HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation

HDFC Credit Card PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique 4-digit number that helps authenticate transactions and also prevents fraud with your HDFC credit card or debit card. If you are an HDFC Bank customer and want to generate a PIN for your credit card, below are the details of the HDFC credit card PIN generation process and various ways to do the same.


How to Generate HDFC Credit Card PIN?

When you apply for an HDFC Credit Card, you will receive a PIN from the bank. The credit card and its PIN are sent in two separate mails. To make sure that the PIN is secure, you will receive it in an envelope that is completely tamper-proof. However, with so many passwords and PINs that you need to remember, you may find it hard to remember the PIN that the bank issues. To solve this dilemma, HDFC gives customers the option to generate their own PIN through convenient online and offline methods.

If you want to know how to generate HDFC credit card PIN, here are the three common methods:

  • PIN generation through IVR toll number 1860 266 0333.
  • HDFC credit card PIN generation online through NetBanking for registered users.
  • PIN generation through ATM. 

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HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation through ATM

HDFC has several ATMs in India from where you can generate your credit card PIN. Look for your nearby HDFC ATM and follow the steps mentioned below to create a new PIN.

  • Visit the nearest HDFC Bank ATM.
  • Once you reach there, call IVR at 1860 266 0333 to get the One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number for generating a PIN at the ATM.
  • Insert your credit card into the HDFC Bank ATM. 
  • On the language selection screen, choose your preferred language.
  • Then choose the "Create New ATM PIN Using OTP" option.
  • Enter OTP received on your mobile number.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Now set a 4-digit PIN for your HDFC credit card.

HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation through NetBanking

If you are registered for HDFC NetBanking and want to know how to generate PIN for HDFC credit card, follow these steps to have your HDFC credit card PIN re-issued:

  • Log into your HDFC NetBanking account with your User ID and IPIN.
  • After logging into NetBanking, click on the "Cards" tab on top.
  • Under the “Request” option, select "Instant PIN Generation” on the left hand.
  • Now select your “credit card number” from the dropdown menu for which you want to generate the PIN. 
  • Enter a 4-digit PIN of your choice.
  • Re-enter the generated PIN and click on the “Continue” button to confirm.

HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation through IVR

You can also call the HDFC IVR toll number from your registered mobile number for HDFC new credit card pin generation. Follow the steps below to do the same:

  • Call HDFC IVR toll number 1860 266 0333 from your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your credit card followed by hash (#).
  • Then dial 1 to generate your credit card PIN.
  • Again dial 1 when prompted to "Generate a One Time Password (OTP)" to your mobile as an SMS.
  • Now type the 6-digit OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • On entering the OTP successfully, the IVR will confirm successful validation and ask you to set a 4-digit PIN followed by the hash(#) key.
  • In case you get disconnected while typing the 6-digit OTP, redial the toll number and, after dialling 1 to generate the credit card PIN, dial 2 to enter the 6-digit OTP.

How to Change HDFC Credit Card PIN?

If you think your HDFC Credit Card PIN is no longer secure, you can change it easily to make sure it is safe. HDFC gives you three simple options for HDFC credit card PIN change:

  • The HDFC credit card PIN reset can be done through the HDFC ATM. 
  • You can also change your HDFC credit card PIN through NetBanking. 
  • Another way to change your PIN is through SMS. 

How to Set a Strong Credit Card PIN?

The trick to keeping your credit card free from fraudulent transactions is to create a PIN that is hard to guess. Normally, we tend to use easy numbers like birth dates as our PIN. This is not the best idea as it can be guessed easily by someone who wishes to misuse it.

Here are some tips that you can make use of to generate a PIN that is strong and secure:

  • Choose a number that you find easy to remember but will not be easy for anyone else to guess. For instance, it could be the day you bought your house or the day you adopted your dog.
  • Select a four-letter word that you can remember easily. Then use the keypad on your mobile phone to see what number it translates into. For example, if you choose the word ‘home’, it translates to 4663. This is the best way to make sure that your PIN is hard to guess.
  • Use math tricks to change a very obvious PIN. For instance, if you choose your birthday, add your lucky number to each digit. If the sum of any digit and the lucky number is a two-digit number, add them up till you get a single number. For example, if the birth date is 2989 and you add 3 to each digit, you will get the number 5323.
  • You can find your own tricks to keep your PIN strong and secure. The harder it is to remember, the better it is. You can even find ways to store your PIN without anyone being able to decipher or guess it easily.

