ICICI Bank Balance Check Number 2024

ICICI bank is a private sector bank with a PAN India presence. With such a wide network, the bank provides a spectrum of financial services and products to its customers. Customer delight being the prime concern, the bank has introduced various offline and online methods for banking transactions for making the banking journey a comfortable and convenient one. With the aid of advanced technology, the bank has been able to provide multiple avenues for ICICI Bank Balance Check and other banking transactions.


Different Methods to Check ICICI Bank Balance Check 

ICICI Bank Balance Check Online

You can check your ICICI Bank account balance online through any of the following methods. Online ICICI Bank balance check facility is fast and easy.

ICICI Bank Balance via Net Banking

Accountholders of ICICI Bank who are registered for internet banking services can easily check their ICICI Bank account balance by logging in to their ICICI net banking portal any point of time.

  • All they need to do is just follow these simple steps:
  • Provide their User ID and Password for ICICI Net Banking login.
  • After login, they can do ICICI balance check from net banking dashboard only.
  • Users can check the balance of all their ICICI Bank accounts from there. They can also check their previous transactions, mini statement, and transfer funds with ICICI net banking facility

If you are an account holder but not registered for ICICI net banking services, you can check your balance through offline methods.

ICICI Bank Balance Check via Mobile Banking

ICICI Bank provides some apps that you can use for online transactions and also for checking your ICICI account balance on the go. Following are ICICI mobile banking applications through which ICICI Bank account holders can check their bank balance easily:

  • iMobile: It is a complete mobile banking app offered by ICICI. This app is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Using this application, ICICI Bank account holders can easily make fund transfers, see and transact for all accounts including loan, cards, PPF, iWish, insurance, and so on. Also, with iMobile app, you can do ICICI balance enquiry instantly, view mini statement, and email the detailed statement.
  • Mera Mobile: It is the official vernacular mobile banking application of ICICI Bank which is launched in 12 languages. With Mera Mobile app, account holders can simply check their ICICI account balance apart from viewing their account summary and detailed statement, making fund transfers, utility bill payments, and so on.
  • iBizz ICICI Corporate Banking: This mobile application is only for current account customers of ICICI Bank. iBizz app is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Using this app, current account holders of the bank can easily check their ICICI Bank account balance. The app can also be used for viewing and downloading mini statement, transferring funds using UPI, paying bills and much more.

ICICI Bank Balance Check via UPI

  • Firstly, open any UPI app on your mobile phone.
  • Then login through your set code and tap on the account of which you want to check balance.
  • Now tap on the ‘Check Balance’ option.
  • Again enter the passcode to proceed.
  • The balance of your selected account will be displayed on your mobile screen immediately.

ICICI Bank Balance Check Offline

There are various ways to check your bank balance of ICICI account offline. To check your ICICI Bank balance offline, you can opt for any of the methods mentioned below:

ICICI Bank Balance Check with Missed Call

  • ICICI Bank account holders can give a missed call to the following number to check their ICICI Bank Account Balance:

9594 612 612

If accountholders want to avail ICICI Mini Statement for last 3 transactions, they can give a missed call to:

9594 613 613

Make sure that you give a missed call for the balance enquiry to the above-mentioned numbers from your registered mobile number. After you call ICICI Bank balance check number, the call will automatically disconnect after a short ring and your will receive your ICICI Bank account balance information through SMS on your registered mobile phone.

ICICI Bank Balance Check via SMS Banking

For ICICI balance check by SMS, ICICI Bank account holders will need to type ‘IBAL’ and send it to 9215676766 (for primary accounts).

  • If you hold multiple accounts with the bank, you can check ICICI Bank account balance of your secondary accounts by sending ‘IBAL <space> Last 6 digits of your Account Number’ to 9215676766.

 ICICI Bank Balance Check via Passbook

ICICI Bank provides passbook to its every account holder at the time of oprning account with the bank.

You can update your ICICI Bank passbook by visiting your nearest bank branch.

You can easily check all your debit and credit transactions, and also ICICI account balance.

ICICI Bank Balance Check via ATM

Account holders of ICICI Bank can visit their nearest ICICI ATM or ATM of any other bank for ICICI balance enquiry instantly. They will only be required to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit your nearest ICICI Bank ATM or any other bank ATM.
  • Insert your ICICI Bank ATM Card.
  • Then select the option of ‘Balance Enquiry/ Balance Check’.
  • Your ICICI Bank account balance will reflect on the ATM screen. You can take the receipt as well for your balance information.

ICICI Bank Balance Check via Customer Care Number

If you are an ICICI Bank account holder, you can also give a call on the below-mentioned ICICI Bank Balance Enquiry Number for balance check:

1860 120 7777

Follow the process mentioned below to know you ICICI Bank balance through this process:

  • Call on the above ICICI Bank customer care number.
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Select the option of ‘Banking Account’.
  • Enter your 16 digit debit card number or you an also enter your 12 digit account number.
  • Now enter ATM PIN for instant ICICI balance enquiry.

Why Should You Regularly Make ICICI Bank Balance Enquiry?

