending on the repayment tenure and applicable interest rate. For example, if you take a 20 lakh mortgage loan from HDFC at an interest rate of 9.50% - 11.00% p.a. for a tenure of 15 years, your EMI will be Rs. 20,884.

✅ What is the EMI for 30 lakh mortgage for 20 years?


The EMI for a 30 lakh mortgage loan for 20 years tenure may vary depending on the applicable interest rate. For example, if you take a 30 lakh mortgage loan from HDFC for 20 years at an interest rate of 9.50% p.a., your EMI will be Rs. 27,964.