HDFC Credit Card Documents Required

HDFC Bank is one of the leading Indian banks offering a range of financial products and services. HDFC bank credit cards are among the most popular cards. The convenience and security aspects of HDFC bank classifies it as the best choice for any transaction.


HDFC Credit Card Documents Required

Post-approval, documentation is the next vital requirement for  HDFC Credit Card.  HDFC Credit Card documents required include Age Proof, Income Proof, Address Proof, and Proof of Identity.  The documents supporting the various proofs are as mentioned below.

  • Age Proof:

Aadhar Card, Voter’s Id Card, Pan Card, Valid Driving Licence. Valid  Passport, SSC Marks card.

  • Address Proof:

Utility bills, Voter’s ID Card. Valid Driving Licence, Valid Passport, Bank Account Statement, Card issued by UIDAI with details like address, aadhar card number along with a photograph.

  • Photo ID Proof:

Voter’s Id Card, Pan Card, Valid Driving Licence, Valid Passport, UIDAI Card

  • Income Proof:
    • For Salaried Individuals: they must provide latest 3 months salary slips, Bank Account Statement, and Form 16
    • For the self-employed: Last three years IT Returns, Bank Account Statement

HDFC Credit Card Documents and Eligibility

Credit Cards have evolved, and now you have a card to suit customers’ specific requirements. The cards are designed based on the spending pattern. Some of them may want just to dine and travel, some of them may be shopaholics, while some may spend only for necessities. Whichever category you belong to, there is a card available for you.

To apply for HDFC Credit Cards, you need not be a customer of the bank. All you need is to comply with the HDFC Bank Credit Card eligibility criteria and submit the documents required for the HDFC Bank Credit Card.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Eligibility Criteria 

You should comply with the following eligibility criteria to qualify for HDFC Bank Credit Card.

For Salaried Individuals/Professionals

Eligibility CriteriaDescription

The minimum age should be 21 years, and the maximum age should be 60. 

The add-on cardholder should be 18 years old.


The income specified is different for each type of card. A person with an income of Rs. 25000/- gets a card much different from a person earning Rs. 1,00,00 lakh a month.

The income should be stable, and the minimum pay ranges from Rs. 1.44 lakhs per annum to Rs. 25.00 lakhs per annum.

NationalityCards issued only to Resident Indians
Bank AccountThe applicant should have a salary account. There should be no instance of breach of minimum balance specification, and there should be no overdraft in the account at any point in time. The track record of the account is very important.
Credit ScoreOne should have a good credit score. A credit score of 750 and above is preferred.  The nature of EMI and dues payment and closure of loan accounts is very important.

HDFC Credit Card Eligibility Criteria for the Self-Employed

Eligibility CriteriaDescription

The minimum age should be 21 years, and the maximum age should be 65 years.

The add-on cardholder also should be 18 years.

IncomeThe applicant should have a stable income. The income criteria depend on the type of card applied for. The minimum income required ranges from Rs. 1.44 lakhs to Rs. 25.00 lakhs per annum.
Residential StatusThe Credit Card will  be issued only to Resident Indians
Bank AccountThe applicant should have an active bank account. The minimum balance criteria should have been followed strictly, and there should not have been any over drawings in the account at any point in time.
Credit ScoreCredit Score and credit history are very crucial for credit card approval. The payment of EMI and other dues should have been made on time, and the credit report should not reflect any written-off or settled account. The minimum credit score required is 750 and above.

HDFC Credit Card Eligibility for Students and Others

There are no specific HDFC Credit Card eligibility criteria for students. However, if the applicant is pursuing any part-time course and has a steady income with a salary account, they can apply for a specific HDFC Credit  Card. The eligibility criteria will be similar to that of salaried individuals.

If the applicant student is without any income source, then they are only eligible for an add-on card with the parent.

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Factors affecting HDFC Credit Eligibility Criteria 

Before applying for HDFC Credit Card, you will have to check the HDFC Bank Credit Card Eligibility. To do so, you need to understand the factors that affect eligibility. Given below are the factors that affect the HDFC Bank Credit Card Eligibility.

  • Age:

A salaried individual will be eligible for the HDFC Bank Credit Card if they are above 21 years of age and within 60 years. If the applicant is self-employed, they should be above 21 years of age and within 65 years.

  • Income:

HDFC Bank has an array of credit cards to suit the different spending patterns of their customers. The income criteria for each card are different based on the choice of the card. The credit card limit will be assessed based on your income and repayment capacity. If you have a higher income range, then the spending limit on the card will also be higher.

  • Track Record:

If you are an existing customer of the bank and have either a salary account or savings bank account, then the dealings in the account matter to accept the request for a credit card. The past track record should be satisfactory, with no overdrawing, no cheque or ECS returns for want of funds, and maintenance of minimum balance. A loan availed of with the bank and serviced regularly will vouch for your integrity

  • Credit Score

Your credit score will depict financial responsibility and commitment towards prompt payment of debts. A good credit history indicates a good credit score. A score of 750 and above is the desired level for getting approval for the HDFC Bank Credit Card.

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How can you improve your credit card eligibility?

The most crucial factor that affects your credit card eligibility is your credit score. You work on improving the credit score by following the pointers mentioned below.

