Features & Benefits of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

Welcome Benefits:

  • As a welcome gift, Paytm HDFC credit card holders are entitled for a complimentary Paytm First membership that opens the door for added benefits of up to Rs 75,000 through coupons and brand vouchers of Myntra, Tata Cliq, PharmEasy, Voot Select, The Man Company, Fab Hotels, and many more. 
  • The benefits of Paytm First membership will remain over and above the existing cashback offered by Paytm HDFC credit card. To avail the free Paytm First Membership, a user has to do a minimum transaction of Rs 100. 

Cashback Benefits:

  • A Paytm HDFC Bank credit card user can qualify for the milestone benefit, earning up to Rs 1,200 cashback annually as the credit card fetches a cashback of 1% on spending Rs 10,000 a month. 
  • The category of spends should be non-rental, non-EMI and non-wallet top-ups and the quantum of cashback is capped at Rs 100 per month. 
  • The cashback generated through Paytm HDFC credit card is not applicable on loading Paytm wallet, spending on fuel, EMI, rent payments and government-related spends.
  • Cumulatively, a Paytm HDFC credit card user can get a 5% cashback on meeting the spends of Rs 5 lakh in a card membership year. 
  • This includes fuel surcharge waivers, non-EMI milestone benefit on non-EMI spends, fee waiver benefits, cashbacks on retail, Paytm, Paytm Mall, Movie spends. 

Discounts & Vouchers:

  • Every Paytm HDFC Bank credit card user is eligible to get 5% off on travel bookings including flights, hotels and resorts, movie ticket bookings, online, as well as offline shopping, dining and recharges done through Paytm’s platform.
  • All cardmembers can claim up to 20% discount on partner restaurants for payments via Swiggy Dineout using using Paytm HDFC Bank credit card.
  • You can also qualify for gift vouchers of up to Rs 2,000 in a calendar year with vouchers of Rs 500 each on crossing the spend threshold of Rs 50,000 in respective quarters. 
  • The cashpoints accrued on grocery spends through Paytm HDFC credit card have an upper ceiling of 1,000 in a calendar month and the redemption of travel reward points is capped at 50,000 points a month from April 01, 2020, onwards. 

Complimentary Lounge Access:

  • The primary cardholder of Paytm HDFC Bank credit card can avail up to 4 add-on credit cards for no extra annual maintenance costs. 
  • As a Paytm HDFC credit card customer, you’ll be eligible for eight complimentary domestic lounge visits in a calendar year, two in each quarter. 

Cashback Redemption:

  • Paytm HDFC Bank credit card provides cashback in form of cashpoints in the credit card account, the same can be redeemed as cashback following the generation of monthly statement. 
  • The overall redemption of cashback is capped at 3,000 points in a month. Paytm HDFC credit card has also introduced a minimum of 30% pay system following which a user can only utilise pay a maximum of 70% through points on select categories. 

Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

  • Paytm HDFC credit card comes with the advantage of fuel surcharge waiver on a minimum transaction of Rs 400. 
  • A customer can get 1% fuel surcharge waiver up to Rs 250 per statement cycle. The maximum transaction that can qualify for a fuel surcharge is limited to Rs 500. 

Zero-Cost Liability Benefit:

  • Paytm HDFC Bank credit card comes with zero-cost liability in case the card is lost or misplaced. 
  • A customer can report the event immediately at the 24-hour HDFC Bank call centre to avoid misuse. 
  • Customers have zero liability on any fraudulent transactions that are conducted via Paytm HDFC credit card as soon as they report about the loss of credit card.

Paytm HDFC Credit Card Fees & Charges

Annual & Renewal Fee:

  • Paytm HDFC Bank credit card has an annual fee of Rs 500 or Rs 49 per month. The credit card comes with an option of spend-based annual fee waiver. 
  • In order to avail the annual fee waiver, a Paytm HDFC credit card user has to spend Rs 30,000 in the first 90 days of credit card issuance, while the renewal fee can be waived off if the customer crosses a spend threshold of Rs 50,000 in the 12-month period. The customers onboarded after April 01, 2023, are eligible for this waiver option. 

