Bank of Baroda Home Loan Details

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Snapshot:

Loan AmountUp to 90% of the property cost
Rate of interest8.40% - 10.60%
TenureUp to 30 Years
Lowest EMI possibleRs. 762 Per Lakh
Processing fee
  • Up to 0.50% of loan amount
  • NIL for online applications

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Features & Benefits

  • Attractive BOB rate of interest for all ticket sizes & customer profiles.
  • No bias basis loan amount, occupation i.e. salaried, self-employed & NRIs.
  • Home Loan customers get complimentary Bank of Baroda Credit Card.
  • Special Personal Loan scheme for Bank of Baroda home loan customers, with Rs 7500 processing fee waiver.
  • Further enjoy concession of 0.25% on BOB Car Loan.
  • BOB Home Loan EMI Holiday/ Moratorium can be applied for up to 36 months.
  • Option to add a co-applicant for enhancing Bank of Baroda Housing Loan eligibility.
  • Co-applicant may or may not be a joint owner of the property.
  • BOB Home loan applicants also get free accidental insurance.
  • Attractive rate of interest on Home Loan Top Up.
  • Standardised documentation and processing for easy loan application.
  • Complete transparency with respect to fees and terms of loan.
  • Access to high-end banking technology for easy repayment of your loans.
  • Efficient customer care service for quick resolution of queries/ grievance related to loan application.
  • Get instant BOB digital home loan sanction to ease your dream home.
  • Maximum Bank of Baroda Housing loan in semi urban & rural areas: 1 Crore        
    Maximum BOB loan in urban areas: 10 Crore     
    *18- month moratorium for under construction houses & buildings up to 7th Floor        
    *6- months additional moratorium (18+6) per additional floor (after 7th floor), subject to maximum moratorium of 36 months.
  • Rate of interest linked to Baroda Repo Linked Lending Rate(BRLLR)
  • BRLLR resets each month, thus customers will get latest applicable Bank of Baroda Housing Loan interest rate.
  • Nil pre-closure charge. 

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Interest Rates

Bank of Baroda is trusted state owned bank. The rate of interest is calculated basis the following parameters as shared by the bank.            
Currently BRLLR is 9.15% w.e.f.            
RBI Repo Rate= 6.50%       
Baroda BRLLR= Repo rate + Mark-Up (2.75%) + strategic premium (0-0.25%)

The Risk Premium of 0.05% will be applicable for customers not obtaining credit insurance cover.

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Rate of Interest - 2024 :

Product TypesConditionsInterest Rates
Baroda Home Loan - Non Staff MembersFor Salaried8.40% - 10.60%
For Non-Salaried8.40% - 10.60%
Baroda Home Loan - Staff Members  
ProductRate of Interest
Baroda Home Loan &           
Baroda Home Improvement Loan

 BRLLR to BRLLR+1.35%           
*varies as per risk rating of applicant. 

Effective rate: 8.40% - 10.60%

*For Non-Salaried Customers additional ROI of 0.10%

*For Staff Members (Public scheme): BRLLR i.e. 9.15%

Baroda Home Loan AdvantageUp to Rs 75.00 Lakh: Rate as applicable to regular Home Loan           
Above Rs 75.00 Lakh: 0.25% + ROI as applicable to regular Home Loan
Baroda CRE Home Loan0.25% + rate as applicable to regular Home Loan
Baroda CRE Home Loan (Advantage)Up to Rs 75 Lakh: 0.25% + rate as applicable to regular Home Loan           
Above Rs 75 Lakh: 0.50% + rate as applicable to regular Home Loan
Baroda Top Up Loan (Resident/NRIs/PIOs0)Applicable interest rate on Home Loan + Strategic Premium + 0.60%

*Thus, Bank of Baroda home loan interest rates will vary in the range of 8.40% - 10.60% p.a.

