HDFC Bank Balance Check Number

HDFC Bank is reckoned as one of the largest operating banks in India. It provides HDFC Balance Enquiry Number and various lending and banking services in the country. If you hold a savings account in one of the HDFC Bank branches, the bank offers various ways to check your account balance, such as SMS, HDFC balance check number, net banking, UPI and so on.


HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry Number

As HDFC is one of the largest operating banks in India. The HDFC Bank offers their customers multiple ways to check their HDFC account balance. Here are some simple methods you can enquire about your HDFC Balance.

HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry Online
  • HDFC Balance Check Whatsapp Number 70700 22222
  • Mobile Banking / Internet Banking
HDFC Balance Enquiry Offline
  • SMS Number [type “bal” and send it to 5676712]
  • Toll-Free Number 1800-270-3333

HDFC Bank Balance Check Number via Different Methods

There are various methods to check HDFC Bank balance, including via balance check number, net banking, HDFC balance check number SMS, etc. The process for balance enquiry via different ways is explained below in detail:

HDFC Balance Check via Internet Banking

  • If you are a registered user, log in to HDFC Bank net banking platform with your Customer ID & Password.
  • If you are a new customer, you can register for net banking through HDFC Bank’s website, ATM, phone banking and Branch. 
  • Provide all the required details to register.
  • Once registered, log in to the net banking portal, and check the home screen or dashboard of the net banking service.
  • Account Holders can also view their previous transactions, mini statement and make fund transfers using HDFC net banking facility.

HDFC Balance Check via Mobile Banking

HDFC Bank balance enquiry can be done via HDFC Bank mobile banking app, which is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store for both Android and iPhone users respectively. You can do banking anytime, anywhere instantly through mobile banking services. HDFC account holders can download and install the app to avail of various services and facilities like HDFC account balance check, view the mini statement, fund transfer, request for cheque book, and much more.

HDFC Balance Enquiry via SMS Banking

  • If you have registered for HDFC SMS Banking, you can send type “bal” and send it to 5676712 to get your account balance details on SMS.
  • To register for SMS Banking, send “Register” to 5676712.
  • You can also call HDFC Bank’s helpline number 1800 270 3333 to get your account balance via SMS.

HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry via ATM

Another easy way for HDFC balance enquiry is by visiting the nearest HDFC or any other bank’s ATM. You will be required to follow the steps mentioned below once you visit the nearest ATM:

  • Insert your HDFC Bank Debit card into the ATM machine.
  • Enter the 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Then select the ‘Balance Enquiry/ Check Account Balance’ option.
  • Your balance in the HDFC Bank Account will be displayed on the ATM screen instantly. 
  • You can also take a receipt of your account balance from the ATM.

HDFC Bank Balance Check via Passbook

HDFC Bank account holders can check their account balance by opening their passbook. You can view the list of all your debit and credit card transactions from your bank branch via passbook. For this reason, it is important to keep your passbook always updated by visiting your bank branch.

HDFC Balance Check Toll-Free Number

HDFC account holders can give a missed call to the HDFC balance enquiry number mentioned below to check their account balance:


Make sure you give a missed call to the HDFC Bank balance enquiry number using your registered mobile number for SMS banking services. If you give a missed call from a number that is not registered with HDFC Bank, you will receive an SMS mentioning that the number is not registered for mobile banking services.

HDFC Balance Check Whatsapp Number

Apart from the HDFC balance check number missed call facility, you can also check your account balance through Whatsapp number. This facility is called HDFC Bank Chat Banking service, which is a WhatsApp chat service where all customers can chat with the bank to avail of its 90+ services and transactions 24x7 in a seamless manner. 

This service is available only for those mobile numbers which are registered with the bank. Just add 70700 22222 HDFC Bank balance check no. to your contacts and begin a conversation by typing ‘Hi’ or ‘Register’ on Whatsapp.

You just need Customer ID and OTP received through SMS on your registered mobile number to start Chat Banking on WhatsApp.

HDFC Balance Check via Missed Call

To avail of the HDFC missed call balance check facility, all you need to do is give a missed call to 1800-270-3333 to know your HDFC Bank savings account balance. Make sure that your phone number is registered with the bank from which you are going to make a missed call. Your call will be ended automatically after one or two bells, and you will get an SMS with the details of your HDFC Bank balance.

HDFC Balance Check via UPI

Apart from HDFC balance check toll free number, HDFC SMS balance check, and HDFC Bank balance check whatsapp number options, you can also check your HDFC account balance through UPI mobile apps. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download and install the preferred UPI app and open it on your mobile.
  • Now login via the code set by you.
  • Click on the bank account you want to check the balance of.
  • Click on the check balance option.
  • Enter the passcode to verify your input.
  • The balance will be displayed on the screen on verification.

HDFC Balance Check via USSD Code

The bank introduced multipurpose toll-free numbers to enable checking the bank account’s available balance, for customer support, and to provide access to various banking facilities. HDFC Bank customers can check their final available balance via Balance Check USSD Code: *99*43#. Apart from this, you can also opt for HDFC Bank miss call number, ATM, HDFC balance check whatsapp number, SMS, HDFC toll free number balance check and other options.

Why Should You Regularly Make HDFC Balance Enquiry?

