MMID Full Form

Funds transfer can be done with a click these days using either a Net Banking facility or through a mobile application. IMPS is a popular online payment method for funds transfer. With MMID, you can access the IMPS Service through a mobile application of the respective bank. To know more about MMID full Form and its application, go through the article.


What is MMID

MMID is the seven-digit code generated by the bank that enables individuals to perform funds transfers only without the need for sensitive information like the bank account details and the IFSC Code. MMID Full form is Mobile Money Identifier and is an essential requirement for transfer of funds through IMPS using a mobile application of the desired bank.

Key Features of MMID

  • An MMID, which is a seven-digit code, is created the moment you list your mobile number with the respective bank.
  • MMID Full-Form, i.e., Mobile Money Identifier, will enable you to use IMPS Service through a mobile application of the respective bank for funds transfer.
  • The first four digits of the MMID indicate the bank providing the IMPS facility.
  • IMPS service is available round the clock for funds transfer.
  • IMPS accessed through the MMID enables funds transfer with just a click and is by far the fastest mode of online money transfer.
  • If you have to access the IMPS Service through the MMID, you will have to register for a mobile banking facility.

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Procedure to Generate MMID

Three modes are enabled to generate MMID, and you can choose the one that is convenient for you.

MMID Generation through Mobile Banking

  • Download the mobile application of the respective bank.
  • Log in to the mobile application with login credentials.
  • Choose the 'Accounts' option
  • Click on the 'Generate MMID' tab
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to generate MMID.

MMID Generation through Internet Banking

  • Access the official website of your bank
  • Log in to the net-banking facility with login credentials.
  • Click on the 'Generate MMID' tab on the home page
  • Enter the necessary details and verify
  • Immediately MMID will be generated.

MMID Generation through Phone Banking

  • Place a call on the phone banking number of the bank
  • Choose the language that you are familiar with.
  • Talk to the representative who is on call and request him/her to generate an MMID for you.
  • MMID will be sent to your registered mobile number within 24 hours.

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How to use MMID for Money Transfer?

MMID can be used to access IMPS for funds transfer either by using the mobile application of the respective bank or by sending SMS. In both cases, the funds will be credited to the beneficiary's account immediately upon completion of the process.


Funds Transfer using MMID through Mobile Application

  • Download the mobile application of the respective bank log in using login credentials.
  • Choose the 'Funds Transfer' option.
  • Among the payment modes available, choose IMPS.
  • Provide the details like beneficiary mobile number, MMID, and the amount to be transferred.
  • Verify all the details
  • Click on the 'confirm' button to complete the process.
  • The amount will be transferred immediately.

Funds Transfer using MMID through SMS

You can also transfer funds through the SMS service of the respective bank using MMID. You should send an SMS in the prescribed format. The format may differ from bank to bank. However, the general format will be

IMPS <Beneficiary MMID><Beneficiary Mobile No><Amount><MPIN>

Funds Transfer using MMID through ATM

  • Go to the ATM that is nearest to you.
  • Make the choice of language and enter your PIN
  • Select the 'Other Services' option
  • Under 'Other Services', choose 'Funds Transfer.'
  • Enter the beneficiary mobile number, MMID and the transaction amount.
  • Click on the verify button.
  • Choose the account that has to be debited.
  • Click on the 'Confirm' tab to complete the process.

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Why is MMID so important?

  • MMID is mandatory if you have to use the IMPS Service for funds transfer through the mobile application.
  • IMPS has gained popularity over the other payment method for the simple reason that the service is available 24 x 7 in the literal sense.
  • It is possible to identify an individual and his/her bank account with an active mobile number as no two individuals will be issued the same mobile number.
  • The funds' transfer is possible even without the disclosure of bank account details and IFSC Code with just the mobile number of the beneficiary and MMID.
  • But here, too, there was a hitch. A single mobile number can be linked to multiple bank accounts. As a solution to this issue, the MMID concept was formed. Every bank account will have a different MMID. There is no scope for duplication of the MMID.


MMID is crucial if you have to access the IMPS service for funds transfer using the mobile application. MMID resolved the confusion of singling out a bank account from the multiple accounts linked to a mobile number. No two bank accounts will be given the same MMID. So it is adequate to know the beneficiary's mobile number, MMID and the amount to transfer funds through IMPS using MMID in a mobile application. With the awareness of MMID Full Form and the ways to generate MMID, you can go ahead generate the MMID and use the mobile application of your bank to transfer funds in a jiffy, and that too round the clock.

MMID Full Form FAQs

How can I know the MMID of my account registered for mobile banking?


On completion of the mobile banking registration process, MMID will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS.

Why is MMID required?


There are many individuals who even today visit the bank to transfer funds to other bank accounts. The reason being they are not able to access online payment methods like NEFT and RTGS as they do not have access to net banking facilities. But they do have a mobile phone. Funds transfer through IMPS using a mobile platform is possible only if you have an MMID or, in other words, if you have registered for mobile banking. 

Though the mobile number is linked to multiple accounts, the sender can pick the account that has to be debited using MMID. Though multiple accounts are linked to a mobile number, every bank account has a distinct MMID.

What is the limit for funds transfer through IMPS using MMID?


There is no minimum amount stipulated for funds transfer through IMPS. However, a maximum of Rs. 50000/- for all transactions. If the funds' transfer using MMID is through SMS, then the per transaction maximum limit will be Rs. 5000/-

What precautions should be taken while transferring funds through IMPS using MMID?


You should be very cautious while entering the mobile number of the beneficiary while performing funds transfer through IMPS using MMID, as the funds will not be recredited automatically to the sender's account in case of a failed transaction. The amount has to be refunded by the beneficiary alone, which becomes very complicated.