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Bank of Baroda Home Loan Comparison with Other Lenders

LenderMaximum Loan AmountInterest RateProcessing Fee
Bank of Baroda Home LoanRs. 10 Crore8.40% - 10.60%Up to 0.50% (minimum Rs. 8,500 & maximum Rs. 25,000)
HDFC Home LoanUp to 90% of property cost8.75% - 9.65%Up to 0.50% or Rs. 4,500 (whichever is higher) + applicable taxes
ICICI Home LoanUp to 90% of property 8.75%0.50% - 2% or Rs. 1,500 (Rs. 2,000 for Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore), whichever is higher + GST
SBI Home LoanUp to 90% of property cost8.50% - 10.05%Up to 0.50% + applicable GST
Axis Bank Home LoanRs. 5 Crore8.75% - 9.10%Up to 1%, minimum Rs.10,000

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Bank of Baroda Home Loan Schemes

The features of various BOB Home Loan schemes are:

Baroda Home Loan

  • Regular Baroda Home Loan scheme
  • Home loan for purchase or construction/ extension of a new or old house, flat or plot.
  • Baroda home loan is available to Indian Residents, NRIs and PIOs
  • You can avail of a Top-Up up to 5 times during the loan period.
  • The pricing is Risk-Based (Bureau score linked) for any Home Loan.
  • Maximum loan amount:      
    -Rs 10 Crore in Mumbai      
    -Rs 5 Crore in other metros       
    -Rs 1 Crore in semi-urban and rural areas
  • Max tenure of up to 30 years.
  • Option to opt for up to 36 month moratorium over the tenure.
  • Complimentary Credit Card for home loan borrowers.
  • A concession of 0.25% on Car Loan interest rates.
  • Further you also get free accident insurance with all Home Loan variants.
  • You can also apply for group credit life insurance with BOB Home Loan.
  • Opting for insurance will reduce risk premium on final ROI.
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer facility is available.

Baroda Home Loan Advantage

  • Baroda Home Loan advantage is linked to your Savings Bank Account.
  • It is a Home Loan Scheme for purchase, construction or extension of a new or existing home or residential plot.
  • Resident Indians, Non-Resident Indians with Indian passport, Persons of Indian origin with foreign passport, overseas citizens of India can apply.
  • The balance in bank account reduces loan principal & thus slashes the interest burden.
  • The EMI will be charged from Savings Bank Account linked.
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer facility is available.

Baroda Pre-Approved Home Loan

  • Instant sanction & preapproved home loan product.
  • Assurance for home loan amount.
  • You can use pre sanction letter to negotiate with property sellers and builders.
  • Loan eligibility is assessed based on income & repayment capacity.
  • Income documents to be submitted for pre-sanction.
  • Processing charges of Rs.8, 500 + Service Tax (upfront & non -refundable) will be charged.
  • Balance charges will be recovered in the later stage.
  • In-principle approval is valid for 4 months from the time of sanction.
  • Property papers will be required within 4 months of sanction issuance.

Baroda Home Improvement Loan/ Home Renovation Loan

  • Loan for repair, renovation or improvement of an existing house or flat.
  • You can also use the funds for purchase of furniture & fixtures such as water filters, air purifiers etc.
  • Resident Indians, NRI, PIOs, OCIs can apply.
  • Loan limits & terms as regular home loan.

Baroda of Baroda Home Loan Top up

  • Top-up loan on your existing Bank of Baroda Home Loan.
  • Top up extended to all profiles.
  • The loan amount is based on the Standard Asset Classification.

Baroda Interest Subsidy Scheme for Housing the Urban Poor (ISHUP)

  • Baroda ISHUP is a government-initiated housing loan scheme for urban poors including Low Income Groups (LIG) and Economically Weaker Sections (EWS).
  • For EWS Loan households should be up to Rs 5,000.
  • For LIG Loan households with an average income between Rs 5001 to 10,000.
  • For salaried individuals, 48 times of the last 3 months gross salary.
  • For others, a maximum of 4 times of the average last 2 years annual income.
  • For EWS: Maximum home loan amount Rs. 1 Lakh for 20 years, subject to minimum of a 25 sq.mts house.
  • For LIG: Maximum loan of Rs. 1,60,000 for a house of minimum 40 sq.mts.
  • 5% subsidy on Net Present Value (of Rs. 1 Lakh) of principal amount.
  • Additional loans, if needed would be at unsubsidized rates.
  • No loan for purchase of plot.
  • Minimum margin is 20%.
  • Tenure is 20 years including moratorium period.

Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Scheme for Low Income Housing (CRGFS)

  • A Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Trust has been established by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India that provides guarantees of low-income Housing Loans.
  • This trust provides credit risk guarantee against housing loans up to Rs 5 Lakh for borrowers from LIG & EWS.
  • No third party guarantee or security is required.
  • The Guarantee Cover extends to up to 90% of the amount in default for loans up to Rs 2 Lakh and up to 85% for loans above Rs 2 Lakh up to Rs 5 Lakh.
  • Guarantee runs till max of 25 years or loan tenor (whichever is early).

Baroda Home Suvidha Personal Loans

  • Personal Loan scheme for BOB Home Loan customers.
  • It can be availed of for financing miscellaneous home purchase costs like insurance, registration, stamp duty, GST etc.
  • The scheme is open to both Baroda Home Loans as well as takeover i.e. Balance Transfer to Bank of Baroda.
  • Funding can be obtained for 100% of cost of insurance.
  • As for other expenses 25% margin is placed.
  • Nil Processing fees.
  • Attractive interest rates.

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Processing Fees & Charges

The Bank of Baroda will charge a unified processing Fee on approval of a home loan. It includes:

  • Processing charges
  • Documentation charges
  • Document verification/ vetting charges
  • Pre-Inspection charges
  • One time post inspection charges
  • Advocate charges
  • Valuer Charges for valuation
  • Bureau Report charges
  • CERSAI charges
  • ITR Verification charges

Let’s check the cost of these charges on your pocket:

Product detailsBaroda Unified Processing Charges (Excluding GST) 
Baroda Home Loan,    
Baroda Home Improvement Loan,   
& all other BOB Home Loans

Up to  50 Lakh: 0.50% of loan amount    
(Minimum Rs 8,500 upfront and Maximum 15,000)

Above  50 Lakh: 0.25% of Loan Amount    
(Minimum Rs 8,500 upfront and Maximum Rs 25,000)

For staff members: Actual charges

Baroda Top up Loans


Minimum: Rs 5,000  (upfront)

Maximum: Rs 12,500 

Takeover of Home Loan   
(Resident /NRI/PIOs)
Rs 8,500 (upfront)
In principal sanction/ Pre-approved Home Loan

0.25% - 0.50%

Rs 8,500/- (upfront).

*Submission of property documents  before the expiry of pre- approval letter, will make you eligible for processing charges as applicable to Home Loan only.

Pre Closure ChargesNIL

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Here is the checklist of Bank of Baroda Home Loan eligibility criteria:

  • All resident and non-resident Indians can apply.
  • Both salaried as well as self-employed get best offers.
  • The age of the applicant should be between 21-70 years.
  • The minimum age of co-applicant is 18 years.
  • All close relatives can be become co-applicant for Bank of Baroda Home Loan.
  • Property location and present & future income is assessed to determine eligibility for home loan amount.
  • To apply for BOB Home Loan, minimum salary should be Rs. 10,000 per month.
  • To apply for BOB Housing Loan, minimum business income should be Rs. 2 Lakh per annum.
  • The bank will also consider current financial obligations such as Car Loan, Personal Loan or Credit Card outstanding before calculating home loan eligibility.

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Documents Required for Home Loan BOB

A BOB Home Loan’s Document List can be an exhaustive one. Thus you should take a professional help and go through the checklist prior starting Bank of Baroda home loan process. 