It is important to check your HDFC Bank balance regularly through HDFC Bank balance check number miss call or other options because of the following reasons:

  • It gives you correct information about your existing bank balance.
  • You can check your previous transactions to know your spending habits.
  • Checking your balance can help you manage your finances sensibly.
  • You can easily check if there is any fraudulent transaction on your card.
  • You can adjust your future expenses accordingly.

How is HDFC Balance Check Useful?

Checking your HDFC Bank account balance is extremely easy and fast nowadays. You don’t need to visit your branch with your passbook and stand in a long queue to know your balance. This work can easily be done with HDFC miss call balance check, toll-free HDFC account balance check number, SMS, net banking or UPI. Knowing the remaining balance in your bank account is useful in many ways. You can manage your upcoming expenses accordingly or control your future expenses by knowing your spending habits.

HDFC Balance Check Number FAQs

✅What is the HDFC Bank balance enquiry number?


HDFC Bank provides a telebanking facility through the HDFC Bank balance enquiry number 022-61606161. You can call the number, choose a language and follow the IVRS instructions for HDFC Balance Check.

✅How to check the last 5 transactions of my HDFC bank account?


You can give a missed call on the HDFC Balance Check no 1800-270-3335. The call will get disconnected after some time, and you will receive an SMS with the last three transactions. You can also type ‘TXN” and send an SMS to the HDFC Balance Check number 5676712. You will receive a reply message containing the last three transactions.

✅How are customers without internet connections facilitated for HDFC balance check?


HDFC customers without an internet connection can make HDFC  balance inquiries either through SMS banking or the USSD code.

To use the SMS banking service, the customers should type BAL<last 5-digits of a/c no.>’ and send an SMS from a registered mobile number to the HDFC balance check no 5676712. 

To use the USSD Code service, the customers should follow the steps given below.

  • Use the dialer pad of a registered mobile number and dial *99*#
  • Choose a language preferred.
  • Enter the IFSC Code or two-digit bank code
  • Send request

Follow the instructions for HDFC Balance Check

✅How to set quick access PIN or HDFC Mobile Banking?


To register for HDFC Mobile Banking, follow the steps given below:

  • Download the HDFC Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Store and install
  • Log in using the net banking credentials.
  • On the home screen, you will see a ‘set quick access PIN’ option
  • Click on the option and will be directed to the ‘Enter your details’ tab
  • Click on the ‘Enter your details’ tab and key in your customer ID and the registered mobile number
  • An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP within 30 seconds and click on the ‘Continue’ tab
  • At the next level, you will have to enter your ATM debit card PIN, expiry month and year and click on the ‘continue’ tab
  • By entering a four-digit Quick Access PIn twice, the process will be complete.
  • You can also enable the fingerprint option if you wish and then click on the ‘Continue’ tab.

✅HDFC balance check using ATM card. How can I do that?


Do not forget to collect your ATM card after opening an account at HDFC Bank. You can conduct various online transactions apart from cash withdrawals using the ATM card. You can also make an HDFC balance enquiry with the ATM card. All you have to do is

  • Visit an ATM. It could either be an HDFC ATM or any other bank ATM.
  • Insert the card in the slot assigned.
  • Enter the four-digit PIN when asked to
  • Choose the option ‘Balance Enquiry’ from the services displayed on the screen.
  • You will be able to view the account balance.

✅How to check the account balance using Internet banking?


To use the internet banking facility, you will have to register for the internet banking facility. The bank will provide the login credentials. You can then use internet banking for various services like funds transfer, payment of bills, income tax payment, balance enquiry, etc. The application of internet facility can be made as follows:

  • Access the bank website
  • Login to net banking using the login credentials.
  • From the menu, choose ’account details’ for HDFC balance check
  • You will be able to view the latest account balance.

✅Is the HDFC passbook an option for HDFC balance enquiry?


HDFC passbook is a snapshot of all the transactions conducted in the account on a day-to-day basis. You can not only view the latest account balance but can get an insight into all the outflows and inflows in your account. It is the best tool for the reconciliation of your account. 

✅What are the other services available through HDFC Mobile Banking apart from HDFC Balance Check?


Apart from balance enquiry, there are various other services available through HDFC Mobile Banking.  You can carry out Funds transfer, Credit card requests, Mobile, DTH and data card recharge, Utility bills payment, Cheque book request, Account and deposits information, Demat account opening, Investment in Mutual Funds, Apply for various loans like personal loan, vehicle loan, gold loan, housing loan or a loan against mutual funds, Income Tax payment.

✅ What is the SMS number for checking the HDFC account balance?


If you have registered for HDFC SMS Banking, you can send type “bal” and send it to 5676712 to get your account balance details on SMS. If you are not registered, you can register for SMS Banking by sending “Register” to 5676712.
You can also call HDFC Bank’s helpline number 1800 270 3333 to get your account balance via SMS.

✅ Can I check my HDFC bank balance using the phone?


Yes, you can opt for the HDFC check balance number facility by dialling 1800 270 3333. You can also use HDFC Bank mobile banking app or make an enquiry by sending an SMS to 5676712.

✅ What is the toll-free number for checking HDFC account balance?


HDFC account holders can give a missed call to the HDFC Bank account balance check number at 1800-270-3333 to check their account balance. Just make sure you give a missed call to the HDFC Bank check balance number with your registered mobile number. You just need to dial the HDFC Bank miss call balance number to know your balance.