  • Pay off your loan EMIs and other bills promptly. Delayed payments will bring down your score by several points. For instance, a missed EMI can bring down your score by 50 to 70 points. If you have defaulted on any payment, regularise the account by clearing the overdue.
  • You draw a credit report and check for any discrepancies. Sometimes repayments made to the loan account will not be reflected in the credit report.  A default may be shown in a loan account despite the payment being made. You should immediately contact the lender, obtain a No Dues Certificate and then take up the matter with the Credit Bureau with valid proof.
  • If you have just started your career, first obtain a regular HDFC Credit Card. Use the credit card prudently. Do not opt for revolving payment. Instead, make full payment of the credit card dues and avail of the 45 days credit at nil interest. With a good track record with the existing card, you will be eligible for premium cards with higher credit limits. Also, you will be creating a good credit score which will help you in the future when you are in need of big-ticket loans like a home loan.

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✅What is the minimum salary requirement for availing of an HDFC Credit Card?


The minimum salary required to avail of an HDFC Credit Card varies with the type of card chosen. The requirement ranges between Rs. 1.44 lakhs per annum to Rs. 25.00 lakhs per annum.

✅What are the documents required for an HDFC Credit Card?


The HDFC Credit Card documents are as given below:

Type of ProofDocuments accepted
AgeVoter’s ID Card, Pan Card, Driving Licence, Passport, Aadhar Card.
Address Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving Licence, Voter’s ID Card, Bank Account Statement
Photo IdentityPan Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter’s ID Card, Driving Licence

Latest salary slips (3 months), Form 16, and Bank Account Statement for the salaried individuals.


IT Returns for last three years and Bank Account Statement for the self-employed. 

✅How can I get an HDFC Credit Card?


Check your HDFC Credit Card Eligibility and apply for the credit card online or visit the nearest branch and hand over the application along with the required documents. Follow some simple steps to get an HDFC Credit Card.

  • Browse through the official website of the bank for various credit cards. The cards are designed as per the spending pattern and the requirement of the customers.  Choose the card that you think is most suitable for you. After the choice is made, check for the HDFC Credit Card Eligibility for the particular card and the documents to be submitted.
  • Keep the required documents ready and apply for the credit card online. If you are an existing customer, no documents will be required. An annual fee will have to be paid, which will be included in your credit card statement.
  • If approved, the credit card will be sent to your address. You will have to sign and collect the card after showing ID Proof.  The pin will be mailed separately for security reasons. However, a Green Pin will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Change the pin at the nearest ATM of your bank.

If you do not comply with the eligibility required for the credit card, the bank representative will call you and suggest a card that is suitable for you, and you can apply for one.

✅Which is the best credit card in HDFC?


HDFC bank provides an array of credit cards designed as per the spending pattern of the individuals. The best card depends on the specific requirement of the applicant.

 Given below are the details of the top 10 HDFC Credit Cards. You check the cards and select the one best suited for you.

Credit CardJoining/Renewal FeeDesigned for
HDFC Millennia Credit CardRs. 1000/- + taxesCash Back
HDFC Titanium Times Credit CardRs. 500/- + taxesEntertainment
HDFC MoneyBack Credit CardRs. 500/- + taxesCash Back
HDFC Regalia Credit  CardRs. 2500/- + taxesLuxury and extravagance
HDFC Platinum Times Credit  CardRs. 1000/- + taxesEntertainment and Lifestyle
HDFC Diners Club miles Credit CardRs. 1000/- + taxesTravel
HDFC Diners Club Black Credit CardRs. 10000/- + taxesTravel

HDFC Diners Club Rewardz 

Credit Card

Rs. 1000/- + taxesReward Points

HDFC Diners  Club Privilege

Credit Card 

Rs. 2500/- + taxesTravel and Splurging
HDFC Indian Oil Credit CardRs. 500/- + taxesFuel

✅What is the HDFC Credit Card Limit?


There will be three types of limits associated with HDFC Credit Card, and it will be mentioned in the Welcome Kit provided along with the credit card.

Total Limit: The maximum limit available on the card for your usage is the total limit.  The assessment of the limit depends on various factors like income, credit score, existing financial commitments, and credit history.  For every transaction that is made, the related amount will be deducted from the total limit. It will be restored as and when the payments are made.  For instance, the total credit card limit is Rs. 25000/- and you have made a transaction of Rs. 5000/- using the card. Then, Rs. 5000/- will be deducted,  and the limit will reduce to Rs. 20000/-. When you make the payment of Rs.5000/- the limit will be restored to Rs. 25000/-

Available Limit: For every purchase/transaction made using the credit card, the proportionate amount will be deducted from the Total Limit. The balance available will be the limit available for further transactions on the card.  For instance, the credit card limit is Rs. 2.00 lakhs and transactions of Rs. 20000/- are made using the card. The available limit will be Rs. 2.00 lakhs minus Rs. 2r0000/- i.e., Rs 1.80 lakhs.

Cash Limit: There will be a certain amount out of the total credit limit for which cash withdrawal will be permitted. Normally it will be around 20% of the total limit. If your credit card limit is Rs. 5.00 lakhs, you will be able to withdraw cash to the extent of Rs.1.00 lakh. However, an applicable cash withdrawal fee and interest will be collected for the amount withdrawn.

✅Is HDFC Credit Card Free?


No. Joining Fee and Renewal fee will be collected. The charges are not uniform. It depends on the card chosen.

However, HDFC Bank provides for waiver of joining fee if the minimum spend criteria within the number of days stipulated from the date of issuing the card are complied with. Also, there will be a waiver of the renewal fee if the minimum spend criteria for the previous year are met.