Given below is the official list of documents required to apply for Bank of Baroda Home Loan:

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Documents List:-

A. Common Documents required by all resident Indian applicants including Co-Applicants & Guarantors:

  • Duly filled application form
  • 3 latest passport photographs
  • Identity proof: PAN Card (mandatory for loan amount above Rs 10 Lakh) and any one from document from Driving License, Voter's ID, Aadhaar Card or Passport.
  • Residence Proof (any one): Driving License, Registered Rent Agreement, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Ration Card or Voter ID.
  • Last 1 year's loan account statement along with sanction letter (if any previous loan is active).
  • Proof of assets held: LIC/ KVP/ NSC/ PROPERTY/ MF
  • Assets and liabilities statement
  • ITR Verification Report

B. Additional Documents List for Resident Applicants, Co-applicants & Guarantors

Salaried IndividualsSelf-employed Individuals,  Professionals & OthersFarmers or Agriculturists
Last 3 months’ salary slips for applicants Guarantor: last 1-month salary slip
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement and computation of income for 2 years
  • Talati'/ Gram Sevak/ Village Revenue officer certificate for last 2 years’ income and Mamaladaar's / Block Revenue officer certificate for last year income
Form 16 and ITR for last 1-year for applicants and guarantor
  • ITR for last 2 years, 26 AS, Traces
Copy of Employee ID card
  • Business Proof:     
    Gomasta License, Registration Certificate, Service tax registration, etc
 Land Revenue Records- Form 2,7/12, 8A
Appointment/ Confirmation/ promotion/ increment letter as proof of duration of employment
  • IT Assessment/ Clearance Certificate, IT Challans, TDS Certificate (Form 16A) or Form 26 AS as income declared in ITR



6 months bank statement or Account No in case of BOB account
  • Firm's PAN Card, Address Proof, Memorandum and AOA of Company, ITR and Audited Results of Firm for the last 2 years, 1 year current account statement
  • 12 months Bank A/c statement (Individual)

C. Common Documents for NRI, PIO or OCI Applicants:

  • Duly filled application form with photograph
  • Copy of Passport + Visa stamped
  • Proof of Residence in India & Abroad:    
    • Any one from Driving License, Ration Card, Voter ID, Passport, Adhaar Card, Registered Rent Agreement.
  • Details of a local contact person. Information required includes name, relation, address and contact number.
  • Overseas Bank Account statement for the last 6 months, including salary account.
  • NRE Savings Bank statement account for the last 6 months.
  • Statement of accounts for all existing loan accounts for the last 1 year.
  • Credit Check Reports from Overseas Credit Bureau
  • PIO applicants are required to submit additionally any one of the following:
    • Photocopy of PIO Card, Current passport indicating India as the place of birth, Indian passport, if held earlier, parents or grandparents' passport substantiating the claim as PRO

D. Additional Documents for NRI/PIO

Salaried IndividualsSelf Employed
Copy of employment contract     
(in vernacular language)
Business Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account statement
Copies of individual ITR for the last 2 yearsCopies of individual ITR for the last 3 years
Certified copy of latest salary slips for the last 6 monthsA note about the nature of business or profession
Copy of ID card issued by EmployerBusiness proof ( Any two valid registrations, Place of Business and Address Proof)
Continuous Discharge Certificate, if applicableContinuous Discharge certificate if applicable
Copy of latest work permit --

E.  Property Documents for all:

  • Agreement for sale
  • Blueprint or Copy of Approved Plan
  • Non Agriculture Certificate
  • Commencement Certificate, if applicable
  • Completion Certificate in case of ready or old flat or house, as applicable
  • Occupancy certificate in case of ready or old flat or house, as applicable
  • Latest Property Tax receipt in case of old flat or house
  • Society Registration Certificate in case of ready or old flat or house, as applicable
  • Share certificate in case of an old house or flat, if applicable
  • All payment receipts for builder or seller
  • Development Agreement of Builder Registered Copy, if applicable

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Bank of Baroda Home Loan Customer Care

You can contact Bank of Baroda for your queries and concerns through following channels:

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Customer Care Contact Points:

Toll Free Number for all customers except PMJDY holders & other government schemes (24x7):

  • 1800 258 44 55
  • 1800 102 44 55 

Toll Free Number for PMJDY customers & other financial inclusion Schemes:

1800 102 77 88 (6:00 am to 10:00pm)

Missed Call Services:

Balance Enquiry: 8468001111

Mini Statement- 8468001122

24X7 Helpline for NRIs (from overseas locations)    
+91 79-49044100

Head Office Address:

Bank of Baroda,

Baroda Bhavan,

7th Floor, RC Dutt Road

Vadodra- 390007, Gujarat

Call: (0265) 2316792

Email: cs.ho@bankofbaroda.com

Furthermore, you can also call customer care to check Bank of Baroda Home Loan Application Status or BOB Home Loan tracking. Share Loan ref number and details for checking the status of your home loan.

