HDFC Bank Balance Check Number

HDFC Bank is among the popular private sector banks. The old school method of banking required the customers to visit the bank for all bank transactions, including enquiry of bank balance. With state of the art technology available, HDFC bank has devised various digital methods for banking transactions like funds transfer, payment of bills, balance enquiry, download of bank statements etc. This anywhere anytime banking system is a boon to the customers who are hard up on time. Read further to understand the various modes that can be adopted for HDFC balance check.


HDFC Bank Balance Check Number

This is a hassle-free method for HDFC balance enquiry. You will have to give a missed call to the following numbers:

  • 1800-270-3333 for balance enquiry
  • 1800-270-33555 for a mini-statement.

The call will disconnect on its own after a few rings. You will get the account balance or the mini-statement, as the case may be, through SMS. The HDFC customer should ensure that the call is given from a registered number. A call from a non-registered mobile number will not be accepted, and the reply message will say that the mobile number in use does not have HDFC mobile banking services

The HDFC customers can also call the HDFC Bank balance enquiry number  022-61606161.

After calling the number, you should select a language and follow the IVRS instructions for balance enquiry.

Note: Also, know about the HDFC Bank Mini Statement Number service.

Different Methods of HDFC Balance Enquiry in 2022

In addition to HDFC Bank Balance Check Number, there are numerous other simple ways for HDFC balance enquiry. They are:

HDFC Mobile Banking

You dont have to register for the mobile banking services. You can log in to mobile banking using the internet banking login credentials. You get the option to set a ‘quick pin’ for login if you desire to. The primary task to be able to avail of the mobile banking services is to download the HDFC mobile banking app on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once the app is installed, log in to the mobile banking app for HDFC balance check as follows:

  • Log in to the mobile banking app using internet banking login credentials.
  • You can also log in with a ‘quick pin’ or use fingerprint log in by placing the finger on the sensor if fingerprint authorisation is enabled.
  • Once the login is done, you can see a host of services on the home screen.
  • Choose’balance enquiry’ to view the account balance.

The other services available through mobile banking are 

  • Funds transfer
  • Credit card request
  • Mobile, DTH and data card recharge
  • Utility bills payment
  • Cheque book request
  • Account and deposits information
  • Demat account opening
  • Investment in Mutual Funds
  • Apply for various loans like a personal, vehicle, gold, housing, or a loan against mutual funds.
  • Income Tax payment

HDFC Internet Banking

To gain access to Internet Banking, HDFC bank customers have to register for internet banking services. After the registration, you can access Internet banking as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the bank.
  • Go to the ‘HDFC Net banking’ option.
  • Login to net banking using the customer ID and password
  • Choose ‘Account details’ from the dashboard.
  • You can view the account balance.

Besides HDFC balance check, you can use internet banking for funds transfer through NEFT/IMPS, download account statements, and view historical transactions.

HDFC SMS Banking

Customers of HDFC bank can register for SMS bank through net banking, ATM, by sending SMS or by submitting an application at the bank branch. The SMS for HDFC balance enquiry has to be sent from a registered mobile number to HDFC Bank balance enquiry number 5676712. . Given below are the SMS formats for different services:

  • Type ‘BAL<last 5-digits of a/c no.>’ for balance enquiry
  • Type “TXN” for HDFC Mini Statement
  • Type ‘CST<6 digit cheque number>” for Cheque Status Enquiry


HDFC balance check can be done by using the ATM-cum-debit card as well. Ensure you receive an ATM card after you open an account at HDFC bank. 

  • Visit any HDFC or non-HDFC bank ATM.
  • Insert the card in the slot provided
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN
  • A screen will appear with options like ‘cash withdrawal’, balance enquiry, mini-statement etc.
  • Choose ‘balance enquiry’ and view the account balance.

HDFC Passbook

Passbooks are issued to all savings bank account holders. You can check the account balance by periodically updating the passbook. A passbook is a ready reckoner for all the bank transactions you do. There are self-service passbook printers provided at all HDFC branches for the convenience of the costumes. You can print the passbook and be updated about the transactions in your account.

Through USSD Code

This facility is mainly for non-smartphone users. To access this facility, you do not need an internet connection or 3G. The facility is available only for customers who have registered their mobile numbers with the bank.

  • Open the phone dialer to dial *99# from the registered mobile number
  • Select a language of preference
  • Enter IFSC Code or two-digit bank code
  • Send a request
  • Follow the instructions for HDFC balance check or to get a mini statement.

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Why Should You Regularly Make HDFC Balance Enquiry?

It is essential to review the account frequently to avert various happenings like fraudulent transactions, wrong debit, non-credit of cheque deposited into the account, cash deposit not reflecting, etc. For meticulous finance management, you should regularly make HDFC Balance Enquiry. The benefits of regular reconciliation of your account have the following benefits.

