AU Bank Credit Card Eligibility

AU Bank Credit Card is one of the few credit cards in India that offer lucrative rewards and benefits that are worthy for individuals with different spend patterns, earnings, lifestyle and preferences. AU Bank credit card eligibility may vary for different profiles as two individuals can’t necessarily receive a similar credit card limit if their income levels and current liability differ.


Basic Eligibility For AU Bank Credit Cards

The primary eligibility conditions for AU Small Finance Bank credit cards are dependent on the age of the applicant and the nationality. In order to fulfil AU Bank credit card eligibility conditions, an individual should be a resident of India and the age should’ve attained an age of at least 21 years. The maximum permissible age for an AU Bank credit card is capped at 60 years, while an add-on card holder can obtain an AU Bank credit card after reaching an age of 18 years.

AU Bank Credit Card Eligibility: Most Important Factors

AU Bank does look for certain other factors beyond age and nationality to gauge the eligibility for AU Bank credit cards. For AU credit cards apply here. Let us take a look at the main eligibility factors for AU Bank credit cards. 

  • Credit Score: The credit score of an individual remains the first and foremost factor that helps in determining the eligibility for a respective credit card. Credit score provides a brief outline about the personal finance of an individual, irrespective of the nature of employment. For AU Bank credit cards, a person should possess a credit score of 750 or above to qualify for the best credit card offers from the lender. 
  • Existing Liabilities: The sum total of existing liabilities takes a huge toll in defining the eligibility for an AU Bank credit card as the bank will be reluctant to issue a credit card to an individual who is obliging huge repayments every month. 
  • Present Income: Next comes the income levels as people with lower income are likely to qualify for introductory credit cards from AU Bank, while individuals falling in a higher income bracket will become eligible for premium credit cards from AU Bank. Please note, the income of an individual is a standalone factor, it doesn’t necessarily mean a person with higher income will always qualify for a premium credit card. The bank factors in a lot of elements before deducing the eligibility and the credit limit of a card. 
  • Repayment History: A good repayment behaviour showcases the financial prudence of an individual, thereby making him eligible for better credit products including credit cards, personal loans and other secured credit facilities at preferential terms. As a credit card customer, you remain an asset to the bank. And the bank always welcomes a person with a good repayment history. 
  • Status of Employment: AU Bank or any other lender for that matter does check the status of employment which includes the scrutiny of the employer. This becomes a crucial factor as the bank is always interested to know the nature and stability of a job. For self-employed persons, the background check of the firm or nature of employment is conducted for professionals including a lawyer, doctor, consultant or a Chartered Accountant.
  • Previous Banking Relationship: The extant banking relationship can play a critical part in ascertaining your credit card eligibility for an AU Bank credit card. A bank does check for previous credit cards held, if any, before issuing a fresh credit card as it allows the banking entity to know which bank has previously offered a credit card to the person.

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How Can You Improve Your Eligibility for Premium Credit Cards?

There are instances when residents of India, above the age of 21 years, earning more than Rs 5 lakh p.a. don’t get credit cards as qualifying the basic eligibility structure of a bank can’t ensure that you can obtain a credit card. This can happen due to multiple factors including no or damaged credit score, a history of default, irregular repayments, high liabilities, unstable source of income, etc. 

Here’re 3 steps that can improve your eligibility for premium credit cards

  • Increasing your earnings can be the first step as it paves the way for fulfilling the eligibility for premium credit cards which are only made available to a select few customers who fall in the minimum income requirement criteria set by the banks. 
  • Clearing off your debts or minimizing the liability can further encourage a lender to offer you a premium credit card or a standard credit card with a higher credit limit. 
  • You have to make sure that the credit score remains undamaged as any wrong step with regard to the repayment can put a red flag in your credit profile. A credit score in the prime range, above 800 can help you qualify for better credit cards.

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Some AU Bank Credit Cards

Credit Cards offered by AU Small Finance Bank are mentioned below:

AU Credit Card Eligibility FAQs

How to apply for an AU Bank Credit Card?


AU Bank credit card application process is fully digital. You can apply for an AU Bank credit card here. You’ll be prompted to enter your mobile number for verification and check the box for agreeing to terms and conditions of the credit card application. After applying you can also check AU Bank Credit Card Application Status to know the status of your credit card application.

What is the annual/renewal fee of AU Bank credit cards?


The annual/renewal fee of AU Bank credit cards ranges from Rs 199 to Rs 7,999 + GST. AU Small Finance Bank also offers a life-time free card, AU LIT credit card, as it has NIL joining and renewal fee.

What is the minimum cibil score for an AU Bank Credit Card?


The minimum CIBIL score to qualify for an AU Bank credit card is 750. People having a CIBIL score of below 750 may get a credit card, provided they have an undisturbed repayment history and stable source of income.