Additional Info: Also check Home Loan Customer Care Number of All Banks

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Bank of Baroda Home Loan - FAQs

✅ What is the maximum loan amount available as Bank of Baroda Housing Loan?


You can get maximum home loan amount up to Rs. 10 Crores basis your repayment capacity and valuation of property.

✅ Who can be a co-applicant for Bank of Baroda Home Loan?


Close relatives such as siblings, spouse & parents can be included as co-applicants even without being a joint owner. You can also add an individual who is not a close relative as long as he or she jointly owns the property.

✅ Who is accepted as a close relative for co-application of BOB Home Loan?


Following relatives are accepted as close relatives at Bank of Baroda Home Loan

  • Spouse
  • Mother (or stepmother)
  • Father
  • Son (including stepson)
  • Son's wife
  • Daughter (including stepdaughter)
  • Daughter's husband
  • Brother or sister (including stepbrother or sister)
  • Brother's wife
  • Sister or stepsister of spouse
  • Sister's husband
  • Brother or stepbrother of the spouse

✅ Are there any pre-payment charges on Bank of Baroda Home Loans?


No, pre-payment charges are not applicable on Bank of Baroda Home Loans

✅ Can Processing Fees for Bank of Baroda Home Loans be waived?


The waiver of processing fees is available as per bank’s current schemes & offers. The processing fee has been waived 100% up to Rs 7,500 + GST for out of pocket expenses.

✅ What is the minimum age of eligibility for a Bank of Baroda Home Loan?


The minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years. While, a co-applicant should be a minimum of 18 years old. 

✅ What is the maximum repayment tenure with Bank of Baroda Home Loans?


The maximum repayment tenure can extend up to 30 years for Bank of Baroda Home Loans. Besides, the borrower can avail of a 36 months of Moratorium.

✅ What can I offer as security against Bank of Baroda Home Loans?


The property purchased or constructed is considered as a mortgage against the loan. If this is not feasible, Insurance Policies, Shares and Debentures, Government Promissory Notes, etc. are also accepted as loan security. 

✅ Is there any moratorium or holiday period available with Bank of Baroda Home Loans?


You can get a holiday period of up to 36 months with Bank of Baroda Home Loans

✅ Is Bank of Baroda Home Loan available to Non Resident Indians?


Bank of Baroda Home Loan is available to NRIs, PIOs, and OCIs. The applicants should have adequate proof of income. The loan is available to salaried as well as self-employed individuals.

✅ How to download Bank of Baroda Home Loan statement?


To download Bank of Baroda Home Loan statements using net banking customer portal online. Log in using customer ID & password. Here you can directly download or print the home loan statement for ITR & other purposes.

✅ Is Bank of Baroda Home Loan a good option?


Yes. Bank of Baroda home loan clubs trust of a public sector bank with assortment of special value back offers. Some of the best features of Bank of Baroda home loan are: attractive rate of interest, transparent terms & condition, low processing fee, option to apply for 36 months of moratorium, customised product range, complimentary credit card, concession or car loan, combo personal loan and up to 30 years of tenure.

✅ Which home loan is better SBI or Bank of Baroda?


Bank of Baroda home loan portfolio is consistently rising. Though SBI is the largest housing lender, BOB Home Loan is also a very attractive option. Currently lowest Home Loan EMI on  is Rs 815 for 30 Years while it is Rs 815 with Bank of Baroda. Thus interest rate is comparable. You should compare other benefits and post disbursal services to make the best decision.