IOB Balance Check Number 2023

IOB Balance Check is a basic transaction that has to be conducted on a regular basis to benefit in various ways. It is the first step to develop financial discipline. Earlier it was a bit too strenuous to do it on a regular basis as the only way you could do it was to visit the branch, stand in long queues and get the passbook updated

Today, with several simple offline and online modes devised by IOB with technology support, you will be able to do minute to minute IOB bank balance check at any time and from anywhere with the click of a button.


Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check Number 

You can get instant information regarding the current balance in your account by using the free-to-use service i..e, ‘missed call service’ provided by IOB.  Read further to understand how to use this service.

  • The first step is to register your mobile number with the bank as the above service is available only if done through a registered mobile number.
  • Give a missed call to IOB Balance Check Number 2021 9210622122.
  • The call will get disconnected after a few rings, and you will get the account balance within a few minutes via SMS.

Mere registration of your mobile number with the bank will qualify you to use the service. You don’t need internet, a data bank or a smartphone to avail of this service. You can also get a mini-statement with the last six transactions if you wish so.

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Different Methods of IOB Balance Enquiry in 2023

Other than IOB Balance Check Number, there are various other convenient ways for IOB balance enquiry. They are:

SMS Banking

The mandatory requirement for  SMS Banking is the registration of your mobile number with the bank. Normally the registration of the mobile number is done at the time of opening an account. If it is not done at that time, you can still visit a branch of IOB to request for the registration of a mobile number. Alternatively, you can register your mobile number through internet banking.

To avail of the SMS Banking service, you will have to send an SMS to IOB Balance Enquiry No 84240 22122 by typing the keywords assigned for the respective transaction required. The details are as given below:

  • Type BAL /space/ last four-digit Account Number and send SMS for balance enquiry
  • Type MINI /space/ last four-digit Account Number and send SMS for mini-statement
  • Type  MMID and send SMS for  MMID

Internet Banking

You will have to register for an Internet banking facility to access this service for various banking transactions like funds transfer and balance enquiry — payment of utility bills, recharge of mobile, direct taxes etc. The facility is available for customers having a savings bank account, current account, deposits account, and loan account. Individuals, Proprietorship firms, Partnership firms, LLPs, Trusts, Societies and HUF  can avail of this service. You will receive a User ID upon registration and also a password. You can do any transaction by following the steps given below:

  • Login to your net banking account through the official website of the bank using the login credentials
  •  Choose the service required from the dashboard. Choose ‘Balance Enquiry’ for the account balance.
  • You can view the current available balance in your account instantly. You can also view mini-statements as well as historical transactions for a given period.

Mobile Banking

IOB has various mobile applications that can be used for various banking transactions, including IOB balance enquiry. You should register for mobile banking and then download the apps onto your smartphones from Google Play Store or Apple Store. The various services that can be availed through these apps are balance enquiry, funds transfer through NEFT/IMPS, cheque stop payment instructions, viewing deposit/loan accounts, utility bills payment, and checking a cheque status etc. The features and services provided by different mobile applications of  IOB are explained below.

IOB Mobile 

With the IOB mobile app, you can make an IOB balance enquiry,  view the mini statement, enquire about the status of a  cheque, transfer funds through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/MMID. There is a facility to change MMID and manage the beneficiary. There is also a provision for recharging mobile, DTH, and for paying all the utility bills like electricity, water, gas as well as broadband.


mPassbook app users can access their IOB account book and get an insight into the transactions in their account. With the transaction amount, transaction date and account type, you will be able to view the transaction history. A personal ledger as per individual requirements can also be maintained. The best advantage of using this app is that you can view the data even when you are offline.

IOB Nanban

This application can be used for non-financial transactions with a smartphone. It can be used for IOB balance enquiry of savings bank account, current account, loan account and deposit account. You can make enquiries on the status of the cheque and download E-statements through this app.


This app can be used for IOB balance check of accounts with Virtual Payment Addresses. Funds can be transferred using the Virtual Payment Address, and the scan to pay feature will enable you to make payments by scanning QR codes.


You have yet another simple way for an IOB Balance check. The basic requirement to avail of this service is the ATM card that will be issued while opening a bank account. Visit an IOB or non-IOB ATM and insert the card in the slot assigned. You will be asked to enter the four-digit PIN. On entering the PIN, a screen with options of transactions will be displayed. Choose ‘balance enquiry’ from the options to view the latest balance of your account.

You can also view the last 10 transactions in your account by opting for a mini-statement. In addition to this, you will get a printout of the mini-statement.

Through USSD Code

Customers who are not familiar with technology or the ones who do not have an internet connection or data bank can perform the IOB balance check with the help of the USSD Code. This service can be accessed with a non-smartphone. You should know the USSD Code of the bank and should follow the steps given below to get your account information.

