Banking Full Form

Abbreviation is used for making  group of words shorter. The banking industry too contains various acronyms or abbreviations that are important to know for common individuals including the people who are planning to avail of any financial product or service from a bank. A list of some important banking full forms is explained below.


List of Banking Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
DSA Full FormDirect Selling Agent
ACF Full FormAccount Credit Facility
CBS Full FormCore Banking Solution
CIBIL Full FormCredit Information Bureau (India) Limited
CLG Full FormClearing or Clearing House Transactions 
CTC Full FormCost to Company
ECS Full FormElectronic Clearing Service
EMI Full FormEquated Monthly Installment
GST Full FormGoods and Services Tax
HDFC Full FormHousing Development Finance Corporation Limited 
IMPS Full FormImmediate Payment Service 
INR Full FormIndian Rupee
KYC Full FormKnow Your Customer
MMID Full FormMobile Money Identifier
NACH Full FormNational Automated Clearing House
NEFT Full FormNational Electronic Funds Transfer
NOC Full FormNo Objection Certificate
OC Full FormOver-collateralization
TAT Full FormTurn Around Time
KYC Full FormKnow Your Customer
ATM Full FormAutomated Teller Machine
LIC Full FormLife Insurance Corporation of India

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Benefits of Understanding Banking Full Forms

Knowing the banking full forms has many benefits as mentioned below:

  • When you apply for a loan or wish to avail any other financia services of banks, knowing these terms will help you in decision making.
  • The bank from where you are availing of any financial service will consider you a smart customer.
  • It will be easier for you to fill up a form in the bank if you know banking terms and full forms.
  • You will not hesitate while communicating with bank representatives and will be able to answer their queries instantly.

Banking Full Form FAQs

What is the Full Form of EMI?


EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. It is the fixed amount of money (principal + interest components) that you have to pay for a loan for the tenure decided by the bank.

What is ICICI Full Form?


ICICI full form is Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India.

What is the Full Form of RBI?


RBI stands for the Reserve Bank of India.

What is the Long Form of UPI?


UPI longform is Unified Payments Interface.

What is the Full Form of NABARD?


The full form of NABARD is National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development.

What is the Full Form of IFSC?


IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code.

What is the Full Form of HDFC?


HDFC’s full form is Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited.

What is the Full Form of SBI?


SBI is the abbreviation of the State Bank of India.