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How to Use Can Fin Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Follow the steps given below to calculate home loan EMI using Can Fin Home loan EMI calculator:

  • Visit https://www.canfinhomes.com/ and click on ‘Calculators’.
  • Choose ‘EMI’ under ‘Calculators’.
  • Click on ‘EMI Calculator’ option.
  • Select the loan amount required, repayment term required (in months), and interest rate.
  • The EMI amount will be displayed on the screen along with total interest payable and total payment. 
  • The calculator also displays complete amortization schedule of your loan payment.

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Can Fin Home Loan Interest Calculator Formula

Can Fin Home loan interest rate calculator Calculates the Home Loan EMI using the following formula:

P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1] 


  • P = Principal loan amount
  • N = Loan tenure in months
  • R = Rate of interest

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Benefits of Can Fin Home Loan EMI Calculator

  • Using the calculator you can calculate Can Fin Home loan EMI instantly.
  • It displays an indicative amortisation schedule at a given rate of interest. 
  • The tool is 100% accurate.
  • You can calculate various EMIs with combinations of different loan amount, rate of interest, and tenure.
  • Using the calculator helps you in deciding the right EMI amount that suits your budget.
  • You can determine the comfortable tenure for loan repayment.

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Why should you use Can Fin Home Loan EMI Calculator?

  • EMI calculation at different tenures: You can calculate home loan EMI for different tenures to determine a tenure that suits you.
  • Home loan EMI comparison: You can compare different EMIs to come at a particular Can Fin Home Loan EMI that suits your budget.
  • Detailed amortization schedule: The EMI calculator provides the complete loan repayment amortization schedule in table format to help you understand the loan repayment process in a better way.

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Can Fin Home Loan EMI Calculator to Estimate the EMI That Fits Your Budget

You can enter multiple combinations of the loan amount, Home Loan Interest Rate and tenure in the calculator. Doing this will provide you with different EMI results, based on which you can search for the available options of lenders who provide EMI options suitable to your budget. 

Following are some ways of using the Can Fin home loan EMI calculator to plan out your EMI payments: 

  • Prepayment: The tool helps you to check how much you can save on prepayment of your housing loan before the tenure ends. Prepayment is a smart way to reduce your home loan EMIs.
  • Extending tenure: You can also reduce your home loan EMIs by extending your loan repayment tenure. Using the Can Fin EMI calculator, you can increase the tenure until your reach at an EMI amount that suits your budget.
  • Opting for variable interest rate: You can also choose a floating interest rate over a fixed rate to reduce your EMI payments. Use the EMI calculator to see the EMI on a fixed-rate loan and compare it with a floating rate of the interest-based loan.

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Can Fin Home Loan EMI Calculation

Here is an example of a home loan EMI calculator using the Can Fin Home loan EMI calculator:

Loan amount required: Rs. 1 Crore

Rate of interest: 9.60%

Repayment tenure: 30 years

Following is the output you get is you enter the above details in th calculator: 

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Monthly Payment (EMI): Rs. 84,816

Total Interest Payable: Rs. 2,05,33,759

Total Payment (Principal + Interest): Rs. 3,05,33,759

The Can Fin EMI calculator will also provide the amortization schedule chart as mentioned below:

YearEMI*12Interest paid yearlyPrincipal paid yearlyClosing Balance

Amortization Table

YearOpening BalanceAmount paid by customer (EMI*12)Interest paid during the yearPrincipal paid during the yearClosing Balance


✅ What is the interest rate for Can Fin Home loan?


Can Fin home loan interest rates vary from 9.60% per annum.

✅ What is the EMI for a Rs 50 lakh home loan taken for 20 years from Can Fin?


The EMI for a Rs 50 lakh home loan taken for 20 years from Can Fin is Rs. 46,934 at an 9.60% p.a. rate of interest.

✅ How much tenure can I get to repay Can Fin Home loan?


You can repay your Can Fin home loan in flexible tenure of up to 30 years.

✅ How much Can Fin home loan can I get on 25000 salary?


You can get a maximum home loan amount of up to 85% of the property’s value from Can Fin.

✅ What is the maximum loan provided by Can Fin?


The maximum home loan provided by Can Fin is up to 85% of the property’s market value.