Federal Bank Credit Cards

Based in Kerala, the Federal Bank is one of the leading banks in the private sector today with branches across all major states of India. The Federal Bank offers an array of services across verticals such as personal banking, corporate banking, NRI banking, as well as agricultural banking. In addition to these, the Federal Bank also offers quality services associated with the personal banking segment. These include ? debit cards, gift cards, Federal Bank credit cards, and travel cards.

Federal Bank Credit Cards

The credit cards offered by the Federal Bank are sponsored jointly by the State Bank Of India and are operating in association with VISA. With highly competitive interest rates of their credit cards, the Federal Bank offers several interesting rewards and benefits on its credit cards to make them a lucrative option for the customer. These cards find global acceptance across several online and on-ground shopping or payment destinations.

The Federal Bank offers two types of credit cards. These are -

  • Federal Bank SBI - VISA Gold 'N More
  • Federal Bank SBI VISA Platinum

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Features and Benefits of Federal Bank Credit Cards

Here are some of the most prominent features and benefits of the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards:

  • Global Acceptance - Both Federal Bank Credit Cards are international cards and therefore, are usable across 24 million global outlets. You can use them across outlets showing the sign confirming Visa/Master card acceptance at the payment counter. This includes over 3,25000 outlets in India alone.
  • Easy Drafts Option - With the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards you can order to get a bank draft made anytime simply by calling up the helpline. The draft amount is billed to your Federal Bank SBI Credit Card and can be paid off as convenient. This option helps make payments with ease.
  • Extended credit option - The Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards lend flexibility to pay through the option of extended credit. This way you can easily plan paying off all outstanding amounts as per your convenience. You can choose to either pay the minimum amount or any other amount, up to the total amount due as outstanding. The unpaid amount can be carried forward with negligible financing charges to the next billing cycle.
  • Easy-to-get Add-on Cards - You can easily apply for additional cards for your family members with any of the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards. The add-on card can be taken for any of your family members above the age of 18 years.
  • Fuel Surcharge waiver - With the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards, you can avail the benefit of 0% fuel surcharge. This gets waived off if you use any of these cards to purchase fuel or lubricants worth 500 - 3000 per transaction at any petrol pump across the country.
  • Cash On The Go - The Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards allow you to easily withdraw a certain amount of cash across MasterCard/VISA ATMs world over, with 18000 such ATMs in India alone.
  • Flexipay Installment option - With this option you can easily convert any of your purchases into comfortable monthly installments and pay off the amount over several monthly credit card bills instead of feeling the financial burden of the purchase in one month. The option can be availed by simply calling the helpline and picking a plan that suits you best. All plans come at nominal rates of interest.
  • Railway Ticket Booking - You can easily book railway tickets using your Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards and the same will be delivered at the address of your choice. To avail this convenient service, follow the steps as given below -
  • Register at the website of the Indian Railways. It is a free registration on www.irtc.co.in
  • Once you have registered, login using your username and password
  • Complete your booking according to the instructions given on the website
  • Pay using your Federal Bank SBI Credit Card
  • Fill in your address and your tickets will get delivered to you
  • Balance Transfer Facility - Available at reasonable rates of interest the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards give you the option of transferring your outstanding amount from any other card to the Federal Bank SBI Credit Card for ease of use and payment.
  • Easy Payment Of Utility Bills - The Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards feature the Easy Bill Pay Facility through which you can easily make payment of your phone, electricity, gas, and insurance bills. You can even set reminders and auto deductions.
  • Prompt customer service and helpline ? For any security concern, technical or payment related assistance, the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards come with 24-hours Global Customer Assistance Services.
  • Prompt E-statements - With the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards the monthly statement comes right into your email inbox. This does away with the fear of lost or delayed statements leading to late payments and penalties. You can also access www.sbicard.com to manage your Federal Bank credit cards online. This gets you ?
  • Last 12 months card statements instantly
  • Access to spends analyzer to keep a tab on your credit card spendings and plan accordingly
  • Hotlist any of your Federal Bank credit cards that have been stolen or are lost
  • Put in a request for duplicate statement for your card

Types of Federal Bank Credit Cards

Elaborated below are both the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards along with their features:

#1. Federal Bank SBI - VISA Gold 'N More

The Federal Bank SBI - VISA Gold 'N More card is an international, co-branded credit card that comes with attractive offers as well as reward points. It finds its use across more than 24 million outlets world over with 25000 of them in India alone.

