HDFC Home Loan Documents Required

Enjoy hassle-free home loan processing with simplified HDFC home loan document requirements. Minimal documentation for existing bank customers and paperless processing through the online loan applications, make HDFC home loan process simple. Requirement for HDFC home loan documents includes identity and address proof (KYC documents), income proof, photographs along a duly filled and signed home loan application form.

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Checklist of Documents Required for HDFC Home Loan 

Here is a detailed list for HDFC home loan documents. You are required to submit only documents specific to your profile and the chosen home loan product.

KYC - Identity & Address proof

Proof of Identity & Address: 

Mandatory document- PAN 
Provide copy of any one of the following:

  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Election/ Voter ID Card
  • Job Card issued by NREGA, signed by State Government officer
  • Letter issued by the National Population Register (NPR) mentioning name & address.
  • Letter issued by a gazetted officer + duly attested applicant’s photograph.
  • Identity Card issued by Central/ State Government Departments, Regulatory/ Statutory Authorities, PSUs, Scheduled Commercial Banks and Public Financial Institutions with applicant’s photograph.
  • Other valid documents such as utility bills, property/ municipal tax receipt, Individual/ family pension payment order, Bank Account or Post Office Account statement etc citing address also work as your residence proof.

Property related documents

  • For new homes
    • Copy of the Buyer Agreement or Allotment Letter
    • Receipts of payments made to the developer  
  •  For resale homes
    • Title Deed along with previous chain of property documents
    • Receipts of initial payments made to the seller
    • Copy of the Agreement to Sell - if already executed  
  • For construction
    • Title Deed of the Plot
    • Proof for no encumbrances on the property
    • Copy of the plan(s) approved by local authorities
    • Estimate of construction by an Architect or Civil engineer

Other documents

  • Proof of Income.
  • Proof of own contribution.
  • Bank Statements for last 6 months, showing repayment of any existing loans.
  • Passport-sized photographs of all the applicants as well as co-applicants, affixed on the Home Loan Application form and signed across.
  • Processing fee cheque in favour of HDFC Ltd.

The application process for HDFC Ltd Home Loans is paperless. You can apply online and upload the required documents. The lender offers doorstep delivery for any further correspondence required. You may also choose to visit the nearest branch alternatively. 

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HDFC Home Loan Documents for Salaried Employee

Salaried employees are required to submit following income documents along with common identity, address & property documents. (As shared above) 

  • Pay slips for last 3 months
  • Form 16 for past 2 years
  • 6 months bank statement that shows salary credit from the employer + EMI debit for existing loans & card bills.
  • Employment Contract or Appointment Letter (if current job was started within last 12 months)

Each co-applicant needs to provide the income documents.

HDFC Home Loan Documents Required for Self Employed Applicants

A business person including professionals as well as non-professionals are required to submit following income documents along with Identity, Address & Property documents (listed above): 

Indicative list of HDFC home loan documents for self-employed-

  • Business profile
  • Latest Form 26 AS
  • List of Directors and Shareholders with individual shareholding certified by a CA or CS if the business entity is a company.
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company.
  • Partnership deed if the business entity is a partnership firm.
  • Details of existing loans of the individual as well as the business entity, including the details of the outstanding amount, instalments, purpose, security, balance loan term, etc.
  • Individual & business ITR along with computation of income for the past 3 Assessment Years, duly attested by CA.
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Statements of the last 3 years, with Annexures / Schedules (of individual and business entity), attested by a CA.
  • Current Account Statements of the last 6 months of business entity and Savings Account Statements of last the 6 months of the individual.

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List of HDFC Home Loan Documents for NRI

An NRI/ PIO/ OCI is required to submit following documents for HDFC Home Loan

Mandatory Document for NRIs- Valid Passport

KYC- Identity & Address Proof:    

Copy of any one: PAN/ Valid Driving License/ Voter ID Card

The list is indicative. Other legal KYC documents are also accepted. 

Also note that NRIs are also required to self-attest the KYC documents. KYC documents for the Power of Attorney holder is also required which will be verified with the originals. In case of absence of presence of NRI applicant following documents will be additionally obtained:

1. Identity & Address Proof of place of residence of NRI should be duly notarised by the Notary Public (overseas).

2. The identity and address proof should be duly attested by Indian Embassy at the place of NRI applicant. 

** In case of the language on documents is other than English, a translation in English by an authorised translator is also required.

Income Proof :

Copy of any one: 

  • Offer or Appointment Letter/ Employment Contract
  • Bank Statements indicating salary credits for last 6 months
  • Non-Resident External (NRE)/ Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) account statements for past 6 months.
  • Last 3 Salary Slips or Salary Certificate indicating name (same as in the Passport), job joining date, job title/ designation, salary, perquisites and passport number.
  • Latest credit information report (CIR) issued by a recognised credit bureau such as Al Etihad Credit Bureau or EmCredit

Property Documents:            

For New HomesCopy of Allotment Letter 
Buyer agreement
For Resale Homes

Title deeds including previous chain

Receipt of initial payment made to the seller

Copy of the agreement to sell (if already executed)

For Construction

Title Deeds of the plot

Proof of no encumbrances on the property

Copy of the plans, approved by the local authorities

Construction estimate by an Architect/ Civil Engineer

Other Documents

  • Valid resident Visa stamped on the passport.
  • Own contribution proof.
  • History of occupation
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Dully filled & signed Home Loan application form
  • Passport size pictures of all co-applicants

List of Documents Required for HDFC Home Loan Balance Transfer

Mandatory: PAN Card
Any one: Passport/Voter ID/ Driver License

Income Proof:

Last 3 months’ Salary Slips
Last 6 months’ Bank Statement, indicating salary credit
Latest Form 16 & IT returns

Documents for Balance Transfer Loan

A letter by the existing lender on the letter head stating the list of property documents held by 

Lender’s Letter on the letter head stating latest loan outstanding balance

Photo copy of the property documents and own contribution proof.

Other Documents for HDFC Ltd Balance Transfer Loan

Employment Contract/ Appointment Letter (in case current job is less than 1 year old)

Last 6 month’s bank statement indicating repayment of existing loans

Passport size photographs of all co-applicants 

Cheque for processing fee in favour of HDFC Ltd.

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HDFC Home Loan Documents - FAQs

✅ What are the Documents Required for HDFC home loan?


HDFC Ltd require you to upload/ submit PAN, proof of identity, address, income & property documents along with duly filled application form, signed across pictures and cheque for processing fee.

✅ How to apply for an HDFC Home Loan?


You can apply for HDFC Ltd Home Loan online or offline as per your choice. By making your profile on MyMoneyMantra website or app, you can apply for HDFC Home Loan with just a few clicks.

✅ What are the property documents required for HDFC Home Loan?


Property documents required for HDFC Ltd Home Loan are: Title deeds and past chain (If any), receipts of payments made to seller or developer for ready property and proof for no encumbrances on the plot, approved plan copy by local authorities and estimate of construction by an Architect or Civil engineer for construction loan.

✅ What is the procedure for HDFC Home Loan?


HDFC Ltd offers different types of home loans for meeting distinctive housing loan requirements. You can avail of pre sanction on home loan for six months even before finalising the property for purchase. After you have finalised property or plot, you can get the sanction letter approved. The loan application can be processed online by uploading the required documents along with the duly filled application form. The lender will verify the details and process the loan within 2-3 days.

✅ Can I apply for an HDFC home loan online?


Yes, HDFC Ltd Home Loan can be applied and processed 100% digitally without any hassle. The lender provides complete security and customer support for online loans. The online home loans are faster and more convenient for customers.