  • You can keep a balance between the outflow and the inflow of funds to maintain a healthy liquidity position. Any unnecessary expenditures located can be avoided in the future. 
  • With most of the transactions like grocery and various other purchases, food orders, utility bill payments etc., made online, you will not have a track of the expenses. You will land in a dangerous liquidity position if these transactions are done erratically without being aware of the available funds in the account. HDFC balance check will help you curtail such expenses.
  • Early identification of suspicious or unauthorised transactions will help rectification which otherwise may not be possible. Consistent HDFC balance enquiry will keep a check on such transactions.
  • Instances of wrong credits to the account, though unlikely, cannot be dismissed. If there is wrong credit that goes unnoticed and you end up spending the amount, you will end up in a difficult situation when the claim arises, and there are no adequate funds in your account to honour the claim. You can avoid such instances with a regular HDFC balance check.
  • Periodical levies collected by the banks for maintaining the account will reduce the overall balance in the account.  If you do not review the account on a regular basis, then the cheques issued or ECS registered may be dishonoured for want of funds.
  • The investment made in fixed deposits will earn periodical interests, which will be credited to your account. Reviewing the account for prompt credits is necessary to raise a query when a missout is located.

Additional Info: Check HDFC Bank OD Facility.

How is HDFC Balance Check Useful?

For prudent financial management, regular review of the account is essential. HDFC Balance Check is a simple tool for timely review of your account from anywhere and at any time. HDFC bank provides various methods for balance enquiry. Both online and offline modes of balance check are made available. Knowledge of the reserves in your account will keep you confident and stress-free. If you have financial obligations like EMI payments, then a regular HDFC Balance Check will enable you to make prompt payments. You can ensure the availability of funds on the due dates only if you are aware of your liquidity position. If you want to earn the reputation of a responsible borrower, you should make sure there will be no defaults in repayment. This is possible only with HDFC Balance Check on a regular basis. 

HDFC Balance Check Number FAQs

✅What is the HDFC Bank balance enquiry number?


HDFC Bank provides a telebanking facility through the HDFC Bank balance enquiry number 022-61606161. You can call the number, choose a language and follow the IVRS instructions for HDFC Balance Check.

✅How to check the last three transactions of my HDFC bank account?


You can give a missed call on the HDFC Balance Check no 1800-270-3335. The call will get disconnected after some time, and you will receive an SMS with the last three transactions. You can also type ‘TXN” and send an SMS to the HDFC Balance Check number 5676712. You will receive a reply message containing the last three transactions.

✅How are customers without internet connections facilitated for HDFC balance check?


HDFC customers without an internet connection can make HDFC  balance inquiries either through SMS banking or the USSD code.

To use the SMS banking service, the customers should type BAL<last 5-digits of a/c no.>’ and send an SMS from a registered mobile number to the HDFC balance check no 5676712. 

To use the USSD Code service, the customers should follow the steps given below.

  • Use the dialer pad of a registered mobile number and dial *99*#
  • Choose a language preferred.
  • Enter the IFSC Code or two-digit bank code
  • Send request

Follow the instructions for HDFC Balance Check

✅How to set quick access PIN or HDFC Mobile Banking?


To register for HDFC Mobile Banking, follow the steps given below:

  • Download the HDFC Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Store and install
  • Log in using the net banking credentials.
  • On the home screen, you will see a ‘set quick access PIN’ option
  • Click on the option and will be directed to the ‘Enter your details’ tab
  • Click on the ‘Enter your details’ tab and key in your customer ID and the registered mobile number
  • An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP within 30 seconds and click on the ‘Continue’ tab
  • At the next level, you will have to enter your ATM debit card PIN, expiry month and year and click on the ‘continue’ tab
  • By entering a four-digit Quick Access PIn twice, the process will be complete.
  • You can also enable the fingerprint option if you wish and then click on the ‘Continue’ tab.

✅HDFC balance check using ATM card. How can I do that?


Do not forget to collect your ATM card after opening an account at HDFC Bank. You can conduct various online transactions apart from cash withdrawals using the ATM card. You can also make an HDFC balance enquiry with the ATM card. All you have to do is

  • Visit an ATM. It could either be an HDFC ATM or any other bank ATM.
  • Insert the card in the slot assigned.
  • Enter the four-digit PIN when asked to
  • Choose the option ‘Balance Enquiry’ from the services displayed on the screen.
  • You will be able to view the account balance.

✅How to check the account balance using Internet banking?


To use the internet banking facility, you will have to register for the internet banking facility. The bank will provide the login credentials. You can then use internet banking for various services like funds transfer, payment of bills, income tax payment, balance enquiry, etc. The application of internet facility can be made as follows:

  • Access the bank website
  • Login to net banking using the login credentials.
  • From the menu, choose ’account details’ for HDFC balance check
  • You will be able to view the latest account balance.

✅Is the HDFC passbook an option for HDFC balance enquiry?


HDFC passbook is a snapshot of all the transactions conducted in the account on a day-to-day basis. You can not only view the latest account balance but can get an insight into all the outflows and inflows in your account. It is the best tool for the reconciliation of your account. 

✅What are the other services available through HDFC Mobile Banking apart from HDFC Balance Check?


Apart from balance enquiry, there are various other services available through HDFC Mobile Banking.  You can carry out Funds transfer, Credit card requests, Mobile, DTH and data card recharge, Utility bills payment, Cheque book request, Account and deposits information, Demat account opening, Investment in Mutual Funds, Apply for various loans like personal loan, vehicle loan, gold loan, housing loan or a loan against mutual funds, Income Tax payment.