Tips to Keep the Credit Card PIN Safe

Here are some tips that will ensure that your PIN is always safe:

  • Be aware of shoulder watchers. Whenever you enter your PIN, make sure that you cover the keypad with a book or your hand. You must also ensure that you never have anyone in the ATM vestibule when you are making any transaction.
  • Change your card PIN regularly. It ensures that your PIN is not misused. 
  • Never share the PIN with anyone. Also, avoid writing the PIN down anywhere.
  • Make sure that you cross-check any suspicious activity on your credit card. If you notice any such transactions on your statement, call customer care service immediately to report the incident.
  • Never have the same PIN for different cards. 
  • Avoid sequences on your credit card number. This is a very risky option as it is extremely simple to guess.
  • Never give the PIN out on the phone or email. Remember that your bank will never call you for details like the credit card PIN or the CVV number on your credit card.

Some HDFC Bank Credit Card

Here is the complete list of all HDFC Bank Credit Card:

  • IOCL Credit Card
  • Freedom Credit Card
  • HDFC Millennia Credit Card
  • INFINIA Credit Card
  • HDFC Diners Club Credit Card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank Select Credit Card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank Mobile Credit Card
  • Regalia Credit Card
  • Diners Club Privilege Credit Card
  • MoneyBack+ Credit Card
  • MoneyBack Credit Card
  • Regalia First Credit Card
  • Swiggy Credit Card
  • Diners ClubMiles Credit Card
  • Platinum Times Card
  • Titanium Times Card6E Rewards - IndiGo HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • 6E Rewards XL- India
  • Go HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit card
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Signature Credit card
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum Credit card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank Business Credit Card
  • Paytm HDFC Bank SELECT Business Credit Card
  • Business Regalia
  • HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card
  • Best Price Save Max HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • Best Price Save Smart HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • CSC Small Business MoneyBack
  • All Miles Credit Card
  • Bharat Credit Card
  • Business Bharat Credit Card
  • Business Freedom Credit Card
  • Business Gold Credit Card
  • Business Platinum Credit Card
  • Business Regalia First Credit Card
  • Diners Club Premium Credit Card
  • Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card
  • Doctor's Regalia Credit Card
  • Doctor's Superia Credit Card
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Select / Titanium
  • Platinum Edge Credit Card
  • Platinum Plus Credit Card
  • Solitaire Credit Card
  • Superia Credit Card
  • Teachers Platinum Credit Card
  • Titanium Edge Credit Card
  • Visa Signature Credit Card
  • World MasterCard Credit Card

HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation FAQs

I forgot my PIN. What should I do?


In case you forget your PIN, you can generate a new one on your net banking account or in any HDFC ATM near you. However, in order to use this option, you need to have a number that is registered with your credit card. If not, you can visit the branch or call customer care to register your number. An OTP that is sent to this number is required to change or reset your password securely. It is used as the verification method when the PIN is not available for a card.

I received an SMS about the PIN Change. I have not tried to change the PIN. What should I do?


If you receive a PIN change SMS when you have made no attempt to change your PIN, make sure that you contact HDFC customer care immediately. It is a good idea to block your card until this issue is resolved. You can also change your PIN using one of the options mentioned above.

Is the PIN the same for the primary card and add-on card?


No. When the add-on card is issued, you will receive a new PIN along with it. The registered number for your add-on card will also be different. So, if you wish to change the PIN or set a new one, you will need the registered mobile number of the add-on card holder.

I applied for a new credit card after losing the old one. Will I also get a new PIN?


If you have reported a lost card and asked for a replacement, you will also be sent a new PIN number via post. You can then change the PIN to one that you prefer through an HDFC ATM or via net banking.

How can I change the registered mobile number for my HDFC credit card?


To change your registered mobile number, you will have to visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch and submit a number change form. The number will be changed in 7 working days. You also have the option of using net banking or calling customer care to change your number.

Can I generate HDFC credit card PIN through SMS?


No, the facility of HDFC credit card PIN generation through SMS is not available. However, you can change your PIN through SMS.