The old school method of monitoring an account would essentially be manual. All the cheques issued would be noted in the counterfoil of the cheque book, and the cash or cheques deposited into the account would be entered in the counterfoil of the challan book to keep track of the inflow and outflow of funds in the account. Even then, the passbooks would be updated periodically to understand the other transactions like bank charges collected, wrong entries in the account etc., and match the entries to your manual books.

Monitoring has always been an efficient tool for effective financial management.  With the account information made available with the click of a button, review of the account has become much easier. Is regular balance enquiry necessary? Yes, it is and for the following reasons.

  • To keep track of the income and expenditure in the account. If you are living a paycheck-to-paycheck life,  being thrifty is essential. You should closely monitor the account for any overspending and take steps to cut costs wherever necessary.
  • For a freelancer or an entrepreneur, there will be multiple incomes from various clients. It is essential to check if all the due payments have come into the account. Follow up would be necessary for the payments that have not been effected as promised. Delay in identifying such missed out payments may land you in a financial loss.
  • There will be several bank charges that you would not be aware of while opening the account. Some of the charges are folio charges, charges for not maintaining the minimum balance, cheque bounce charges, over-limit charges, conversion charges, foreign currency charges, etc. These charges will bring down your account balance. If you have assumed the final balance in the account without considering these charges, you might commit blunders like issuing a cheque without maintaining sufficient balance, not providing sufficient funds for EMIs or any other standing instructions. Repercussions of such blunders would be loss of reputation, a decline in credit score, etc.
  • Online transactions have become popular and so have the frauds. Every day you will hear instances of debit card and credit card fraudulent transactions. Such transactions have a limited time for rectification. Financial loss can be averted if these frauds have been spotted within a specified time. To identify such transactions, a regular ICICI bank balance check is essential.

How is ICICI Balance Check Useful?

ICICI Balance check serves as a tool for complete information of your account transactions. You can view the entire debit and credit transactions of your account in the ICICI balance check statement. There are various offline and online modes for procuring account information. The ICICI balance check is conveniently devised to suit even the customers who are not comfortable with the latest technology. SMS banking, Internet banking, missed call service, ATM, Passbook, USSD Code are some of the modes that support ICICI balance check. It is always safe to be aware of your reserves so that you manage your finances prudently.

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ICICI Bank Balance Check Number FAQs

✅ How can the customer of ICICI bank with multiple accounts do the ICICI bank balance check for a particular account?


ICICI bank customers with multiple accounts can make ICICI bank balance enquiry for a particular account through SMS Banking. All he or she has to do is type “IBAL <space> Last six digits of Account Number” and send it to 9215676766.


✅ What are the different ICICI mobile applications available, and how to get started for using the mobile app?


The various mobile apps available are iMobile, Mera Mobile and iBizz ICICI Corporate banking. To get started for using the mobile app, you will have to follow  the instructions given below:

  • Send an SMS to 5676766 and get the link for downloading the app or download the app from Google Play Store or  Apple Store.
  • Enter the internet banking User ID and password. 
  • MPIN will be required for every login to the mobile applications. You will have to set a 4-digit MPIN of your choice.
  • The grid-card authentication has to be done by entering the CVV number on your debit card.
  • You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number and click on submit to complete the grid-card authentification.

The MPIN that is set will have to be used every time you log in to the mobile applications.

✅ How to check the ICICI balance on my phone?


You can do an ICIC I balance enquiry by giving a missed call or sending an SMS to ICICI balance enquiry number 9594612612. You can also use the ICICI bank mobile applications iMobile, Mera Mobile or iBizz ICICI Corporate banking to get the account information.

✅ What is the procedure to get a mini-statement on my phone?


Register for ICICI Missed call facility by sending an SMS to 9594612612. To get a mini-statement on your phone, either give a missed call on ICICI balance enquiry no 9594612612 or type ITRAN and send SMS to  9594613613.

✅ What is an ICICI balance check through USSD Code?


This mode for ICICI  balance check was introduced to facilitate the customers without an internet connection or data bank. To  get the account information, the customers have to from their registered mobile number

  • Dial *99*44# using the dialer pad on the phone.
  • Select the language preferred.
  • Enter either the IFSC Code or the 2-digit  code of the bank
  • Click on submit.
  • Follow the instructions for ICICI balance check or mini-statement.

✅ What are the methods to check ICICI Bank balance online?


You can check your ICICI Bank account balance online through any of the following methods:

  • Through ICICI Bank Net Banking
  • Through Mobile Banking facility of the bank
  • Via UPI

✅ What are the methods to check ICICI Bank balance offline?


To check your ICICI Bank balance offline, you can opt for any of the methods mentioned below:  

  • By giving a missed call to 9594 612 612
  • Via SMS Banking to 9215676766 or 9215676766.
  • Through ICICI Bank Passbook
  • Via any bank’s ATM
  • By calling the Customer Care Number of the bank

✅ What happens if I have more than one ICICI Bank account?


If you have multiple ICICI Bank accounts, you can opt for balance enquiry of any specific ICICI account by typing ‘IBAL <space> Last 6 digits of Account Number’ and sending to 9215676766.

✅ What is the number for ICICI Bank balance enquiry?


ICICI Bank account holders can check their bank balance by giving a missed call to ICICI Bank at 9594612612.