Fee Waiver Conditions:

  • Paytm HDFC credit card customers who were onboarded before April 01, 2023, can avail a waiver of monthly fee of Rs 49 by spending at least Rs 5,000 in a month. 
  • Only non-EMI spends can qualify to fulfil the spend threshold for monthly, annual, as well as renewal fee waivers. 
  • Paytm HDFC Bank credit card customers onboarded on March 31, 2023, will continue with the month-based fee and waiver options. Such customers will be moved to annual pricing from April 01, 2024. 

Fee on Rent Payments & Forex Mark-Up:

  • Paytm HDFC credit card levied an additional fee of 1% on rental payments through credit card from the second rental transaction in the same month. 
  • A 1% mark-up fee is applicable on international dynamic currency conversion (DCC) transactions done through Paytm HDFC Bank credit cards.

Paytm HDFC Bank Credit Card Eligibility

A user can check the eligibility of Paytm HDFC credit card through the Paytm mobile application or the Paytm web portal by logging in with their respective mobile number and providing the requisite details such as PAN, Aadhaar for the proof of address and proof of identity.

Additional info: Check HDFC bank credit card eligibility in detail.

Some Other HDFC Bank Credit Card

Apart from Paytm HDFC Credit Card, HDFC Bank offers the following credit cards:

  • HDFC IndianOil Credit Card
  • Millennia Credit Card
  • HDFC INFINIA Credit Card
  • HDFC Diners Club Credit Card
  • Freedom Credit Card
  • Swiggy HDFC Credit Card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank Select Credit Card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank Mobile Credit Card
  • Regalia Credit Card
  • Diners Club Privilege Credit Card
  • MoneyBack+ Credit Card
  • MoneyBack Credit Card
  • Regalia First Credit Card
  • Diners ClubMiles Credit Card
  • Platinum Times Card
  • Titanium Times Card6E Rewards - IndiGo HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • 6E Rewards XL- India
  • Go HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit card
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Signature Credit card
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum Credit card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank SELECT Business Credit Card
  • Business Regalia
  • Business MoneyBack
  • Best Price Save Max HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • Best Price Save Smart HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • CSC Small Business MoneyBack
  • All Miles Credit Card
  • Bharat Credit Card
  • Business Bharat Credit Card
  • Business Freedom Credit Card
  • Business Gold Credit Card
  • Business Platinum Credit Card
  • Business Regalia First Credit Card
  • Diners Club Premium Credit Card
  • Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card
  • Doctor's Regalia Credit Card
  • Doctor's Superia Credit Card
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Select / Titanium
  • Platinum Edge Credit Card
  • Platinum Plus Credit Card
  • Solitaire Credit Card
  • Superia Credit Card
  • Teachers Platinum Credit Card
  • Titanium Edge Credit Card
  • Visa Signature Credit Card
  • World MasterCard Credit Card

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Paytm HDFC Bank Credit Card FAQs

What is an annual fee for the Paytm HDFC Credit Card?


The annual fee for Paytm HDFC credit card is Rs 500 + GST.

Do I get reward points on EMI transactions of Paytm HDFC credit card?


No. You’ll not receive reward points on EMI transactions done through a Paytm HDFC credit card. However, a user can avail any cashback of discount offers that are attached alongside an EMI transaction by the seller.

What is the interest free period of HDFC Paytm credit card?


The interest-free period of HDFC Paytm credit card is up to 50 days. The maximum interest-free period can be availed on the day of credit card bill generation. 

Are there any annual charges for Paytm HDFC Credit Card?


Yes. There is an annual charge of Rs 500 on the Paytm HDFC credit card. Customers of Paytm HDFC Bank credit card onboarded before April 01, 2023, are subject to a month-based maintenance fee of Rs 49. 

How can I obtain a Paytm HDFC credit card statement?


Paytm HDFC credit card statement can be viewed and downloaded through the credit card section of HDFC Bank credit card net banking. The credit card statement can also be retrieved from the email as the bank is mandated to send the monthly statements to the registered email IDs of a customer.