  • Use a registered mobile number for the purpose.
  • Dial *99*52# from the dialer pad of the phone.
  • Choose the language that you are comfortable with.
  • Enter  the IFSC Code or the two-digit bank code
  • Click on ‘send.’

Follow the instructions for the IOB balance check to get the account information.

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Why should you regularly do IOB balance enquiry? 

IOB balance enquiry is nothing but the reconciliation of the records you have maintained with the bank statement. Periodical reviews to locate the mismatch and setting it right will keep your finances in place. Being ignorant of your monetary status is not a sign of meticulous financial management. With regular IOB balance enquiry, you can reap the following benefits.

  • Avoids overspending: If you are a salaried individual and should work within the monthly salary, then it is all the more necessary to make the balance enquiry regularly to avoid overdrawing in the account. If there are loan payouts that have to manage with the monthly salary, it is essential to maintain sufficient balance on the due date. Keeping track of the balance helps you avert EMI missouts that may lead to serious outcomes like lowering the credit score. A dip in the credit score will negate the possibilities of the approval of big-ticket loans like home loans if you are planning for one.
  • Locate frauds: With online frauds on the increase, it is prudent to do a regular balance check to locate frauds early to enable investigation. Credit card frauds reported later than a particular date will not be eligible for any investigation. Also, you will be able to identify any deposit missouts or wrong debts that can be settled by bringing them to the notice of the bank at an early date. The reasons being if the deposits made have been credited to any other account and the same has been utilised by the account holder knowingly or unknowingly, it would be difficult to get the refund. Instead, if it is spotted immediately then it will be convenient for the bank to scrutinise and do the reversal of the credit.
  • Be aware of bank levies: The levies collected by the bank will impact the balance in the account. If you have drawn the balance oblivious of this and the balance in the account turns out to be insufficient to honour a transfer transaction, you will further be penalised with a dishonour penalty. With a regular IOB balance check, you can avoid this.

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How is IOB Balance Check Useful?

A simple tool for collecting your account information instantly is the IOB balance check. There are various offline and online modes depending on the tech comfort of the customers for the IOB balance check. Being aware of the inflows and outflows in your account keeps you financially stable. Regular reconciliation of the account through IOB balance enquiry represents your financial management acumen. These various modes are available for the balance check of our passbooks, mobile applications, internet banking, ATM, missed call services, and customer care. With abundant avenues, it should not take much effort to improve your financial management skills. The only thing required will be a consistent balance check.

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Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check FAQs

✅ What is IOB balance check number 2021?


You can get the complete information about the transactions in your account by giving a missed call to the IOB balance check number 2021 9210622122 from a registered mobile number. The call will get disconnected automatically, and you will receive the account balance instantly through SMS.

✅ How to register the mobile number for missed call service?


You can register the mobile number by visiting the nearest branch of IOB and submitting an application for registering the mobile number for mobile banking services along with the KYC documents. On review of the application and the documents, the needful will be done.

✅ What are the IOB mobile applications available?


The IOB mobile applications available are IOB mobile, IOB mPassbook, BHIM IOB UPI, IOB Nanban.

✅ How to register for IOB mobile application?


There are three different ways of registration for the IOB mobile applications.

By visiting the branch

  • The form for registration of IOB mobile applications can be downloaded from the bank’s website. 
  • Fill in the required details in the form.
  • Submit the application at the nearest IOB branch. Follow the instructions.
  • Follow the required procedure, and the IOB mobile banking application will be activated for a particular account.

Through net banking

  • Log in to the IOB net banking portal through the official website using the login credentials.
  • Navigate to the ‘Edit  Profile’ option.
  • Choose the “Register mobile application’ option.
  • Fill in the basic details like account number, mobile number, and Email Id.
  • Mark a ‘Yes” for the Mobile Banking Funds Transfer facility and proceed to set the PIN for funds transfer.
  • After providing all the information, click on the submit button.
  • An OTP will be generated and sent to your mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and click on submit.
  • After reviewing the request, the mobile banking application will be activated.

Through ATM

  • Visit the IOB ATM
  • Insert the debit card and enter the 4-digit  PIN
  • Choose ‘other services’ from the options on the screen.
  • Select ‘mobile banking registration using a debit card.’
  • Follow the instructions and enter the required information.
  • On completing the formality, the mobile banking application will be activated.

✅ How to register for a net banking facility?


You can register for the net banking facility by visiting the nearest branch of IOB and submitting the form for net banking registration along with the KYC documents. Provide the required information, and on review, the internet banking facility will be activated, and the login credentials required will be sent to you by Email.