Here are some of the most important features of this card:

Maximum Credit Limit AllowedThe card allows a maximum credit limit of up-to 175,000
Joining time fee499
Annual fee499

The card offers 1 reward point for every 100 rupees spent, which is equivalent to 0.25 paisa.

There are bonus reward points for money spent on grocery or dining.

Waiver of Fuel SurchargeWith the Federal Bank SBI - VISA Gold 'N More card one is exempt from paying the 1% fuel surcharge that ranges from a minimum fuel purchase of 500 to maximum 3000 per statement.
Special Offers on the credit card

First time users get their joining fee and more back in the form of rewards and offers listed below.

Currently the users can earn up to 2000 reward points simply by making use of the card for a transaction worth 2000 and above within 60 days of card issuance.

#2. Federal Bank SBI VISA Platinum

This is another good option of credit card from the Federal Bank. It features special offers and a high credit limit. It is an international credit card that finds usage across 24 million global outlets with over 3 lakh of them within India. The card also offers attractive reward points against money spent and the same are redeemable later.

Here are some of the most important features of this card:

Maximum Credit Limit AllowedThe card allows a maximum credit limit of up-to 500,000
Joining time fee2999
Annual fee2999

The card offers 2 reward points for every 100 rupees spent, which is equivalent to 0.25 paisa.

There are 5 X bonus reward points for money spent on international purchases, departmental store buys, and dining.

Waiver of Fuel SurchargeWith the Federal Bank VISA Platinum Card, one is exempt from paying the 1% fuel surcharge for fuel bought worth a minimum of 500 to maximum 4000 per statement. The maximum surcharge waiver is capped at 250 per statement.
Special Offers on the credit card

Customers can earn up to 500 reward points simply by making use of the card for a shopping worth 1000 and above within 30 days of card issuance.

You get a complimentary membership to the largest Airport Lounge Access Program in the world - the Priority Pass Program.

With this card, you also get access to over 300 golf courses world over with a discount of 30% on the green fee.

Gift at JoiningYou get a gift voucher of 3000 rupees from the bank's partner merchants.
Milestone RewardsUpon completion of 4 lakh to 5 lakh spends users get milestone rewards such as a free air ticket or gift vouchers etc.
Travel DiscountsYou can avail several discount deals on hotel bookings and travel across India.

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Terms and Conditions of Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards

Here are some important terms and conditions to remember with respect to the Federal Bank Credit Cards -

  • Extended credit - You can avail interest free credit for duration of 20 to 50 days provided the previous bills are paid fully. In addition, this is allowed only on retail purchases.
  • Cash Advance - You can avail a cash advance of 80% of your credit limit not exceeding 15000/day. However, there is no free credit period.
  • Cheque fee - A cheque fee ( 100) is applicable on all payments of up to 10000 made through cheques.
  • The bank does not accept cheques that are payable out of their respective clearing zones. Payments must be made only through local cheques. Drafts must be payable only at Delhi.

Federal Bank Credit Cards Rewards and Offers

Here is a list of rewards you get from the Federal Bank -

Reward/OfferFederal Bank SBI - VISA Gold 'N MoreFederal Bank SBI VISA Platinum
Reward PointsNormal category - Avail the possibility to earn maximum 60000 pa reward points where 1 point is earned on every 100 rupees spent.

Avail the possibility to earn maximum 40000 pa reward points under the 5 X rewards category every year. Applicable on dining and supermarket purchases.

2 points are earned on every 100 rupees spent.

Fuel transactions are not covered under these rewards

Accelerated category spends - Avail the possibility to earn maximum 78000 pa reward points under the 10 X rewards category. 
Extravaganza Offer  - you can earn up to 2000 points in rewards if you spend 2000 in 60 days of receiving your card. 
Bonus Spend Rewards Spend 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs on your card and avail an e-gift voucher of 3000 from brands like ? Bata/Hush Puppies, Yatra.com, Westside, Shopper?s Stop, Marks and Spencer.
Exclusive restraint offers 

Marriott - get 10% discount on fine dining at The Marriott Hotels across India

·     Ginger - get 15% discount at all Ginger Hotels across India on the day's best available rate.

Lounge Access · Get complimentary Priority Pass Program membership allowing access to 300 worldwide executive lounges irrespective of your airline /class. This is applicable o the standard membership of the priority pass only, other than that for every usage, $27 are charged to your card.
Car rental offers 

·        Save 10% on self-driven/chauffer driven rented vehicles from the Hertz Car Rental.

