Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer Details

Interest Rate6.90% onwards
Loan TenureUp to 30 Years
Loan Amount
As per LTV
Top Up: Up to Rs 50 Lakh
Processing FeeUp to 0.5% of the loan amount 
(Rs 1500 - Rs 10000) + GST
Prepayment FeeNIL for floating home loans

Features of Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer

  • Get home loan transfer for up to 100% outstanding amount.
  • Total loan sanctions up to 75-90% of LTV.
  • You can apply for top up along with transfer. 
  • Concessional rate of interest is available for women applicants.
  • Competitive rate of interest.
  • Low processing fee.
  • Extended repayment tenure up to 30 years.
  • Transfer your home loans for ready-to-move in flat, purchase of plot and subsequent construction, renovation or extension of property.
  • The existing NBFC/ HFC must be rated A, or above.

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Benefits of Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer

  • No hidden charges.
  • Prepayment allowed from own funds, without any charges.
  • No prepayment charge for home loans on floating rate of interest.
  • Easy access to home loan account online.
  • Customised home loans for salaried, self-employed professionals & self-employed non-professionals.

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Eligibility Criteria for Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer

To qualify for Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer, you must meet following eligibility criteria:

  • You should be an existing home loan customer from other lender.
  • You must obtain an NOC from the lender before requesting a transfer of home loan.
  • Your profile should be backed by clean repayment record for the account. 
  • All profiles including salaried, self-employed professionals and self-employed non-professionals can apply.
  • At least 3 years of employment for salaried individual and in the same profession for self-employed.
  • Total loan amount will vary as under:
    90% of property value for loans below Rs 30 lakh
    80% for loans ranging between Rs 30-75 lakh 
    up to 75% for loans above 75 lakh
  • Applicant must be between 21 - 60 years of age.
  • All loans must be paid off before the applicant turns 75 years.

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Interest Rates for Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer

Applicable rate of interest for Home Loan balance transfer customers are as under:

Type of Home Loan Rate of Interest (% p.a.)
Canara Housing Loan for Purchase/ Construction/ Extension/Repair or renovation of home6.90% to 8.90%
Canara Home Improvement Loan9.40 - 11.5 %
Canara Home Loan Plus7.45 - 9.50 %
Canara Home Loan Secure7.00 % onwards
Canara Mortgage Loan9.95 - 12.00%
Canara Site Loan7.95% - 9.00%

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Fees & Charges Applicable on Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer

There are no hidden charges involved. 

Canara Bank Home Loan processing fee is nominal at 0.50% (Min Rs.1500/- and Max. Rs.10,000/-). 

There are NIL Prepayment charges for floating loans.

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Canara Bank Home Loan Documents

To avail a balance transfer, you will require following additional documents.

  • NOC from the existing lender regarding pre-closure.
  • Account statement from the date of sanction.
  • Outstanding amount on letter head.
  • List of original documents which are held by the previous lender with attested copies.
  • Sanction letter's copy.
  • OPL from transferring Bank.
  • Bank statement reflecting last 12 EMI payments. 

Home Loan documentation

  • Duly filled loan application + 2 passport size photos of all applicants
  • Sale Deed, Agreement for Sale
  • Copy of the approved plan for the proposed construction/ extension/ addition
  • Detailed cost estimate / valuation report 
  • Allotment letter for property
  • Legal scrutiny report, encumbrance certificate for 13 years, property tax receipts, Khata and permission for mortgage, as applicable
  • Salary certificate and form 16 (salaried profiles)
  • IT returns for past 3 AYs (non-salaried persons)
  • Business profile
  • Balance Sheet and P&L Account for 3 years

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Process to Transfer Home Loan to Canara Bank

It is completely hassle free to transfer balance of your home loan to Canara Bank. Follow steps as discussed under-

  • Submit a stipulated request form to the existing lender. Request transfer and share reasons for the same.
  • On receipt of your request, the bank/ HFC will review your application and assess account status.
  • Now bank will issue No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • With NOC in hand, submit home loan transfer application to Canara Bank.
  • The bank will contact the previous lender & verify the details.
  • On success, Canara Bank will take over your loan and share new loan agreement with you.
  • The previous bank will share confirmation letter and close the account and cancel pre-signed cheques & standing instructions attached with the account. 
  • Now your home loan is transferred to Canara Bank and next EMI needs to be serviced according to new terms.

Canara Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer: Customer Care

For your queries about home loan balance transfer, call Canara Bank on any of the following numbers:

  • Toll free numbers: 
  • 1800 425 0018
  • 1800 103 0018
  • 1800 208 3333
  • 1800 3011 3333

Non Toll Free Numbers: (for overseas calls)

  • +91-80-22064232

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Home Loan Balance Transfer starts at 8.50% p.a for all profiles

Apply for Home Loan Balance Transfer online instantly and get lower interest rate starting at 8.50% p.a. Get better terms and services. You can also avail instant top up loan facility during balance transfer.


✅What is home loan balance transfer?


Home Loan Balance Transfer allows borrowers to switch their lender and refinance home loan at lower interest rate. By opting for a home loan transfer, you can reset loan terms and avail one or many of the benefits such as lowered EMIs, extended tenure and top up on loan amount. 

✅Who should go for home loan balance transfer?


Opt for home loan balance transfer:

  • If the rate of interest of existing Home Loan is higher than the current rate available in the market.
  • If you want to extend the loan tenure.
  • If you need to top up loan amount.
  • If you want to pay lower EMIs.
  • When you are not happy with services of existing lender.

Besides these reasons, make sure the residual tenure of your loan is more than 5 years.

✅What collateral is required for Canara Bank home loan balance transfer?


The property involved will be used as collateral for Canara Bank home loan balance transfer.

✅What is the lowest rate of interest for Canara Bank home loan balance transfer?


The lowest rate of interest for Canara Bank home loan balance transfer is 6.90% p.a. Women applicants are eligible for 5 bps concession. 

✅What is the processing fee for Canara Bank home loan balance transfer?


The processing fee for Canara Bank home loan balance transfer is 0.50% of loan amount, subject to minimum of Rs 1,500 and maximum of Rs 10,000.

✅What is the prepayment charge charged for prepayment or foreclosure of Canara Bank Home Loan?


The bank charges NIL prepayment fees for floating interest rate loans. However, 2% of the outstanding amount is levied for fixed interest rate loans transfer or foreclosure.

✅What is the maximum approval for Canara Bank home loan balance transfer?


Canara bank finances up to:

For salaried individual - 4 times gross annual salary as per the last ITR

For self-employed - 4 times of average gross annual income of all the four years, in case of individuals engaged in business

Selectively, loan up to 5 years' gross salary/ income is also sanctioned for select cases.

Max home loans up to 15.00 lakh are approved for repairs and renovations.