Save 20% on Avis rentals that qualify for the program.

Offers on travel and bookings 

75% discount at over 55000 hotels across the world.

Special discounts in resorts at some specified locations.

Special promotions on hotel bookings for a pacific vacation across destinations such as FIJI, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth etc.

Fraud Liability Cover You get a complimentary cover of up to 1 lakh for credit card fraud. The period of loss cover is 48 hours before loss reporting and 7 days after reporting of loss.
Fuel Surcharge WaiverGet a waiver of 1% on the fuel surcharge you pay on a purchase of fuel worth a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 4000. The offer holds good across all petrol pumps.Get a waiver of 1% on the fuel surcharge you pay on a purchase of fuel worth a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 4000. The offer holds good across all petrol pumps. The maximum waiver value is 250 per month per account.
Gift VouchersAnniversary Gift - If your total spends in the first year cross 100000, your annual fee from the second year onwards will be waived off completely.

Welcome Gift - Once you pay your annual fee on the card you get an e-gift voucher worth 3000 valid for spending on brands such as - Bata/Hush Puppies, Yatra.com, Westside, and Shopper?s Stop, Marks & Spencer.

Anniversary Gift -Whenever you spend 2 lakhs on your credit card in a given year, followed by paying your annual fee for the next year, you get an anniversary voucher worth 3000 applicable on brands mentioned as above.

Federal Bank Credit Card Fees

Name of cardAnnual FeeRenewal FeeAdd-on Fee
Federal Bank SBI - VISA Gold 'N More499499Nil
Federal Bank SBI VISA Platinum29992999Nil

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Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards Charges

Type of chargeAmount for Federal Bank SBI VISA Platinum
Finance Charges3.35%/month which is 40.2%/annum, calculated from the transaction date
Minimum Amount Due5% of outstanding amount per month which is at least 200+EMI+Taxes+OVL if any
Cash Advance Fee

2.5% (or min 300) of the transaction amount at SBI/other Indian ATMs

3% (or min 300) of the transaction amount at International ATMs

Cheque Pickup Charges100
Cheque Fee100
Fee on Payment DishonorMin 450 to Max. 2% of the amount dishonored
Statement Retrieval Charges100 for every statement which is over two months old

Late Payment Charges For -

Amount due 0 to 200

Amount due 200 to 500

Amount due 500 to 1000

Amount due 1000 to 10000

Amount due 10000 to 25000

Amount due more than 25000







Over limit ChargesMin 500 or 2.5% of the amount over limit

Card Replacement charges Regular

Card Replacement charges emergency when aboard



Transactions related to foreign currencyConversion fee ? 3.5%
Rewards redemption charges99
Charges on usage of priority pass at Airport Lounges

$27 per visit + Taxes

Same for all guests of the card holder

Fee on cash payment100


Booking of railway tickets from the counters

Booking of railway tickets from the website

30 + 2.5% charged on transaction amount

1.8% charged on transaction amount + taxes

How To Apply For Federal Bank Credit Cards

Here are some ways to apply for the Federal bank Credit Card. However, it is available only for the bank's select customers.

Applying at the branch: In order to apply for the Federal bank credit cards customers must contact the nearest Federal bank branch.

Applying online: Alternatively you can log into the associated bank website - www.sbicard.com for further assistance or call the customer care helpline number given below for help. Here are the steps to apply through www.sbicard.com:

  • Visit the website
  • Go to the credit card menu
  • Pick your card from those given there and click on 'apply now'
  • Now fill the form given, verify your mobile, fill in the OTP, and press ?next step?.
  • Your details will be shared and the status of your application will be indicated.
  • You can keep checking the status of your application on the website. If approved, it will read ?approved status? upon tracking. If you get disapproved due to some reasons you can reapply only after three months.

Applying Through MyMoneyMantra: If you want to apply for your Federal Bank Credit Card through MyMoneyMantra follow the steps given below ?

  • Visit www.MyMoneyMantra.com
  • Choose the credit card option from the drop down menu. Select the card of your choice and press submit.
  • To proceed with the application process you will be required to fill some required information.
  • Once all information has been filled and the application process will be initiated and you will soon be contacted by someone from the MyMoneyMantra team to help you through the remaining process.
  • On approval, the card will be dispatched to your address.
  • Please remember that the card and the PIN are always dispatched separately.

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Eligibility Criteria for Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards

Here are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Federal Bank SBI Credit Card ?

  • You must be an Indian citizen to apply for a Federal Bank SBI Credit Card.
  • You should be 18 years or above in age at the time of applying and not over 65 years old.
  • You should not be a habitual defaulter in your past credit card payments and should have a good credit score

Documents Required for Federal Bank Credit Cards

Here is a list of documents required to apply for any of the Federal Bank SBI Credit Cards:

  • Identity proofs - Voter's ID, Driving license, ID cards issued by PSUs, Government Organisations, Adhaar Card, etc.
  • Address proofs - Adhaar Card, Passport, Voter's ID, Valid Driving License, PAN card, and Utility Bills.
  • PAN Card
  • Passport size photographs
  • Last two months' income tax return proofs or salary slips

Making your Federal Bank Credit Card Payment 

Your credit card bills are generated on a monthly basis. You must make the payment of the same before the due date so that there is no late fee. can make your Federal Bank SBI Credit Card bill payment through the following means:

  • Leave an auto-debit instruction in your savings bank account with the Federal Bank for a specified date every month so that the amount gets deducted on its own every month.
  • Use the Federal Bank?s net banking facility 'FedNet' to make the credit card payment via Net Banking through your Savings/Current Account. For this having an account with the bank is a must.
  • You can pay your credit card bill via NEFT/RTGS. For this you will have to add the Credit Card number as a beneficiary.
  • You can also make the payment through cheque at any of the Federal bank branches or ATMs close to you. It takes three days for the payment via cheque to get processed, therefore make sure you keep a margin of those many days to avoid penalties.
  • It is possible to make cash payment of your credit card bill as well. This can be done by visiting the bank branch. However, most cash payments invite a minor processing charge.
  • You can use Bill Desk to make payment from any other bank using net banking.
  • You can also install any of the online payment apps such as BHIM etc, to make payment to your Federal Bank Credit card.

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Federal Bank SBI Credit Card Customer Care Numbers

For any kind of assistance related to your Federal bank SBI credit cards you can either call do any of the following -

  • Either call the SBI Card helpline by dialing - 39 02 02 02 (by prefixing the local STD code) or call 1860 180 1290
  • Alternatively you can contact Federal Bank through their pan India number 1800 - 425 - 1199Or 1800 - 420 - 1199. It is a 24 x 7 toll free number to get in touch with their customer care center. Customers calling from abroad are required to call on 080-61991199.

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Federal Bank Credit Card FAQs

✅How can I avail the offer of 0% fuel surcharge on the Federal Bank Credit Cards?


In order to avail the 0% fuel surcharge offer on your federal bank credit card you must use the card at any petrol filling station to buy fuel or lubricants. It is important to remember that per month you can avail only 100 worth of surcharge waiver (applicable on transactions of 500 - 3000) on the Gold N More card. However, the Platinum card brings you a waiver of 250 per month at max, applicable on transactions of 500 - 4000 in a month.

✅ What does it mean that my Federal Bank Credit Card is VbV or Verified By VISA?


Federal bank offers the VbV service to all its credit card customers, collaborating with VISA so that customers are able to do online shopping through their existing VISA debit cards only, in a secure and safe manner.

✅ Do I need to send an application for a new card to avail the VbV facility?


No, it is possible to register for this facility even using the existing VISA card. However, you must make sure that the CVV number of your existing card is still valid and has not expired.  

✅ Is this service available on payment?


No this service is available free of cost to all Federal Bank customers.

✅Is it possible to avail an overdraft facility on my Federal bank Credit Cards?


Yes you can easily avail overdraft facility on your Federal bank Credit Cards. You can order the overdraft through a simple phone call to the customer helpline of SBI cards and the money will get charged to the Federal bank SBI credit card you specify, while you are free to use that money as you wish to. 

✅What is a CVV number? Where can I find it?


A CVV number is the three-digit number that is inscribed at the signature panel on the back of your card. It is the last three digits on the extreme right hand side on the panel.

✅ Is the credit limit on both Federal Bank Credit Cards different?


Yes, the VISA Platinum card offers a maximum of 5 lakhs credit limit, whereas the VISA Gold ?N More card offers up to 1.75 lakh.

✅ What is the interest rate that Federal bank charges on its credit cards? Is it fixed?


At present, the Federal bank is charging an interest rate of 3.35% per month on its credit cards. However, credit through its cards is an unsecured loan and that is why the bank interest rates on credit card loans is not fixed. Based on your repayment patterns as well as spending habits this percentage may increase as well. Especially someone who is a habitual defaulter may experience higher interest rates than other customers.